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EE Training: Leadership and Organizational Management

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EE Training: Leadership and Organizational Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EE Training: Leadership and Organizational Management. November 5, 2012 Gowen. Outline. What is Leadership and Organizational Management? Tips Discussion Dates. What is Leadership and Organizational Management?.

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  • What is Leadership and Organizational Management?
  • Tips
  • Discussion
  • Dates
what is leadership and organizational management

What is Leadership and Organizational Management?

We actively recruit and prepare leaders within a global society. We manage our organization responsibly, acknowledging that our current decisions and actions affect the future of our organization. To that end, we develop systems and policies that are clear and productive and train members to effectively sustain these structures. When making decisions as a group, we do so in a manner that is fair, consistent, value-oriented, and based upon available and verifiable data.

standard 1
Standard 1
  • We actively promote valuable leadership opportunities for our chapter members within the organization. We employ leadership development through training and transitions
  • Examples: participation in the College’s leadership development series; regular meetings with Fraternity and Sorority Affairs staff; actively seeking various outside national, local, and campus training and conference opportunities; attendance and participation in College management and budget training meetings; etc.
standard 2
Standard 2
  • We provide a list of specific expectations pertaining to each position of authority or responsibility within our organization, and have mechanisms in place to hold members accountable for these roles.
  • Examples: a contingency plan in place, position descriptions, clear expectations in charters/constitutions/by-laws, officer handbooks, manuals or guidebooks, etc.
standard 3
Standard 3
  • We integrate systems that ensure all important decisions, events, administrative tasks, and transactions are handled and/or recorded in timely, accurate, and efficient ways.
  • Examples: rosters and potential new member lists filed with Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, reports from programming and philanthropic efforts, financial materials, annual reports, housing assignments, etc.
standard 4
Standard 4
  • We demonstrate effective internal communication systems, have clear and fair guidelines for decision making, and ensure all members have an equal voice.
  • Examples: running effective chapters, use of technology, voting rules, etc.
general tips
General Tips
  • Be who you want to be
  • Who, What, Where, When, Why, How
  • Details and simplicity
  • Turn each standard into a How question
  • Use your membership
  • The word try, hope, and encourage- What do they mean?
  • Use AnneMarie
  • Become a Volunteer Reviewer
general ee dates
General EE Dates
  • Open Fora
  • EE document due- Monday Dec. 3
  • EE presentations- Jan. 18-19
  • Last day to request an extension Monday Nov. 26th.