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Andrew Marks:- Football Curriculum Vitae. PowerPoint Presentation
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Andrew Marks:- Football Curriculum Vitae.

Andrew Marks:- Football Curriculum Vitae.

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Andrew Marks:- Football Curriculum Vitae.

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  1. Andrew Marks:- Football Curriculum Vitae.

  2. I have a great passion and enthusiasm for Australian Rules Football. I have been involved in the game for all of my life. I have held positions in a wide variety of different coaching experiences with a strength in communication, passion and enthusiasm to coaching young footballers. With this background knowledge I believe I would make a valuable acquisition to the coaching panel at your club. I have numerous contacts with both AFL clubs here in Adelaide and have worked closely with a number of high profile AFL coaches and ex-players.

  3. Teaching Experience • I have been employed as a Primary School Teacher for the past 20 years. • A committed educator, with strengths in Mathematics, a Constructivist approach with an open ended, multi-tasked programme, a variety of Brain Based teaching strategies. Other strengths include Physical Education and Health, and integrating information, communication and technology across the curriculum, in particular using Web 2.0 technologies • Qualifications: • 2008: Graduate Certificate in Education, Australian Lutheran College. • 1993-1995: Bachelor of Education, LaTrobe University, Bundoora Campus. • 1987-1989: Diploma of Primary Teaching, SACAE, Underdale Campus.

  4. 2012: Currently Completing a Diploma of Management • Develop powerful networks and relationships. • Become an influential and effective leader. • Achieve greater profits and strategic outcomes. • Improve performance and results in your team.

  5. I believe there are four important areas of coaching and developing Footballers:- • decision making: to empower and enable the players to make the right decisions in different situations that take place in a football environment. • developing skills and techniques of each player: so they can execute the correct skill in a game situation. • fitness: including fitness components, nutrition and a positive mental health. • character: develop trust, respect, positive attitude, passion and loyalty.

  6. I believe in a fast, powerful running, attacking style of football, with an emphasis on being direct into the forward line, through the centre corridor. Players are encouraged to take on the opposition and run and carry the football. Players must be prepared to attack the ball and the opponent with the ball hard. They must be accountable for their opposition player and to tackle with ferocity. This is particularly important for forward line players with statistics showing a 70% chance of scoring from a turnover in the oppositions defensive 50 metre area. Players must work hard at stoppages to enable more clearances as well as being able to win as many contested balls as possible. There is a stoppage every 2-3 minutes of a game so understanding of how to win from a stoppage is essential. It is easiest for a goal to be scored from a centre stoppage.

  7. It is important for mid fielders to be prepared to work both ends of the ground, especially to push back in defence for support. • Players on average have the ball for 3 minutes game so there must be an understanding of what a players responsibility is for the other 117 minutes. • Players must be willing to play for pride in the club, guernsey, team and themselves.

  8. Coaching Philosophy • I believe in a game plan involving players to take risks and have a go:- “High Risk, High Reward.” • I believe in my team attempting to maintain possession, therefore needing to be highly skilled. • Statistics show that attacking entries generated from defense in a counter-attacking fashion have the best chance of being converted to scores. Therefore the better a team is at moving the ball from defense quickly through the midfield the more efficient their attack will become.

  9. Coaching Philosophy     Quick movement using unmarked players forward of the play in space. Successful execution will result in fast transition play through the midfield and forwards one out inside the attacking zone.Quick movement using unmarked players wide of the play in space. The classic switch of play in defense, does give the defending team a chance if they can mobilise diagonally across the field to get behind the ball on the opposite side of the ground. Most times though quick movement after the switch will still get through the midfield with speed and into an open forward line. The second movement after the switch may even find a player forward of the play in space.

  10. Coaching Philosophy   Use of handball and overlap to create unmarked player in space. Requires run from behind and handball to break up the play and is usually followed by a long kick deep into the attacking 50m arc. Ball movement is often through the corridor as opposed to kicking to breaking midfielders through the wings. Quick movement using players one out with their opponents. A highly skilful team will be able to quickly move the ball the length of the ground by completing passes to teammates who are isolated with their direct opponent but are restricted from playing on. This form of counter-attack is the most difficult to execute consistently and probably the easiest to disrupt from a defensive viewpoint.

