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  2. JOURNAL REQUIREMENTS & EXPECTATIONS 3. Use a concluding sentence to wrap up your journal entry. *Journals are expected to be a minimum of ½ page. If shorter, you probably have not explained yourself fully using an example(s) to show your idea(s). 4. Take the time to PROOF READ your journals before you turn them in. -Check for correct spelling -Check for complete sentences -Make sure you have answered ALL parts of the prompt. 11A

  3. JOURNAL #1-Modern DialogueSep. 7 • Using the vocabulary words for Oedipus Rex on page 202, write a dialogue between an authority figure and a subordinate (boss & worker,child & parent, teacher & student, etc.). Make sure you HIGHLIGHT your vocabulary words and UNDERLINE your context clues. Change the form of the word as needed. (ex. venerate or veneration) 11A

  4. JOURNAL #2: It’s A Tragedy • Define human tragedy. • What emotions does tragedy evoke in the witnesses (hear, see, read, etc.)? • What would make the same terrible incident a “tragedy” in one situation but not in another? Explain and provide an example. 11A

  5. Journal #3: Advice • The last lines of the play are “advice” for audience members/readers. • Read lines 1472-1475 on page 262. What is Oedipus saying here? Do you agree with him? Explain why or why not. 11A

  6. Journal #4: The Good, Bad and the Ugly • Identify three pros and three cons of Oedipus’ character/personality. Use examples/quotes from the play to show what you mean. 11A

  7. Journal #5:Who’s to Blame? • In a thoughtful 5-7 sentence paragraph, tell whether you think the tragedy that happened in Oedipus Rex was Oedipus’ fault (free will) or out of his control (fate). Give specific reasons and examples as to why you think what you think. • Write using complete sentences with details and clear explanations. 11A

  8. JOURNAL #6A: TAOISM • Taoism is defined as: “joyful acceptance of life and a willingness to yield to the natural world, becoming one with it” (412) • Put this into your own words. Explain with an example what this might be like in life. 11A

  9. JOURNAL #6B: TAOIST #2 • Read Taoist writing #8 on page 414. • Write a paraphrase (not a summary) of Taoist writing #8. Should be equal in length • Write your reaction, thoughts to the selection. (Like/dislike, agree/disagree) and why. • What real life situations could you see these beliefs applying or not applying to? 11A

  10. JOURNAL #7: A CRIME • Correctly using the vocabulary words from page 547, write a newspaper report about a crime. • It should be in narrative form and be sure to use the words in the correct part of speech (form). (example-invoking versus invoked) 11A

  11. JOURNAL #8: “A Problem” • Define honor. Consider how honor is viewed differently among different cultures. • Do people today seem to care about “family honor”? How about “personal honor”? Explain. • Read & take notes pages 813-814 Chekhov & story background-be prepared to discuss both the journal and notes 11A

  12. JOURNAL #9: A Secret • Define secret. Explore in a minimum of ½ page the concept of a secret. What purpose does it serve? When is it ok to keep a secret? When should you not keep a secret? Does the type of relationship relate to the value of a secret? Etc. • Review page 882 Dynamic v. Static character 11A