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Interesting Facts About CNC Machining PowerPoint Presentation
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Interesting Facts About CNC Machining

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Interesting Facts About CNC Machining - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cnc machining process have been widely used now and there are many interesting facts about this machine such that it can be used for wide applications.

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Interesting Facts About CNC Machining

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cnc machining
CNC Machining
  • Use of computers has increased nowadays and businesses utilize this technological machine for different purpose. In that aspect, one of the technologically controlled machine called CNC machines have revolutionized the industrial process.
  • CNC stands for computer numerical control and years before it was called only as numerical control, but later with the advent of computer interface to it, it was called as CNC.
  • Let us see some of its interesting facts about this in the forthcoming slides
cnc machining3
CNC Machining
  • Cnc machines work much faster and stronger and also produce exact result every single time.
  • It is so flexible and programmable such that it can be reprogrammed easily to produce a different product.
  • You can either refer back the old programmes or can install new programmes when different work pieces required.
cnc machining4
CNC Machining
  • It has been used for wide applications and used in various industries for different uses. It is used for jewelry making, dying, metal molding, cutting and shaping of equipments, blades and also for drilling and cutting of various objects.
  • It is so user friendly and easy to use and can be operated with its little guidance and operations.
  • With the help of cnc machines, process like molding and shaping of metals and woods have become so easy
cnc machining5
CNC Machining
  • With the help of cnc machines the industries can not only produce quality products at quick time, but also can run continuously so that your production rate gets increased.
  • Below are the process where cnc concept is used
        • EDM machining
        • Injection Molding
        • CNC Vertical Milling
        • CNC Lathe and more