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Leadership. Student Group Training 2013. Learning Outcomes. -Learn, and understand the meaning of ‘leadership’. -Understand your own leadership style. -Understand your strengths, and mitigate your development areas. Leadership. I say ‘leader’, you say who?. Leadership Gallery.

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Student Group Training 2013

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

-Learn, and understand the meaning of ‘leadership’.

-Understand your own leadership style.

-Understand your strengths, and mitigate your development areas.



I say ‘leader’, you say who?

Leadership gallery

Leadership Gallery

Moving around the room with post-its, spend ten minutes identifying attributes of the leaders on the walls.

Everyone should choose one leader who they admire

Why do you admire them?

What attributes do they have?

Are there any themes/trends?



What is Power?

The ability to marshal the human, informational and material resources to get something done.

Power affects:




Personal and positional power

Personal and Positional Power

Positional Power

can be defined as the power

leaders and others gain from

the rules, structures and

systems of an organisation

Personal Power

can be defined as the power

that leaders derive from their

ability to form alliances, and

strong relationships, through

interpersonal skills, positive

characteristics and supportive


Leadership definition

Leadership - definition

A leader is someone who uses their personal power to influence someone else, or a group of people.

Some examples….

Leading with lollipops

Leading with Lollipops

Now, something from Toronto…


What kind of leader are you

What kind of leader are you?

Fill out the change leadership audit individually.


- What impact does this have on how I work?

- Does this information help me to be a better leader?

- How can I use the strengths to mitigate the weaknesses?

What kind of leader are you1

What kind of leader are you?

  • Understand how you see yourself vs. how others see you.

  • Understand how you see others vs. how they see themselves.

  • People look up to You.

Have a sensational year

Have a Sensational Year!

  • What we’ve covered:

  • Perception of leadership

  • Leadership styles

  • Types of Power

  • Leadership definition

  • We are all leaders

  • Aims for the year

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Personality type (how others see you)

Have a sensational year1

Have a Sensational Year!