journal 1 jan 7 th others n.
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Journal #1 Jan.7 th others PowerPoint Presentation
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Journal #1 Jan.7 th others

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Journal #1 Jan.7 th others - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Journal #1 Jan.7 th others.

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Journal #1 Jan.7 th others

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journal 1 jan 7 th others
Journal #1 Jan.7thothers
  • We are all different. Even identical twins who appear the same have their own identity, quirks, and personality. Even though we know that no two people are alike, we still tend to label people as “other” or different based on stereotypes, disabilities, nationalities, and beliefs. Have you personally experienced being labeled an “other” or different for any of the reasons mentioned, or have you labeled people in such a way? How did it make you feel to be labeled or out casted? What were your reasons for labeling someone different or an “other?” Express your thoughts in a 5-8 sentence journal response on the idea of being an “other?”
journal 2 jan 17 th teachers
Journal #2 Jan.17thteachers
  • Scout’s teacher, Ms. Caroline, has a lot to learn about teaching and the children of Maycomb County. There is more to teaching than just knowing subject matter. Teachers have the opportunity to both positively and negatively affect their students. Describe (without naming names) a particularly ineffective or effective teacher from your years of schooling. What specifically did the teacher do right or wrong? Did this teacher influence your life in a positive or negative way? In what way? Reflect in a 5-8 sentence journal your personal experiences with either an effective or ineffective teacher.
journal 3 jan 31 st growing pains
Journal #3 jan. 31st growing pains
  • “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” ― Anne Frank
  • We all go through them: Growing pains. The aches, pains, and heartaches of getting older come in many shapes, forms, and fashions. We are observing the growing pains of Scout and Jem through Scout’s perspective. We personally know what it feels like to go through our growing pains, but what about the perspective of the others around us. How do you think your parents see you or your siblings during these changes? What about your friends? Express your thoughts in a 5-8 sentence journal response on how those around you see your growing pains.