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NSW212: Health Workforce Planning and Development

NSW212: Health Workforce Planning and Development. 30 May 2013. Kathryn Hogan and Margaret Kirby. Establishing the team. National VET eLearning Strategy. UNEP Project Coordinator Kathryn Hogan. Health Manager Participants / students. ACHSM. UNEP Systems Manager Debra Swanson.

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NSW212: Health Workforce Planning and Development

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  1. NSW212: Health Workforce Planning and Development 30 May 2013 Kathryn Hogan and Margaret Kirby

  2. Establishing the team National VET eLearning Strategy UNEP Project Coordinator Kathryn Hogan Health Manager Participants / students ACHSM UNEP Systems Manager Debra Swanson UNEP Course Administrator Margaret Kirby UNEP Program Manager Peter Mullen UNEP Design Manager Fiona Johns External Educational developer Melissa Kemp UNEP Facilitator John Ross

  3. Program design and delivery Monitoring and review

  4. Project Coordination • Implementation Plan • Content development • Choice of online tools • Webinars • Moderation • Forum • Chat • Tracking progress • Encouragement • Design • Support • Systems • Administer Moodle • Technical support • Stakeholder meetings • Build eLearning course • Deliver • ROIs – Enrolment • Assessment • Feedback • Continuous improvement

  5. The Participants Profile – Groups and individuals, Australia-wide, public & private health, busy middle /senior managers, full time > 50 hrs. • IT Survey – before and after • Health Manager Competency Survey – before and after • Highly qualified • IT familiarity • Time constraints • “Not studied for years and quite self conscious, struggling with technology” • “We want webinars, but… webinar time did not suit… Access issues – firewall…”

  6. Learner Experience • “Assessor is fantastic, comments are comprehensive and helpful and support is really good” “Completed many online courses & this is one of the best- delivery structure, admin follow up and IT assistance. Very -well organised overall.” “…would love to continue with this course…”

  7. Impact • How relevant? • How applied? • How collaborative? • “Content meaningful and helpful, identifies gaps in knowledge & work practices” • “Living the knowledge and applying it daily in my job…aligned by assessments with my work goals to have a more educated and qualified approach to my duties.” • “Collaborating with other … staff, working and helping each other”

  8. Pathways

  9. Lessons Learnt “Life happens while you are making other plans”John Lennon • Dive in and swim hard • Whose role is that? • Remember all the stakeholders • Communicate, consult, communicate again • KISS and learn new tricks • Manage risks / Take risks / Learn from mistakes • Over-estimate time x 3..or 4…or 5

  10. What would we do differently? • Project planning – tighter scope - realistic timeframes • Resource planning • Take risks – use new tools

  11. Window to the future? • D & D Team Capacity • + Educational designer • + Educational developer • + Plan • + Procedures • + Software • Guidelines for tendering • Meanwhile: Dived into another pool • Converting existing courses • Still learning on the job Business objective “Provide innovative design, development and delivery of learning solutions to our students and clients.”

  12. Questions UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd CB Newling Building, 122-132 Mossman Street ARMIDALE NSW 2350 P O Box U199, University of New England 2351 Kathryn Hogan : 02 6773 0017 kathrynh@unep.edu.au ABN 74 003 099 125 www.unep.edu.au

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