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Chris Martin/Coldplay

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Chris Martin/Coldplay. By: Jake MCClellan. Biography. Chris Martin. Biography. Chris Martin was born in Devon, England March 2, 1977. Martin was the eldest of 5 children. Martin decided to start playing guitar in his early teen years. Later picked up singing and piano.

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Chris Martin/Coldplay

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    1. Chris Martin/Coldplay By: Jake MCClellan

    2. Biography Chris Martin.

    3. Biography Chris Martin was born in Devon, England March 2, 1977. Martin was the eldest of 5 children. Martin decided to start playing guitar in his early teen years. Later picked up singing and piano.

    4. When did Martin have a vision? Martin met his band members in College. They decided to make a band and first called the band Pectoralz. University College London

    5. Pectoralzstarted up. Guy Berryman became a member of the band. By 1997, they called themselves Starfish. Jonny and Chris

    6. More about the Band Martin wanted more. He found Will Champion. At this point, the band was complete.

    7. The 4 of them. The group comprises vocalist/pianist/guitarist Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, & drummer/backing vocalist Will Champion. They have released four studio albums since 2000. (cmusic)

    8. Starfish wasn’t the name they wanted now. So Tim Crompton had an idea. He told them to use his name he had. Coldplay! The Band Coldplay began. The Band Name: Coldplay

    9. 1998. 500 copies were made. “Fierce Panda”. Their first release was the three-track Brothers and Sisters EP. The Future of Success

    10. Martin and Coldplay Passion Martin= Leadership Compete to be the best Break Records Coldplay has sold 50 million albums worldwide. Martin continues to play and break records

    11. History of Composition Coldplay has several stories or insights about songs. 3 songs: “Yellow, The Scientists, and viva la vida.”

    12. Inspired to write. "'Yellow' refers to the mood of the band. Brightness and hope and devotion.”(Wiki) Yellow is referenced to : ”metaphorical slants on the extent of his emotional devotion". (Songfacts) "Yellow" was the second single from Parachutes (2000), and Coldplay's first Top 10 hit on the UK Singles Chart.

    13. The lyrics to the song allude to a man's powerlessness in the face of love. "nobody said it was easy". "back to the start." The next major cd was A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002). The new hit song from this cd was called “The Scientists.”

    14. Their fourth album was Viva la Vida. • The lyrics to "Viva la Vida" contain many Biblical references. • For example, "pillars of sand” • South America and Spain. • Viva la Vida became the band's first number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Viva La Vida Cover of “Viva La Vida” cd.

    15. Coldplay is emotional music. Most people can relate to Coldplay. Listen, and you can see for yourself, that Coldplay is enjoyable. Listening Section: Yellow, The Scientists, and Viva La Vida.

    16. Yellow I. 0:00- Starts with a slow soft guitar beat, the rhythm is consistent. II. 0:12- Melody with instruments kicks in. The texture is more aggressive now (more instruments coming in). Guitar starts the song off, now the drums come in and pick up the song with an upbeat that wakes you up, because Will Champion uses his cymbals and snare drum. III. 0:34- 1st verse begins. Martin starts off with the melody. The pitch is medium level, not low, more on the high side. IV. 0:50-The song name Yellow comes out and is introduced. V. 1:26- Drums finally have the melody and take off for a bit. The rhythm gets faster and the dynamics get louder. VI. 1:31- Background chorus comes in. The timbre of the chorus is perfect, you can hear them but the don’t interfere with the main pitch of Martin. VII. 1:52- Finishes first verse, melody of the music continues. The rhythm picks up between the verses being sung. VIII. 2:14- 2nd verse begins. The sound and pitch is consistent to the first verse, just different phrases. IX. 3:15- Melody of the voice and story comes out and ends at 3:15. X. 3:40- 3rd verse begins and ends with the main chorus. XI. 4:28- Song Ends. This song didn’t have much density or thickness. Yellow is a simple song with consistent quality tone and pitch. Check out the Music video on Youtube. Type in Yellow, Coldplay! Great video.

    17. The Scientists I. 0:00- Begins with soft piano with a flowing rhythm that is consistent II. 0:03- Chris begins singing verse 1 and is very expressive and sad sounding. III. 0:30- Verse 1 continuing with singing. Piano is still playing same rhythm like in the beginning. IV. 0:55- Starts chorus. Same emotions. No difference in dynamics. The tone for the instruments and voice were great. V. 1:26- Piano continues with chorus VI. 1:40- He ends the chorus; drums come in and pick up the volume and texture of the song. You start feeling the pain while verse 2 begins VII. 2:17- Verse 2 continues the same rhythm like verse 1, but includes drums now making the volume seem louder and more expressive. VIII. 2:33- Chorus starts again and ends at 3:07. IX. 3:36- Same beat and melody continues till the end and some words held out randomly. X. 4:26- The song ends softly with his voice and strum on the guitar. This can also be found on Youtube.

    18. Viva La Vida I. 0:00- Song begins with strings, thinking its cello with a great clear sound that comes in and out strongly. II. 0:14- Verse 1 begins, the rhythm continues, with kettledrums coming in. III. 0:30- Guitar and violin come in softly, adding some texture to the song. IV. 0:46- Verse 2 begins, the rhythm continues with a great quality tone. The pitch was right on and everything sounded great. V. 1:10- The dynamics of the kettledrums come in with more volume and chorus begins. VII. 1:36- Ends chorus, and now different textures come in adding more character to the song. VIII. 1:50- Verse 3 starts; I can hear drums, keyboard, guitar, cello and violin. Melody sounds great. IX. 2:20- Chorus comes in, but this time big bell sounds play and adding more pitch and intensity in the background. The form was great with that. X. 2:50- Chorus ends, now guitar and violin have time to play together adding more tones. XI. 3:18- Chorus comes in to wrap up the song, but the volume is louder and you can tell that Chris Martin expresses his emotions more at the end. XII. 3:50- Song softens up and has a voice in the background fading ending the song at 4:03. Check it on Youtube.

    19. Opinion is mixed about musical instruments. Coldplay is simple and basic I can’t wait for the future years of Coldplay! Listening Conclusion

    20. Work Cited: Biography. Bio, True Story. Chris Maritn. Web. 23 Feb. 2013. Cmusic., Coldplay. Web. 22 Feb. 2013. Lyricsfreak. Chris Martin. Web. 22 Feb. 2013. Songfacts.,“Yellow, The Scientists, and Viva la Vida”. Web. 23. 2013. Wiki. Web. 23 Feb. 2013.