Monday afternoon
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Audra 13 7th Destiny 12 7th Carson 14 8 th. Monday Afternoon. Microscopy. Task. Look at different slide samples: Paramecium Lily Root Tip Crystal Shapes Prepare slides. Procedures For Preparing Slides. Pull a thin sample off of the leaf Flatten it and set it gently on the slide

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Monday afternoon

Audra 13 7thDestiny 12 7thCarson 14 8th

Monday Afternoon


Monday afternoon

  • Look at different slide samples:ParameciumLily Root TipCrystal Shapes

  • Prepare slides

Procedures for preparing slides
Procedures For Preparing Slides

  • Pull a thin sample off of the leaf

  • Flatten it and set it gently on the slide

  • Put water or iodine on the sample

  • Set a slide cover on the slide carefully and at an angle

  • Push all bubbles out of the slide and slide cover

  • Check the slide under a microscope.

Procedures for looking at the plant and animal cells
Procedures for looking at the plant and animal cells

  • Go around to all ten stations

  • Don’t move the microscopes

  • Adjust the focus as necessary

  • Adjust the lighting as necessary

  • Draw what you see in the circle


  • We were able to set up the slides without much of a problem. We were a bit surprised by the appearance of the onion and Spider Wort. The onion had no chloroplast and the Spider Wort did have chloroplast. Striated muscle is just straight lines. There are also single celled Eukaryotic cells called Paramecium Caudatum.

  • It went really well. We learned a lot that we didn’t really know.

Fun time

Fun Time

Audra 13 7th

Destiny 12 7th

Carson 14 8th

Latin american games
Latin American Games

  • We first got into two lines and played games like rock, paper, scissors and some were better than others.

Getting to know you
Getting to Know You

  • We played a game were we got to know people’s names and more about each other by playing a game where in order to win you have to learn their names and ask three questions to find out who the person behind you was. I think it helped people learn about each other.

Learning more
Learning more

  • We learned about some places in Peru, Mexico, and Argentina and it was two people. (one person was from two places.)


  • We would like to say thanks to all the counselors, parents, friends, cooks, and college students for dealing with us.

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