Terrence tillett unit portfolio presentation
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The Mental Trainer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Terrence Tillett Unit Portfolio Presentation. The Mental Trainer. Unit Summary.

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Terrence tillett unit portfolio presentation


Unit Portfolio Presentation

The Mental Trainer

Unit summary
Unit Summary

In this unit the students will be making a work out routine for themselves then training themselves for a period of three months. The students will make changes and adjust the workouts to help them improve their own bodies. Students will use technology to aid them in tracking the improvements that they will be making. Student will also use online tools to find alternative work out ideas.

  • Essential Question how can I improve myself?

  • Unit Questions

  • How can training improve your health?

  • How can you improve your strength?

  • When should you use super sets?

  • Why would you want to use a drop set?

  • How much cardio exercise is needed to maintain body fat?

  • What technology can be used and why should it be used to monitor physical fitness?

Curriculum framing questions
Curriculum Framing Questions

Content Questions

  • How many grams of protein are needed per pound of body weight?

  • What muscle groups need to be worked first per body part?

  • How many sets are needed for strength improvement?

  • What should your total rep count range be to improve muscle definition and cardio improvement?

  • How many days should you work out to build leaner muscle tone?

  • How many calories are needed to maintain your body weight?

  • If you’re not gaining strength what should you change first?

  • What are the warning signs of over training?

Mental trainer project
Mental Trainer Project

21st century skill

  • Collaboration with peers.

  • Research on the Internet to find information

  • Evaluation of the accuracy and relevance of the information.

  • Evaluation of the relevance of music/pictures to their topic.

  • Composition/creation of a “digital story” to communicate their learning.

Gauging student needs
Gauging Student Needs

Lift with your mind

Gauging student needs assessment
Gauging Student Needs Assessment

How the assessment information helps me and my students plan for upcoming activities in the unit?

  • If students do not have any knowledge of the topic, I will know if I need to direct them to specific websites rather than allow them to search for information without guidance.

  • Students will be able to use the pre-test to assess what questions they will need to ask.

My goals for the course
My Goals for the Course

  • Help students understand that they can train themselves to become trainers.

  • Help students evaluate others training styles and find out what will work and what will not.

  • Learn about digital tracking of work outs and styles to get them to work best.

Goals for my students
Goals for My Students

  • To think like Trainers by:

    • Exploring multiple causes of workout outcomes

    • Looking at multiple perspectives of workouts

    • Identifying the immediate effects of training

    • Identifying long-term implications of training styles

  • To improve their technology and research skills by:

    • Asking questions about reliability and accuracy of websites and information sources

    • Learning to download video, pictures, and workouts

    • Use applications to track programs for fitness