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To advance clinical practice and accelerate medical research, by providing pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals and patients with an innovative secure semantic interoperability framework facilitating the efficient and homogenized access to anonymised distributed Electronic Health Records (EHRs).


  • Build the next generation, semantically interlinked, secure medical and clinical information space in the enlarged Europe, to provide homogenized access to anonymised distributed EHRs.

  • Leverage the reuse of EHRs in clinical research.

  • Support sound decision making towards the effective organization and execution of clinical trials.

  • Validate and evaluate the Linked2Safety results via the execution of a number of pilot clinical trials.

Expected Results


  • The open and generic Linked2Safety software reference architecture.

  • The innovative Linked2Safety Data Privacy Framework and Data Governance and Business Model.

  • A scalable, modular and extensible platform that will enable homogenized access to anonymised EHRs across the enlarged Europe.

  • The Linked2Safety Semantic EHR Model.

  • The sustainable Linked2Safety Organizational.

  • A demonstration of the use of the Linked2Safety framework through the implementation of a set of research showcases.

  • A step-by-step cookbook describing the Linked2Safety methodology outlining the guide lines for leveraging and reusing EHR.

  • Wide scale dissemination and exploitation of the project results to the European academic, scientific and industrial stakeholders.

  • Dynamically discover, fruitfully combine and easily access medical resources and information from spatially anonymiseddistributed EHRs.

  • Perform analyses on anonymised patients data while conforming to any legal and ethical issues.

  • Early detection of potential patient safety issues, based on the analysis of genetic and phenotypic data and the extraction of the markers associated with an identified type of adverse event.

  • Define tests that predict the likelihood of a patient exhibiting the adverse event before actually taking a drug.

  • Identify and select patients for clinical trials, providing advice on the best design of clinical studies.