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Fundamentals of NLM Grants PowerPoint Presentation
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Fundamentals of NLM Grants

Fundamentals of NLM Grants

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Fundamentals of NLM Grants

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  1. Fundamentals of NLM Grants Valerie Florance, Ph.D., Program Officer National Library of Medicine Extramural Programs

  2. Overview • NLM funding opportunities • National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) • Specialized Information Services (SIS) • NLM extramural grant programs • Types of grants • Review & approval process • Tips for successful applications

  3. National Library of Medicine • Library Operations • PubMed, MedlinePlus, Toxnet • National Center for Biotechnology Information • Genbank, Pubmed Central, research on biotechnology tools • Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications •, Visible Human project, research in informatics •

  4. National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) • 8 Regional Medical Libraries + network of more than 5000 health sciences libraries and affiliates • Training, document delivery, $ for small projects • Outreach Planning & Evaluation Center • Partners in Information Access for Public Health • Tribal Connections • click your state for contact info

  5. Example: NN/LM Southeast Atlantic Region • RML is located at University of Maryland in Baltimore • Serves AL, DC, FL, GA, MD, MI, NC, PR, SC, TN, VA, WV • Funding opportunities • Outreach State Planning and Evaluation Teams • Exhibits & Training • Library Improvement Projects • Mailing list, outreach, classes

  6. NLM Specialized Information Services (SIS) • Information resources and services in toxicology, environmental health, chemistry, HIV/AIDS, and specialized topics in minority health • Toxtown – an interactive guide to commonly encountered toxic substances • HazMap – information on hazardous chemicals and occupational diseases

  7. NLM Specialized Information Services (SIS) • Outreach Activities & funding opportunities • • HIV/AIDS Community Outreach Projects • Fresh Start project, a structured computer/internet training program for the community, care givers, and those affected with HIV/AIDS (Houston, TX) • Consumer Health Information Outreach for Minority Organizations – Pilot Projects • Internet Access and Training for African American Churches collaborative project of University, public library & churches (Rochester NY)

  8. NLM Extramural Programs Division • Grants and fellowships to those interested in using computers and telecommunication networks to improve storage, retrieval, access, and use of biomedical and health information • Basic & applied research • NLM grants $47.5 million in FY2002 • BLIRC reviews NLM grants

  9. NLM Grant Programs • Research grants – Investigator-initiated Research, Small Project grants • Infrastructure & Resource grants – Internet Access to Digital Libraries, Information System grants • IAIMS grants – Integrated Advanced Information Management Systems grants • Training support – Individual fellowships, informatics research training at academic centers • Career development support – Career Support awards and educational loan repayment program • Grants for small businesses

  10. Infrastructure & Resource Grants • Focus on improving access to and management of biomedical and health information via sustainable, user-focused ‘production’ systems • Priorities: Applications of new technology; new information systems & services; connectivity & training; use of NLM products & services like MedlinePlus,, UMLS

  11. NLM Internet Access to Digital Libraries (IADL) Grants • Network sites, provide library services, build store of new digital resources & make them available across the network • Up to 2 years; $45,000 plus $8,000 per site up to 15 sites; covers direct costs including salary, connectivity, equipment, training, consultants

  12. NLM Information System Grants • Design & deliver a new resource or service to a defined audience, with their participation and support • Up to 3 years, average award is $150,000 per year. Covers direct costs, including salary, equipment, planning, travel, consultants

  13. Examples: Infrastructure & Resource Awards • Connectivity & training for care providers & public in 10 Idaho Hospitals, including kiosks for patients • Wireless connectivity for 20 organizations in the Rio Arriba Family Care Network, Espanola • Multilingual health information for clinicians and patients at community health center serving Asian refugees in Boston • Home computers and specialized information for women in Wisconsin with breast cancer

