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Grants grants

Grants grants

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Grants grants

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  1. What is • “Central storehouse for information on over 1,000 grant programs and access to approximately $400 billion in annual awards” • Utilized by 26 Federal Agencies • The first stop for all NIH electronic proposal submission. • The system validates the proposal at a basic content level.

  2. Locate the Application Package • Basic Search by Funding Opportunity Number • For this example we used the R01 “Parent Application PA-07-070

  3. Locate the Application Package • Or if you already know the PA number as in this example: Research Project Grant (Parent R01) PA-07-070

  4. Locate the Application Package • Click on “How to Apply” • Then choose “download”

  5. Locate the Application Package • Before downloading the application package and instructions, submit your email address to be notified of application updates • Download and save the application either locally or on a network drive if you prefer

  6. Get the software! • Next you’ll need the PureEdge Viewer software to work with the application that you’ve just downloaded

  7. Download the PureEdge Viewer • To locate the PureEdge Viewer software go to and find “Apply for Grants” • Click on PureEdge Viewer, download and install the software

  8. Open the application • Now with the software installed you will be able to start working on the application

  9. Before we get started… • We would like to point out a few items regarding this transition from the paper application to the electronic application.

  10. Do I need to register with • NOYou do not need to register with, Children’s Memorial Hospital is registered as an “Institution” and that is all that is required for

  11. eRA Commons • What is eRA Commons? • “The NIH eRA Commons is a web-based system that allows NIH extramural grantee organizations, grantees, and the public to receive and transmit information electronically about the administration of biomedical and behavioral research.” • PLEASE NOTE: When completing a application package the information that you enter must match the profile information in your eRA Commons user profile

  12. eRA Commons • IF you are a Principal Investigator you will need to register for an NIH eRA Commons user account. Please your OSP Pre Award contact (see previous slide), we can create an account for you in a matter of moments. • This process will generate a username and password and will be sent directly to you via an email from eRA Commons)

  13. The Journey of Your Application Package Software File Director, Office of Sponsored Programs Principal Investigator

  14. Error Correction Window • The NIH has reduced the “error correction window” (i.e. the time allowed after the submission deadline to address NIH system identified errors/warnings) from five (5) business days to two (2) business days for all electronically submitted grant applications with submission deadlines on or after January 8, 2008.

  15. SF424 Attachments • The SF424 electronic application package requires that you attach PDF files ONLY! Other formats such as Word will not be accepted and your application will be rejected

  16. PDF File Tips… • All paper documents, such as recommendation letters much be scanned and converted to PDF • Try and reduce the file size of the PDF documents whenever possible so that the electronic application file size doesn’t get out of hand How do I reduce the file size? Here’s an example…

  17. Creating Adobe PDF files at a reduced file size

  18. Creating Adobe PDF files at a reduced file size Select Properties

  19. Creating Adobe PDF files at a reduced file size Select Paper/Quality Then Select Advanced

  20. Creating Adobe PDF files at a reduced file size Choose appropriate dpi (dots per square inch) for the document. Example: 300 dpi for resources page, 1200 dpi for the research plan

  21. No paper at all? • Almost, the OSP Routing Form is still required for institutional approval • However, the online submission process is 100% electronic. Not one paper form will need to be sent to the NIH • No headers or footers WHATSOEVER are allowed • ½ page margins and the NIH font requirements and page limitations still apply • The table of contents is automatically generated AFTER the electronic proposal has been submitted and accepted by the NIH through eRA Commons

  22. What about the PHS398 forms? • Not all of the PHS398 forms have gone away… New

  23. What about the PHS398 forms? • You must use the revised version of the PHS398 forms whenever applicable as the new versions do not contain headers or footers, and some have been updated slightly.

  24. What about the PHS398 forms? • You can locate these forms by visiting the NIH SF424 forms page:

  25. SF424 Application Guide • The SF424 application guide can be found on the same webpage as the previous forms