  11. Coaching Philosophy • Invasion games are traditionally games where defence dominates. • The most effective way of defence is a zone defence eg. Hockey, Soccer, Basketball. • Traditionally football has been played with 5 lines of 3 players plus on- ballers. The increased versatility and flexibility of footballers and the importance of the midfield area has lead to a move away from the more traditional stable established line-ups

  12. Training, how we train and for what purpose , is important to ensure how we pass on knowledge to players and construct solutions. Players need opportunities to analyse what they acquire and use the knowledge in meaningful ways.

  13. Training Training sessions are well planned to gain maximum benefit from your time with your players.- The training drills reflect the way you want the game played.- Training sessions emulate match conditions as much as possible. - Players are continually exposed to the type of decision-making they confront in a game.- Use training opportunity to teach players how they can do things better and provide positive reinforcement when required.- Review the success of training sessions in achieving your goals, to provide the springboard to plan future sessions.

  14. Red Room Research During a game of football players are going to deal with emotions such as frustration or anxiety and players will sometimes, release those emotions through aggression. It is important to teach players to use aggression positively on the football field. I have worked towards developing a programme involving the Emotional Rooms in the brain and Australian Football.

  15. I understand the importance of a set pre- game routine. The use of colours, music , posters, motivational sayings. Also, who needs private spaces to focus quietly , who needs to be with others tackling, bumping, talking. It is important to recognise that each player prepares differently.

  16. All players enjoy talking about their success. As a coach it’s important we focus on moments that create a healthy emotion for players as individuals and as a team.

  17. Playing Experience. 1986 under 17 player:-North Adelaide Football Club. (SANFL) 1987-1989 Player: - Kilburn Football and Cricket Club. (SAAFL) 1990-1991 Player: - Adelaide Lutheran Football Club. (SAAFL) 1992-1994 Player: - Wyndhamvale Football Club. (FDFL) 1995 Player: - Macedon Football Club. (RDFL) 1996-1997 Player: - Para Hills Football Club. (SAAFL)

  18. 1990-1991 Northfield Primary School 1992 Heathdale Christian College (Auskick Co-ordinator) 1994 Wyndhamvale Football Club (FDFL) Fitness Co-ordinator, involved planning and implementing the entire pre-season programme for the whole club. 1996-1998 King’s Baptist Grammar School Football Coach (including coaching year 4/5 through to years 10) 1997 Reserves Coach Para Hills Football Club. Previous Coaching Experience

  19. 2002-2004 Immanuel Primary School year 6/7 coach (coaching with Port Adelaide Football Club Senior Coach Mark Williams and former West Adelaide player Leon Grosser) 2005-2006 Immanuel College Second 18 coach, working with Darren Jarman, Mark Williams, Phil Walsh

  20. Referees:- Mark Williams Phone Number: 04140828490 Ron Pippett Phone Number: 0431181027 2004 Immanuel College Second 18 runner to Peter Caven (ex Crows, Swans and Fitzroy player, now Glenelg assistant coach)

  21. 2008 Assistant Coach Under 19’s North Adelaide Football Club, working with Stephen Keam (ex South Adelaide player) Referees:- Stephen Keam 0438895097 Shannon Tucker 0412052497

  22. 2009 Under 18 coach Happy Valley Football Club, in the Southern Football League

  23. 2010- Under 18 Assistant Coach- (Forward line) Under 15 Country Coach and Under 13 Elite Development Programme West Adelaide Football Club.

  24. West Adelaide Football Club.Talent Development Manager-2011-2012 • Successfully run the West Adelaide Football Club –Elite Development Program. • Conducted Level one coaches courses. • Assessed a number of coaches for suitability of Level 2 coaching requirements. • Liaised with a number of local and country clubs and developed relationships. • Taken training for Juniors at zoned clubs. • Attended numerous zoned club games. • Attended numerous club and league meetings. • Spoke to Juniors on advice on lifestyle skills for developing footballers.

  25. West Adelaide Football Club.Talent Development Manager-2011-2012 • Liaised with relevant specialists in relevant fields to speak to different groups of developing footballers. • Initiated the transfer of the Eagles Women’s Football Team over to West Adelaide where they have become the West Adelaide Women’s Football team. • Coached the West Adelaide Women’s team to a premiership. • As part of my Workplace Improvement Initiative through my Diploma of Management Course worked with the SANFL to develop a Community Coaches Conference • Was part of the Blackwood Football Club Coaching Selection Panel.

