what were hitler s aims and actions in foreign policy n.
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What were Hitler’s aims and actions in foreign policy?

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What were Hitler’s aims and actions in foreign policy? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What were Hitler’s aims and actions in foreign policy?. And how did Britain react?. Hitler’s aims – p. 256. Reverse the terms of the TOV Unite all German speaking people into Grossdeutschland (the Aryan master race)

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hitler s aims p 256
Hitler’s aims – p. 256
  • Reverse the terms of the TOV
  • Unite all German speaking peopleinto Grossdeutschland (the Aryan master race)
  • Gain‘living space’ ‘Lebensraum’ for the master race by conquering Slavic countries to the east of Germany
  • Destroy Communism
what would this involve
Re-arming Germany

(Getting the Saar back)

Getting the Rhineland back

Uniting with Austria

Taking over German speaking areas of Czechoslovakia

Taking the rest of Czechoslovakia

Taking over Poland

Invading the USSR

What would this involve?
did hitler have a master plan
Yes? P.256

Choose 4 short quotes from sources 4, 5 and 6 to suggest that Hitler had already planned his foreign policy back in 1924

No? P.257

Explain what AJP Taylor thought …..

Did Hitler have a master plan?
The name given to the policy of trying to avoid war by making concessions to aggressive countries.

It is particularly associated with British policy towards Hitler in the 1930s

The PM most associated with this policy is Neville Chamberlain, 1937-1940

lo the arguments for and against appeasement

Imagine yourself in 1933 aged 15.

Summarise each reason in their order of importance to YOU.

Which reasons do you think influenced the government the most? (it was a Conservative government)


Summarise each reason

Which reasons do sources 22, 23 and 24 support?

LO: The arguments for and against appeasement
lo hitler s destruction of the tov
LO: Hitler’s destruction of the TOV
  • Make notes on the events of 1933-7 from p. 84-5 of your own book
  • Under each heading, write bullet points about what happened and what the British attitude to Hitler was at that time.
  • Finish for homework because tomorrow you’ll need to know what you’re talking about …