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English 11A

English 11A. Agenda Opening Journals Review Phrases Go over Unit 1 Test Review Clauses. Journal 7 – Pledge prompt.

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English 11A

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  1. English 11A • Agenda • Opening Journals • Review Phrases • Go over Unit 1 Test • Review Clauses

  2. Journal 7 – Pledge prompt • School districts were mandated last spring to provide an opportunity for all students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and to put a flag in every classroom. Some people felt that schools needed to make sure students knew the pledge and were taught respect for our nation and its flag. Others felt because of the wording it should not be required and with all the other mandates on what schools should teach that this was a matter best left to parents. You have been asked to voice your opinion to our state legislature. Please write a response on your position directed at the people who made the laws. Take a clear position and back up with specific reasons. You have 15 minutes to write as much as you can.

  3. Pledge • Should have pledge in school • Important to honor our country • Honor flag • Show pride/respect for country and the flag and for all people in our country and for soldiers • Freedom • Should not have pledge in school • Parents’ responsibility to teach to honor one’s country • Separation of church and state – past court case • Religious – cannot pledge to anything • Isolating children – make stand out • Cost to schools • Part of sporting events – does not need to be part of school day.

  4. Phrases • Prepositional • Participial • Infinitive • Gerund • Appositive • Look at your essay. Identify 1 of each type of phrase in your essay. If unsure, ask your table for help. • If you do not have a particular type, write a sentence at the bottom of your essay on your topic that uses that type.

  5. Friday • Opening grammar Write a sentence about Homecoming or something from this week that contains a participial phrases and an infinitive phrase. Underline both. Agenda Go over Unit 1 Test Complete Analysis sheet – Collect Grammar Homework from Unit 1 Clauses – Unit 2

  6. Unit 1 Test • Corrections and Scantron • Test Analysis Sheet • Required for retake • May use on retake • All may use on next test. • Retake options

  7. Monday • Journal 8 • Pick a topic – your weekend, a Friday or Saturday sporting event, a class you are doing well in, your family, an upcoming event/celebration or a recent past one. • When I say go – write on it until I say stop. If you have to repeat yourself do so, but the idea is to get as much written as you can. • No one else will read this one besides me.

  8. Assignment • Complete p. 37 – Correct. • Complete p. 38 – Correct – time permitting. • Tomorrow – and rest of week, you will need your textbook. • Retakes – Tuesday after school, Wednesday during lunch – if you work that fast, Thursday before school or after school. Before – start at 6:50 – must be done for 1st hour. Or suggest an alternative.

  9. Tuesday • Opening – please get out pages 3, 11, 21 for me to check – grammar. • Opening – Get out your assignment page 38. • Clause activity • Sentence Types – page 39, 40. • Reading about Taoism • Pages 413, 360, 414.

  10. Clauses - Introduction • Why do we need to learn about Phrases and Clauses? • How can it help improve my writing?

  11. Clauses • - purple sheet • How are clauses different from phrases • Contain a verb and its subject • Some, if you removed the clause word could be a sentence • Adjective Clauses (start with who, whom, -

  12. Clauses • Adverb – start with after, although, as, as if, because, before, even, though, if, since, than, unless…. – see sheet for more complete list • Tell where, when, why something happened • If they start a sentence put comma at end – if in middle – no comma.

  13. Noun Clauses • Function as Subjects, Objects, and Object of Preposition • Start with how, that, which, who, whoever, whom, whomever, what, whatever, when, where, whether, whose, why. • Beginning of sentence – Subject • After Action verb – object • After Preposition – object of preposition • Learning target – I can use clauses in my writing to enhance variety in my writing.

  14. Sentence PatterNS • Learning Target • I can identify the patterns of sentences. • I can decide if a verb is action or linking.

  15. Sentence Patterns • Linking Verbs • Is, was, are, be, were, am, seems, smell, taste, appear, become • S + LV + PA • S + LV + PN • Action Verbs • Look, jump, run, sit, think, hit, read, swing • S + AV + DO • S + AV + IO + DO

  16. TaoismLearning Target: I can read and pick out the significant parts of my reading. • Read p. 349, “Philosophy and Religion” • Read and take notes on Taoism – define it - its concepts, origins, people involved with its development. (Pages 413 “Background” and page 412 – about the Taoist Writers.)

  17. Wednesday • Opening – As a table – come up with a pattern 2 sentence that uses “ridiculous” as a predicate adjective (PA). • Correct Sentence patterns • Do page 40. • Read Taoist Writing #2 and #8 • Read and Journal on Taoist Writing #29

  18. Thursday Opening • Opening – Please review your definition. On the back, rewrite it in your own words. • Write it without using the following words: contemplate, desires, devote, or unity. • Be sure to include all that you meant with your definition. • Job – Blue Peanut M&M

  19. Taoist Writings • Read Taoist writing #2 – page 414. • Journal – Will be ongoing through all the Taoist writings. • Paraphrase it • Respond to the ideas in it. • What principles of Taoism are present in it – compare it to your definition – how does it fit? What parts does it address? • Learning Target: I can explain in my own words what others say through paraphrase.

  20. Taoist writings • You will be assigned one of the remaining Taoist readings. For that one – you may work as a group, but all need to have this in your journal • Paraphrase it • Respond to the ideas in it. • What principles of Taoism are present in it – compare it to your definition – how does it fit? What parts does it address? • How can these ideas fit with the modern world? • Learning Target: I can explain in my own words what others say through paraphrase

  21. Preparing to Present • Job – retrieve supplies - Apple Green Jolly Rancher • Job – Scribe - Yellow Gummi Bear • When you have finished the journal, get a piece of paper and write up in bullet points the answers to what is in purple above. You will be sharing this with the class. You will have a piece of paper to do bullet points on to guide your explanation. The three in purple will need to go on the paper. • JOB – ALL - Practice ENGAGEMENT – even if you are not writing – help, watch, read over to be sure it is what you understand. • Presenter - Sour Red Cherry Starburst and Apple Green Jolly Rancher • Reader - Blue Peanut M&M • Learning Target: I can explain in my own words what others say through paraphrase

  22. Friday - Presentations • Please get with your group – get your poster – get your book out and your journal. • As groups present, you are responsible for taking notes on the following things • Which number or title writing is it? • What is it about? From their paraphrase. • What Taoism values does it reveal and how?

  23. Presentations • You will be responsible for all presentations – • Important that you listen and take notes on each one in your journal. • Presentations • Read your assigned item aloud • Go through your paraphrase – may share as bulleted points • Explain what parts of Taoism are in this selection

  24. Homework • Prepare for Quiz – read over the writings – all of them. Look at questions at end of readings – see if you can answer them. • I will address questions on Monday prior to quiz. • Review Taoism and Paradox. • Do page 42 grammar packet.

  25. Sentence Types • Turn to page 42 • Look through Sentence – look for “compound” signals. (, conjunction or ;compound adjective or ;) Highlight in a color on all sentences. • Look through Sentence – look for “complex” clue – words that start clauses (who, which, that, because, if, since, after, while, whom). Highlight in a different color on all sentences • SS – no colors • Com – first color • Cx – second color • C-C – both colors • Do page 42 for homework.

  26. Monday – Oct. 21 • Quiz • Correct Sentence Types • Introduce Pronoun Case.

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