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Ace of Grants

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Ace of Grants
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  1. Ace of Grants Lauren Ledbetter Program Coordinator, Grants Georgia State 4-H Staff 706-542-3506 Georgia 4-H Foundation and UGA Cooperative Extension

  2. What is a Grant? • A Grant is a contract between YOU and the funder to carry out a particular project using their dollars • A Gift is given to YOU and can be restricted or unrestricted

  3. Things are getting more and more expensive…

  4. Is writing a grant hard? • Writing a grant is like selling your idea on paper. You have to convince someone to give up their money for your cause. • Grants do take time and effort, but in the end it is worth it.

  5. There are grants for everything…

  6. Selling Your Idea Activity In 30 to 45 seconds tell what your project is all about and ask for the funding your need. Tug at the heart strings of the donor!! Remember to include: Who? What? Why? How Much?

  7. Getting Started • Find a Request for Proposal or Grant Announcement to fit your funding need. • Read, Read, Read through it. • Identify the grant parts that they are asking for you to submit.

  8. What are the parts of a grant proposal? • Abstract • Problem Statement • Narrative • Goals • Objectives • Action Plan • Conclusion • Budget • Timeline

  9. Before You Write… Plan!! • Use a Program Logic Model to guide you through the planning process for your grant project.

  10. Goal Statement • Broad statements of long range purpose or intent that are more encompassing/global and provide overall direction for the program • Example: To reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease in Franklin County.

  11. Program Objective Statements • More precise, measurable steps that lead to the program goals • Example: By the end of the three year grant period Parent Links will provide intensive case management to 250 families with infants (0-3 years old).

  12. Narrative • Clearly define program’s mission, goals and objectives. • Prove that you have a history of credibility and success. • Provide answers to questions listed in RFP. • Showcase correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. (comma crazy?) • Use a thesaurus to help identify alternative verbs.

  13. Narrative • Identifies the NEED and how you will RESOLVE it with your program. • Provide a clear answer that has a logical thought pattern, backed up with compelling data. • Pay attention to detail, if room is allotted. • Use a thesaurus. • Ask someone else to read or help you plan out your paragraphs.

  14. Partnership Collaboration Integration Co-curricular Extra-curricular Youth led Community forum Sustainability Environmental stewardship Underserved populations Youth development Hispanic Persistent Poverty No Child Left Behind Buzzwords

  15. Problem Statement • Do your research. • Online is a great place to start. • Use statistics to prove your point. • Sound convincing!!

  16. Budgets • Use the Resources column on the Logic Model • In-kind (Time, Services, Equipment) • Matching (Cash or In-kind)

  17. Abstract • After the proposal is written, take the important pieces and write your abstract. • Suggested order • Mission of Organization • Problem • Goals • Action • Conclusion

  18. Funding Sources • Check Online Web Sites!!! • Private Foundations • Community Foundations • Government Grants • Corporate Foundations