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Mobile Technology / Many uses

Mobile Technology / Many uses. Work Order Management / Service Requests Asset Management / Asset Inventory / Operator Inspections Inventory / Warehouse Optimization / Barcoding / RFID Service Requests / Purchase Requests. Scott Schilling

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Mobile Technology / Many uses

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  1. Mobile Technology / Many uses • Work Order Management / Service Requests • Asset Management / Asset Inventory / Operator Inspections • Inventory / Warehouse Optimization / Barcoding / RFID • Service Requests / Purchase Requests Scott Schilling Sr. Account Manager Western US / Canada Business Analyst Mobile Program Engineering / Optimization

  2. Technology Evolution

  3. Many organizations are beginning to realize that they’re sitting on a “gold mine of data” Don’t be caught with “dark data ” — used for one purpose and then forgotten…

  4. DataSplice Enterprise Approach Complete Enterprise Systems

  5. Easy install and configuration – Preconfigured plugins / Maximo MBO’s / Pre-built “out of the box” views Single point of administration – Provide a comprehensive and intuitive tool for IT staff to maintain and configure the system as business requirements evolve “Design Once and Done” Approach – Eliminate the need to develop and support separate solutions for various platforms and devices Support multiple operating systems – Increase the flexibility of device selection and guarantee buy-in by end-users Integrate with multiple databases – Increase business awareness by providing access to all necessary data in the office or the field Easy-to-use interface – Focus on job responsibilities and streamline workflows by eliminating field technicians’ use of multiple programs The DataSplice Enterprise Approach Key components of our enterprise mobile solution

  6. Example:Maximo Front door - The Typical User Experience for Failure Reporting Query List Work Order Failure Tab Select Cause– Select Remedy Enter Remarks- Select Actions Change Status, Select OK, Next Record….

  7. What Needs to be Done… What I Did… What I Need to See… Added BenefitMaximo Streamlined Interface / Enhanced user experience

  8. Typical Compliance Components Identification of facility & location Scheduled intervals of maintenance Descriptions of maintenance, testing & inspections Checklists, Forms & Reports Condition assessment criteria & status Station maintenance details & logs Accurate Maintenance Record Keeping Plans & records available for regional regulators Records & reports available for inspection & audit Retention of maintenance records Regulatory Compliance Information collected

  9. Taking Your Work Orders Mobile • Work Orders Tracking (user's work orders based on user log-in / basis of work assignment) • View Job Plans / Operation Task Steps (associated with the WO i.e. measurements / safety) • Planned Inventory Items / Materials / Tools • Work Log / Log History • Work Order History - Assets & Repairs (view previous work orders for selected asset) • Failure Reporting / Long Descriptions (record problem / cause / remedy code / Attach photo) • Labor Reporting – Individual & Crew • Create new of follow-up Work Order in the field • Update or Change Status of Work Orders • Viewing or Attaching Photos / Documents

  10. Asset Management / Operator Inspection Rounds • Asset inventory / Asset Management (Update / Create new assets in the field) • Ensuring all equipment & assets are regularly monitored setting up route stops and inspection points i.e. valve closed, gate locked, lights on etc. • Immediate warnings on out of spec readings setting upper lower limits i.e. pressure / voltage / temperature / continues run hour meters / etc. • Generate follow up work order from inspection in the field • Capture critical inspection information time & date stamp / inspector info. • Simple data entry barcode scanning / RFID read / value lists / drop down selections • Collection of regulatory compliance data for reporting

  11. Field Asset Bar Coding & RFID Tags Weatherproof RFID active and passive tags Weatherproof Teflon Coated Asset Bar-Code Tags

  12. Discrepancies in Inventory General Ledger Booked Value Off Let’s take a look at some major reasons • Items not labeled – (decisions on what should be labeled) • Items hard to find in the warehouse – (more than one item to one location) typically due to inadequate or lack of storage) • No dedicated warehouse – (several storage areas) • Data Quality – (Poor descriptions, duplicate items) • Still buying items already on hand - (Difficult parts lookup system) • Warehouse environment – (accessibility, security issue) • Inventory practices not enforced – (parts leave warehouse without transaction) • Physical inventory and cycle counting at basic levels • Storeroom organization

  13. Taking Your Storeroom Inventory Mobile • Search inventory • Inventory Balance Adjustments • Cycle Counts (ABC item classification) • Automatic Inventory Reconciliation • Inventory Transfers / Storerooms - Bins • Issue / Returns to WO or Labor Code • Reserved Material & Inventory Pick List • Inventory Item Master Access • Purchase Order Receiving • Bar Code Label Printing • RFID spare parts / rotating assets • Tool Tracking

  14. Preparing for an Inventory Mobile Solution • Online Wireless or Offline Batch (verify storeroom areas for signal strength / connectivity for wireless – offline verify doc station areas) • Configuration of Software (detailed requirements gathering) • Mobile Hardware Decisions (handheld / tablet / laptop / etc) • Labeling of Storage Locations • Labeling of Inventory Items (barcode labels / RFID tags) • Proper storage equipment / environment

