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The Ultimate Football Quiz

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The Ultimate Football Quiz
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The Ultimate Football Quiz

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  1. The Ultimate Football Quiz Welcome to the Ultimate Football Quiz The Rules: Enter as an Individual or a Team see Quiz Master for entry Maximum size of a team is 6 people Winner or winning team gets the cash prize and Title of ‘The Ultimate Football Brain’ The Ref says “No iPhone’s or other Smart Phones (please)”

  2. The Ultimate Football Quiz The Ultimate Football Quiz First Half Team Round Picture Round World Cup English Premier League

  3. First Half Kick Off Round 1: Team Round Questions about teams…

  4. Team Round Q1 Which Premiership team shares its name with a team from the top tier of Argentine football?

  5. Team Round Q2 Name the manager of Blackpool FC newly promoted to the Premier League.

  6. Team Round Q3 Which South African football club shares the name with a famous Brit Pop band? Clue the band are from Leeds.

  7. Team Round Q4 Which club was Harry Rednapps’ first managerial charge? Is it • Southampton • Bournemouth • Portsmouth • Westham

  8. Team Round Q5 Which current Premiership team did not compete in the 1922 FA Cup competition because they forgot to post their entry form?

  9. Team Round Q6 In 1993 Manchester United won the League. How many years had passed since they had laid claim to the title Was it (a) 26 years (b) 18 years (c) 23 years

  10. Team Round Q7 Which Club did Brian Clough manage from 1967 to 1973?

  11. Team Round Q8 Which team won the Premiership in 1995 ?

  12. Team Round Q9 Which club is the oldest in the football league Is it (a) Burnley (b) Notts County (c) Ashton Villa

  13. Team Round Q10 Which team was the first to reach the FA Cup final three years in succession on two separate occasions?

  14. Round 2: Picture Round A number of football picture-questions

  15. Pictures Round 1. What is this dog famous for. Bonus 2 points if you can give the dog’s name.

  16. Pictures Round 2. This picture is from the 2008/9 Championship match Watford v Reading. What happened next?

  17. Pictures Round 3. Name the player doing the scissor kick

  18. Pictures Round • Which teams mascot is this.?

  19. Pictures Round 5. This is Scottish International Chris Iwelumo. Can you explain what just happened?

  20. Pictures Round 6. Whose finger is this up the nose of a Leeds United player. Bonus point for naming the Leeds United player.

  21. Pictures Round 7. Can you name the manager remonstrating with the match official?

  22. Pictures Round 8. Can you name the two players shown here (1 point for each)

  23. Pictures Round 9. Can you name the player?

  24. Pictures Round 10. Can you name the player?

  25. Round 3: World Cup In the round we quiz you on your World Cup knowledge

  26. World Cup • How many goals did Gary Lineker score in the 1986 World Cup Finals? Was it (a) 4 (b) 7 (c) 6 (d) 5

  27. World Cup 2. Name the 7 countries that have won the World cup 1 point if you get at least 5 of the 7 2 points if you get all 7

  28. World Cup 3. Who won the Gold Boot (or Golden Shoe) award at the France 1998 World cup Finals

  29. World Cup 4. What is the Yashin Award and a bonus point for the current holder.

  30. World Cup 5. In which year did England not lose a World cup tournament game and also not go out on penalties and not win the competition?

  31. World Cup 6. Who was the manager of the German team that finished runners up in the 2002 World Cup Finals

  32. World Cup 7. How many times has Holland played in the Final of the World Cup Finals?

  33. World Cup 8. Which of these players have scored the most goals in one single World Cup tournament? • Pele • Gerd Muller • Just Fontaine • Maradona

  34. World Cup 9. Name the official mascot for the 2010 World Cup Final?

  35. World Cup 10. When was the last time the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea team reached the World Cup final?

  36. World Cup 11. In the 1978 World Cup Argentina defeated Netherlands 3-1 in the finals.  However the Dutch team was missing their captain and icon, Johann Cryuff from the team?  Why?

  37. World Cup 12. Who was the Captain of the 1970 World Cup winning Brazilian team; known as the greatest team ever?

  38. Round 4: English Premier League All questions about the English Premier League

  39. English Premier League 1. In the 2002-03 season who became the Premiership’s youngest goal scorer: Was it • James Milner (for Leeds United) • Wayne Rooney (for Everton)

  40. English Premier League 2. Which club won 4 of the first 5 Premiership Titles?

  41. English Premier League 3. Who scored for Blackburn Rovers against Everton just 13 seconds into the match in April 1995?

  42. English Premier League • Eric Cantona was the footballer of the year in 1995-6 but who was the top scorer?

  43. English Premier League 5. Who is the all-time top scorer in the Premier League (Premier League goals only) , Bonus 2 points if you know the number of goals

  44. English Premier League 6. Only four clubs have won the Premier League title name all four?

  45. English Premier League 7. Which player holds the current record for all time appearances in the Premier League? Is it • Ryan Giggs • David James • Frank Lampard • Gary Speed

  46. English Premier League 8. Who were the last team to win the top flight English league (the First Division) 1991/92 before the Premiership was formed? Bonus point if you can also name the manager of that team (at that time).

  47. English Premier League 9. Name the top four stadiums ranked in order of capacity for teams currently playing in the Premiership 1 point for each and a bonus point if you can list them in order of capacity (largest being first)

  48. English Premier League • Which player scored the first ever goal in the Premiership? Was it? • Paul Wilkinson (Middlesbrough) • Brian Deane (Sheffield United) • Mark Robins (Norwich City)

  49. Half Time Time for the Quiz master to announce the half time scores and for you to get a pint ! Half Time Anagram Round Unscrambled to reveal three famous football names Adage Aid Moron Uh I Dung Skid A Beaten Friz

  50. The Ultimate Football Quiz The Ultimate Football Quiz Second Half Quotations Football History Rules of the Game Shout it Out