  14. Examples: Infrastructure & Resource Awards • Information portal and library services for mental health professionals, accessible at city clinics in Boston • Arkansas AHEC information network with links to 28 hospitals & clinics in 4 states, access, training & kiosks for public access • Internet services & AIDS library services for 610 area code in Philadelphia

  15. Examples: Infrastructure & Resource Awards • Hospital & its 4 clinics link to Internet & obtain library services through U of Minnesota • 10 school-based G.A. Carmichael Family Health Center clinics in Mississippi get computers & Internet access, obtain training support from nearby health sciences library

  16. Integrated Advanced Information System (IAIMS) Grants • Focus on integrating data, information and knowledge resources into a comprehensive networked information management system • Trans-organizational, cross institution or discipline boundaries • Priorities: context appropriate information; standards based information management; digital libraries • Partnerships; one-stop shopping

  17. Next-Generation IAIMS Grants • PLANNING – focus on 1 or more fundamental activity areas; 2 years, $150,000/yr • PILOT STUDY – seed money; 2 years, $50,000/yr • TESTING & EVALUATION – deploy/test a system or service on a limited scale; evaluate an existing system before replacing or upgrading; 2 years, $100,000/yr • OPERATIONS – large-scale deployment of an integrated resource or system; prerequisite is plan or T&E study; 4 years, $400,000/yr • IAIMS FELLOWSHIP – 2 years, $50,000/yr

  18. Examples of IAIMS Awards • New Mexico: Master plan for an integrated health information resource that serves statewide needs • California: Data warehouse that integrates scientific & clinical data for a national cancer center & collaborating agencies • Cincinnati: Customized organization of all knowledge for an individual

  19. NLM Grant Deadlines

  20. Peer Review for NLM Grants • Complete PHS 398 application form • Center for Scientific Review assigns all applications to a study section and a funding Institute • NLM has a standing study section • Biomedical Library & Informatics Review Committee (BLIRC) • Some NLM grant applications are reviewed by a Special Emphasis Panel or another NIH study section

  21. REVIEW STEP Received at CSR  1st Review by BLIRC  2nd Review by BOR  Final Decision, NLM  TIMETABLE Feb 1 (Jun 1, Oct 1) May (Nov, Mar) Priority scores @ 1 week Summary statement @ 6 week Sept (Feb, May) @ Nov (Apr, Aug) Notice of grant award mailed Review Steps for NLM Grants

  22. PRIORITY SCORES 100-150 (most likely to be funded) 150-200 (sometimes funded) 200-250 (rarely funded) 250- 500 (never funded except some SBIR) SUCCESS RATES Research grants - @ 20-25%; @ 30% for amended applications Resource grants - @ 25-30%; @ 50% for amended applications SBIR grants - @ 10% Grant Review Outcomes

  23. NIH Review Criteria & Resource Grants

  24. Components of Good Proposals • Responsive to the program statement or NLM’s research interests • Clearly-stated goals and methodology • A work plan that fits the stated goals • A timeline and milestones • References to the published literature, especially for R01

  25. Components of Good Proposals • Research grant proposals require a testable hypothesis and/or an accepted, rigorous research methodology • For infrastructure & resource grant proposals, responsiveness to the critical review elements is key: audience, plan & timetable, sustainability • IAIMS grant proposals should integrate information across organizational boundaries

  26. Components of Good Proposals • Evidence of advance planning, ‘interesting’ pilot data or user survey data • Key personnel with relevant expertise and adequate FTE dedicated to the work • Sincere letters of support from stakeholders • Letters of support from named collaborators • Agreement letters from named consultants • Evidence that problems & contingencies have been considered

  27. DO Observe page and font size limits Request NLM or BLIRC if you want application to come to us for review Print & read program announcement Cover review points DON’T Use URLs to get around the page limits Put information in appendix that is needed to judge merit Request more than ceiling $ without prior approval Other Helpful Hints

  28. For more information • Valerie Florance, Ph.D., 301-594-4882 • grant programs, links to application forms, FAQ, lists of funded projects 1997-2002 • lists all NLM grants