  15. Store Room “BEFORE” Hard to find items – Difficult to count

  16. Store room “AFTER” Storeroom Optimization Quick & Easy to Locate items & Count Inventory One item to one location = Efficiency / Accuracy

  17. Storeroom Optimization Quick & Easy to Locate items & Count Inventory Warehouse Inventory Optimization Small parts storage with configurable dividers

  18. Create a Storeroom Labeling Plan

  19. INVENTORY PROGRAM MANGEMENT Inventory Location Logic “ Smart Bin Number System ” AAN AAN N N - - N N N N - - N N N N - - N N,A N N,A XXX XXX - - XX XX - - XX XX - - XX XX - - XX XX Sub Position on Shelf ( Front to Back A-Z ) STREET ADDRESS Sub Position on Shelf ( Front to Back ) Position on Shelf ( Left to Right ) Position on Shelf ( Left to Right ) Level of Shelf ( Lowest to Highest ) ZIP CODE Level or Shelf ( Lowest to Highest ) Bay ) Row Aisle SMART LOCATION EXAMPLE : - - - - SMART LOCATION EXAMPLE : WH1 - 12 - 01 - 02 - 2C SMART LOCATION EXAMPLE : FS1 - 12 - 01 - 02 - 2C WH1 Warehouse No. 1 FS1 : Freestone Warehouse No. 1 12 : 12 : Row 12 (started at designated corner of warehouse) 12 : Aisle 12 (started at designated corner of warehouse) 01 : 01 : Bay location 01 : Bay located on left 01, 02 on Right 02 : 02 : Second shelf up from floor 02 : Second shelf up from floor rd 2C : 2C : Second location from left, 3 location back from front of drawer rd 2C : Second location from left, 3 location back from front of drawer Rev 10, rek, July 16, 2002 Creating Location Barcode Labels Building a “Smart” Bar Code “Location Label” Warehouse Location ( First two characters represent Warehouse)

  20. MAIN WAREHOUSE BAY 6 BAY 5 BAY 4 BAY 3 BAY 2 BAY 1 Row - A Smart Bin “Location Label” Numbering System Example MAIN-A-6-8-2b

  21. Seal, Mechanical, Self Aligning- 1 In ID EACH Gasket- Pump Housing EACH Bearing, Pillow Block, Fafnir- 1 In ID EACH Barcoding simplified Creating Item Barcode Labels Description Maximo Item No. C&R- 25503 Issue Unit Mfg Part No. Victor – AR46 Timkin - 2321 Note: Location should not be identified on the item label to allow for location movement without creating replacement item labels

  22. DataSplice Mobile Computing Optimization • Business Process Improvement • Improved Operations Reliability • Regulatory Compliance Data Capture • Productivity Gains • Environmentally Friendly

  23. One Stop Shop - Total Mobile Solution • Mobile Software • Licensing - Concurrent or Named User • Hardware - Mobile Devices • MAXIMO Integration • Wireless Online / Offline • Bar Code Printing & Hardware • RFID • GPS / GIS • Install Services • Training – End User & Administration Scott Schilling Sr. Account Manager Western US / Canada Business Analyst

  24. Sampling of DataSplice Industry & Reference Accounts • NBC Universal • Western Area Power Administration • NASA’s Deep Space Network • Roseville, City of • Calpine Energy Corp. • Arizona Public Service • Colorado Springs Utilities • Consolidated Edison of NYC • St Louis Metro Water District • Sarasota County Utilities • Fluor Government Group • San Francisco Public Utilities • Golden Gate Transportation • Occidental Petroleum • Dynegy Energy Corp. • US Bureau of Reclamation • J. Paul Getty Museum • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory • Los Angeles Department of Public Works • Department of Water & Power Los Angeles • Los Angeles Unified School District • Metro Water District of So. Calif. • Sunnyvale, City of • UCLA - University of California Los Angeles • Pinellas County Utilities • Raytheon US • Sempra Energy • Big West Oil • General Mills • British Columbia Ferry Services

  25. Building the Foundation for Mobile Scott.Schilling@DataSplice.comwww.DataSplice.com 800-377-1974 ext.1086 – Direct (530) 919-4631 Scott Schilling Sr. Account Manager Western US / Canada Business Analyst Mobile Program Engineering / Optimization

  26. DataSplice Architecture

  27. Field User DataSpliceServer Communication WiFi, Ethernet, Cellular or Batch OtherIn house System Maximo DataSplice Mobile Integrationwith Maximo Windows Laptop - Tablet - Desktop iPad - Android - Blackberry Phone - Tablet RemoteInterface Persistent and\or Off-Line Connection Windows Laptop - Tablet - Desktop Persistent Connection Configurations - Modules Administration Configuration Client DataSplice Server Update Transactions Integrates with Maximo and/or Most Any Enterprise System Data Queries ADO.NET RMI DataSplice Maximo Adapter Maximo Business Objects Native Connection Maximo Application Server Supports LDAP Backend Database Oracle, SQL Server, etc.

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