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How to wash and sanitize your kitchen utensils

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How to wash and sanitize your kitchen utensils

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  1. How to wash and sanitize your kitchen utensils

  2. If you start scrubbing your essential cooking utensils simply in water, it will not remove the germs and oily portion. To some extent, they’ll lose some dirt, but you have to kill the germs by sanitizing your utensils and tools. This guide will help you learn how to wash the utensils and how to sanitize them using basic household bleach. • Prepare to wash: • 1. Use your hands • - Before using your hands, prepare yourself with, rubber gloves. • - Wipe out the sticky food and dump them into the compost bin • - Use hot water • - Start with the silver utensils • - While washing, change water regularly • - Get soap and dish wash detergent • - After cleaning, dry them out • - Again again for visible matter, or grease • 2. Using dishwasher • - If you have a dishwasher, load it with utensils • - Logically fill the dishwasher, because all machines are different. • - Load utensils according to the capacity • - Add a gentle detergent or liquid

  3. How to sanitize your utensils? • You can sanitize your utensils and essential cooking toolswith basic house-hold bleach. It’s an effective sanitizing agent that can be used in different places where germs tend to thrive. Thorough cleaning is highly important for aesthetic and hygiene reasons. You may follow the below mentioned details to sanitize your utensils. • - Thoroughly remove food particles using a quality sanitizer • - If your sink is able to hold 2 to 3 gallons of water, add a tablespoon of bleach to every gallon of water • - Allow your utensils to sit for 20 minutes • - Dry the utensils for a few hours on a rack and allow the bleach water to evaporate • - You can rinse your utensils and tools with steaming hot water and then you can allow them to dry. • However, you should use your hands to wash the dishes properly. After drying them, you should check for greases, sticky feeling and other tiny food pieces. If you find anything left, again wash them with hot water.

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