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Pre-Production. Video Production Unit. Shot Types.

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pre production

Video Production Unit

shot types
Shot Types

1. Extreme Wide Shot (EWS)2. Very Wide Shot (VWS)3. Wide Show (WS)4. Mid Shot (MS)5. Medium Close Up (MCU)6. Close Up (CU)7. Extreme Close Up (ECU)8. Cutaway (CA)9. Cut-In10. Two-Shot11. Over-the-shoulder Shot (OSS)12. Noddy Shot13. Point-of-view Shot (POV)14. Weather Shot

extreme wide shot ews
Extreme wide shot (EWS)

The view is so far from the subject that they aren’t even visible. This is used as an establishing shot.

very wide shot vws
Very Wide Shot (VWS)

The subject is barely visible, the emphasis is still on placing them in their environment.

wide shot ws
Wide Shot (WS)

The subject takes up the whole frame, but you can still see the surroundings.

mid shot ms
Mid-Shot (MS)

Shows some part of the subject in more detail while still giving an impression of the whole subject.

medium close up mcu
Medium Close Up (MCU)

Halfway between a close-up and a mid shot. It puts a greater focus on the subject, without taking away from the surroundings.

close up cu
Close Up (CU)

A certain feature or part of the subject takes up the whole frame.

extreme close up ecu
Extreme Close Up (ECU)

Comes in close to show extreme detail.

cutaway ca
Cutaway (CA)

A shot of something other than the current action.

cut in

Shows some part of the subject in detail.

over the shoulder shot oss
Over-the-shoulder Shot (OSS)

Looking from behind a person at the subject.

two shot

A comfortable shot of two people framed similarly to a mid shot.

noddy shot
Noddy Shot

Usually refers to a shot of the interviewer listening and reacting to the subject, can also be used in drama and other situations.

point of view shot pov
Point-of-view Shot (POV)

Shows a view from the subject’s perspective.

weather shot
Weather Shot

The subject is the weather, usually the sky. Can be used for other purposes.