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Oral Practice 1

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Oral Practice 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oral Practice 1
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  1. Oral Practice 1 Done By: Cindy Liow

  2. Passage Reading Part 1 Part 2 Picture discussion Conversation

  3. Picture discussion This picture depicts a scene at a neighbourhood park. There is a playground at one side of the field. The joyful children are having a whale of time at the playground in the park. There is an old man walking with the help of a walking stick. He is probably taking a leisurely stroll in the park as a form of exercise. I think this will definitely help him to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is a lady in exercise gear. She is jogging with her dog that is leashed. I think it is considerate of her for leashing the dog so that the children and old folks would not have fear being attacked and they can enjoy the park’s facilities. There is a man jogging in the park with headphones attached to a gadget which looks like an MP3 player. He is probably listening to some music or a radio programme as he jogs. There are some teenage boys having a game of football. I think they are probably belong to a school team. They should be very careful of the ball as the ball may hit other park-goers. There are some children playing in the playground. One of them is climbing on the playground. I think he should not do that as it is very dangerous and he may fall and injured himself. There are two girls playing near the edge of the field. One of them is skipping rope while the other is watching her, probably waiting for her turn. They are enjoying themselves in the park. I think neighbourhood parks are excellent places for residents to exercise and mingle. We should not throw litters around the park instead we should keep the park clean. If everyone do this responsible act, the park is a clean and excellent environment for us to relax and exercise.

  4. Conversation • I think my neighbourhood is a clean environment. Most of the people are very friendly and responsible. Except some are rude and irresponsible. When the dog poo on the grass, the owner of that dog will pick up the poo and throw it in the rubbish bin. But some people when they get their mails from the mailbox, they throw all the flyers on the floor. Some of the people walk past, they never border to pick up the flyers. We should keep our neighbourhood clean and be a responsible and helpful resident.