  26. 2012 Senior Coach West Adelaide Football Club- Women’s Team Initiated the transfer of the Eagles Women’s Football Team over to West Adelaide where they have become the West Adelaide Women’s Football team.

  27. Coached the West Adelaide Women’s team to a premiership-2012 . Naomi Maidment: 0402432458 Cass Hartley: 0412221693

  28. 2011-12 South Australia Female Football Academy Under 12 Coach. Emma Gibson: 0412117869

  29. While at West Adelaide I have worked with a number of quality coaches. Andrew Collins 4 times premiership player with Hawthorn Assistant Coach at Hawthorn, St Kilda and Richmond Premiership coach at Coburg Coach at Sandringham Current Senior Coach at West Adelaide 0412302972 Greg Mellor 198 Game player West Adelaide Football Club Club Captain and Best and Fairest Currently Development Coach Richmond Football Club 0431453667

  30. Brad Fisher 99 game player for Carlton Played for VFL side Northern Bullants Currently League Player For West Adelaide and Under 18 Performance Manager West Adelaide Football Club. League Forward Coach. Brad Fisher 0431111517

  31. While running the Elite Development Program at West Adelaide I have managed, mentored and led these league players. Chris Schmidt Brisbane and Adelaide AFL . Mid Field Coach WAFC Joel Tippett Brisbane and Gold Coast AFL current WAFC player. Adam Hartlett Carlton AFL WAFC Defence Coach

  32. Logan Hill Coburg VFL and WAFC Daniel Caire SANFL State Player WAFC Best and Fairest 2010 Ryan Ferguson WAFC club captain. Melbourne AFL

  33. Throughout my coaching career I have coached or mentored a number of players who have gone onto play SANFL or AFL football. Aaron Anderson Rory Laird Brad Kirk Matthew Rankine and Tom Keough Have all played SANFL League football for West Adelaide

  34. Johnny Boras and Mitchell Clisby- North Adelaide FC James Wundke-Sturt FC

  35. Luke Davis, Nick Westhoff, Steven Morris, Rory Laird and Bradley Helbig.

  36. Winning Centre Clearances Andrew Marks Talent ID Manager at West Adelaide Footy Club contributes the following article. Win the Centre Clearance and you’ll improve your chances of winning the game. As a junior footballer I always thought it was just good luck if you won the centre clearance at the start of a quarter or from a goal. I have written articles for the Coaching Blog on Inner Sanctum Coaching The Importance of Rotating Players in Junior Football West Adelaide FC Talent Identification Manager Andrew Marks contributes an article on the importance of rotating junior footballers throughout all the positions and roles in the game. The Importance of Rotating Players in Junior Football There I was on Anzac Day 1995 watching in fascination at the occasion. As a boy from Adelaide I struggled

  37. As part of my Workplace Improvement Initiative through my Diploma of Management Course work with the SANFL to develop a Community Coaches Conference

  38. 1999 Statistician with Port Adelaide Magpies Football Club (SANFL) 1998-1999 Talent identification in South Australia for the Brisbane Lions Football Club. Member and Season ticket holder Port Adelaide Football Club. 2007 Field Umpire in I.S.S.A and talent identification for the St. Kilda Football Club. 2007 Under 10 Netball coach Ingle Farm Sporting Club. 2008 Gave presentation to North Adelaide Under 19’s “Australian Football more Brain than Brawn.” 2010 Mentor Coach- West Adelaide Football Club- Elite Development Programme.

  39. Cricket Coaching Experience. 1990-1991 Northfield Primary School 1992-1994 Heathdale Christian College (Junior Cricket Co-ordinator) 1994-1995 Williamstown Cricket Club. (Junior Cricket Co-ordinator) 1996-1998 King’s Baptist Grammar School Cricket Coach 1998-2000 Port Adelaide District Cricket Club. Shell Shield Under 17 Coach 2000-2001 Senior Coach Ingle Farm Cricket Club. 2001-2002 Senior Coach Kilburn Football and Cricket Club. 2004-2005 Assistant Coach Ingle Farm Cricket Club. 2006-2007 Senior Coach Ingle Farm Cricket Club. 2007-2008 Senior Coach Flinders University Cricket Club.

  40. I am sure that I would be able to make a very positive contribution to the development of the players at your club. If you have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me:- Andrew Marks 26 Oakmont Crescent Novar Gardens 5040 Home: - 83761454 Mobile: - 0421777571