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The Ranger’s Apprentice

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The Ranger’s Apprentice. By Ryan W. Tucholski October 28 th , 2010. The Ruins of Gorlan.

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the ranger s apprentice

The Ranger’s Apprentice

By Ryan W. Tucholski

October 28th, 2010

the ruins of gorlan
The Ruins of Gorlan

The Rangers have always been shadowy figures in the night. As a teenager, Will unexpectedly is chosen to become a Ranger’s apprentice. He soon finds himself recruited to become a Ranger of Araluen and at fifteen years old is asked to do impossible task. He first has to rescue his teacher, Halt, from two Kalkara (fearsome beasts) which he now must hunt down before it is too late.

the burning bridge
The Burning Bridge

Will and his teacher, Halt discover Morgarath’s plans. Will and his friend, Horace travel to a nearby village when they discover the devastating truth about Morgrath’s devious plans. Morgrath is planning to build a bridge to destroy the king’s army, thereby sealing the fate of Araluen. In addition, a princess who is disguised as her alias, Evanlyn encounters Will and Horace. Will and Evanlyn are taken as slaves to Skandia.

the icebound land
The Icebound Land

Will and Evanlyn have been kidnapped, enslaved and enroute to Skandia. Halt was expelled from the Rangers so he could pursue Will. His explulsion from the Rangers, seemed like an accident, but was done intentionally. Along the route, he encounters Horace, who joins him on the rescue mission. When they arrive, they are challenged by multiple freelance knights who guard the very bridges they need to cross to help Will. Unfortunately, Horace’s skills attract a lot of attention.

the battle for skandia
The Battle for Skandia

Will and Evanlyn have escaped slavery, but Halt and Horace have not arrived yet. Then when it is almost certain Will and Evanlyn have met their end, Halt and Horace come in with a daring rescue. Their reunion is cut short when they find out Skandia is in danger of being overtaken by the Temujai and Araluen is their next target. Only an unlikely alliance can prevent the Temujai from accomplishing their disastrous goals.

the socerer of the north
The Socerer of the North

It has been years since the war with the Temujai. Will is now a full fledge Ranger with his own fief (one of the fifty kingdoms of Araluen). Times are peaceful until Lord Syron is struck down by a mysterious illness. Will and Alyss (Will’s diplomat friend), investigate to find the root of the cause of the Lord’s illness when Alyss is kidnapped. The next time they see each other, it will be during a battle.