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Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Utensils. Bread or Serrated Knife. A saw-tooth k nife for cutting bread. Paring Knife. Used to peel or cut small food items. Cutting Board. Protects counter when cutting food. Chef’s Knife. Large triangular shaped knife used for chopping and dicing. Peeler.

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Kitchen Utensils

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  1. Kitchen Utensils

  2. Bread or Serrated Knife • A saw-tooth knife for cutting bread

  3. Paring Knife • Used to peel or cut small food items

  4. Cutting Board • Protects counter when cutting food

  5. Chef’s Knife • Large triangular shaped knife used for chopping and dicing

  6. Peeler • Used to remove the outer surface of veggies

  7. Tongs • Used to grip and lift hot foods

  8. Wire Whisk • Used for blending soft mixtures like eggs and milk

  9. Slotted Spoon • Spoon with holes to take solids from liquids

  10. Ladle • Long handle with bowl at the end to dip hot liquids

  11. Colander • Drains liquid, larger holes than strainer

  12. Turner • Used to lift and turn flat foods like pancakes

  13. Drainer or Strainer • Fine holed wire mesh used to separate liquids from solids

  14. Pastry Blender • Used to cut in shortening

  15. Rubber Scraper • Has rubber end to scrape bowls

  16. Metal Spatula • Straight edge utensil used for leveling

  17. Dry Measuring Cups • Used for measuring dry and solid ingredients

  18. Liquid Measuring Cups • Used for measuring liquids

  19. Sauce Pan • A deep cooking pan, typically round, made of metal, and with one long handle and a lid

  20. Cookie Sheet • A flat metal tray on which cookies are baked

  21. Grater • surface covered with holes edged by slightly raised cutting edges, used for grating cheese and other foods

  22. Measuring Spoons • a spoon used to measure a small amount of an ingredient, either liquid or dry

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