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By: Chris Musotto

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By: Chris Musotto

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  1. By: Chris Musotto

  2. Climate Nigeria Burkina Faso Its is tropical and warm but has dry winters. Summers are hot and wet. Mostly flat and fragile soil • The temperature stays between 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s very humid, and night are hot near the cost. • Inland has a wet season that lasts from April to October. Dry seasons are from November to March with temperatures going over 100 degrees Fahrenheit but the nights are cool.

  3. Economy Nigeria Burkina Faso This is one of the poiorest countries in the world. Average income per capita is 250 euro's. Has a low literacy rate. • Middle income mixed economy and emerging market. • Expanding financial, service, communications, and entertainment sectors in GDP Purchasing Power Party has more then doubled from $170.7 billion to $413.4 billion from 2005 to 2011.

  4. Religion Nigeria Burkina Faso The majority are Muslims but some are Christian. • Religion is this country consists of Islam, Yoruba, Muslims, and Christians.

  5. Foods Nigeria Burkina Faso Food consists of beans, rice, potatoes, okra, millet, yams, peanuts, eggs, fish, and maize. • Food consists of rice dishes, goat products, yams, beans, cocoyam, and egasi seeds.

  6. Exports Nigeria Burkina Faso Since this is a very poor country, the only things that are exported is cotton and gold. • The contributions to the world are furniture, clothing, food products, commodities, minerals, and automobiles.

  7. Igbo Tribe Clay Sculptures Masks Pottery Textiles Bobo Tribe Masks Bronze ornaments Jewelry Statues Pottery Arts

  8. Igbo Tribe The main religion practiced in this tribe is Christianity. Bobo Tribe They believe the creator God is called Wuro and he cannot be described in words. He is responsible for the ordering of all things in the world into two pairs. Religion

  9. Igbo Tribe The way they group you is, Village Group (the highest, more then one village), then Village (group of families) , then Ward (district), and then Compound (the lowest, a nuclear family). BoboTribe This tribe has a Zara house which established a non- territorial political structure bringing together more/ less of the people providing safer ways for trading. Social Structure/Hierarchy

  10. Igbo Tribe Most of the Igbo people are farmers. They produce enough yams (their staple crop) to export some to others. BoboTribe Farming is also a main importance to this tribe. It is essential for a stable life. Economy