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Parkway South Marketing 2 "The Apprentice“ 2012

Parkway South Marketing 2 "The Apprentice“ 2012. SEASON 1 WINNERS. Parkway South High Marketing Department. Key Elements of the Projects. Leadership. Hands-On/Fun! (Brain Friendly). The Apprentice. Opportunity to use various talents. Teamwork. Curriculum Based. " The Apprentice".

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Parkway South Marketing 2 "The Apprentice“ 2012

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  1. Parkway South Marketing 2 "The Apprentice“ 2012 SEASON 1 WINNERS

  2. Parkway South High Marketing Department

  3. Key Elements of the Projects Leadership Hands-On/Fun! (Brain Friendly) The Apprentice Opportunity to use various talents Teamwork Curriculum Based

  4. " The Apprentice" The purpose of our project is • To enhance the student’s perceptions of business marketing and management. • Explore different marketing practices through various tasks. • Develop an appreciation for teamwork, integrity, and community involvement.

  5. Marketing 2 CourseEnduring Understandings • Marketing is customer focused Marketing is much more that advertising and selling. • Pricing decisions can make or break the company. • Finding customers and learning key selling concepts are essential to the sales process. • Product planning is crucial to the launch and success of new products. • Making the correct place decision has an impact on the entire operation of a business. • Products may pass through many hands before reaching the consumer or industrial user.

  6. Marketing 2 Course Essential Questions • What is marketing? • How do marketers find their customers? What makes marketing dynamic? • Why are business ethics important in selling? What qualities should a good salesperson possess? • Are salespeople necessary in today's society? How does branding impact society? • What makes a product a success or failure? • Why do marketers need to know the lifecycle stage of a product? How do products get to consumers? • What would happen if we made the wrong place decision?

  7. Apprentice Project Objectives • The class will learn the essentials of advertising, managing, and selling. • Students will create strategies with their classmates to compete for the best business leader title.

  8. Assessment • Mrs. Heller, along with the guest “Donald Trump” will be evaluating the student presentations. • Students will be graded on their participation and performance after each task. • The ultimate goal is to not get “FIRED” but to get “Hired”.

  9. Collaboration • It is the students responsibility to find or recruit people to help with their task. For Example: • Artistic friends • Parents • Teachers • Business Owners

  10. The Rewards • Standards met. • A deeper understanding of the course content and better retention of skills and concepts. • Sense of accomplishment. • Great Prizes • Good grades.

  11. Rules of the Game • The class will be divided into equally numbered teams. • Each team will decide on a project manager who will be in charge of the week’s assignment (may be manager more than once) • 3. After each task one team will be fired (but the class will not know who it is ) • 4. The winning team will be announced after the last task. • 5. The class selects the final apprentice.

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