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World History II SOL Review PowerPoint Presentation
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World History II SOL Review

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World History II SOL Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World History II SOL Review. Use these slides like flash cards to study for the SOL test WHII.2 – WHII.3. World in 1500 AD. Where are these empires?? Ottoman Mughal Persian Songhai. The Renaissance. What does “Renaissance” mean? Rebirth

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World History II SOL Review

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world history ii sol review

World History II SOL Review

Use these slides like flash cards to study for the SOL test


world in 1500 ad
World in 1500 AD
  • Where are these empires??
  • Ottoman
  • Mughal
  • Persian
  • Songhai
the renaissance
The Renaissance
  • What does “Renaissance” mean?
    • Rebirth
  • What knowledge comes back into fashion during this time?
    • Greek and Roman – Classical
  • The Renaissance marks the beginning of the ___________ __________.
    • Modern World
renaissance artists
Renaissance Artists

WHO painted this?


WHERE is it?

Sistine Chapel, Vatican

WHAT else is he known for?


renaissance artists1
Renaissance Artists
  • Who is the original Renaissance Man?
    • Leonardo da Vinci
  • What did he create?
    • Mona Lisa
    • Last Supper
renaissance authors
Renaissance Authors
  • WHO is the English author of plays and sonnets from the Northern Renaissance?
    • William Shakespeare
  • WHO is called the “father of Humanism”?
    • Erasmus, wrote In Praise of Folly, criticizing the Catholic Church.
  • WHAT is recognized as the first true novel and WHO wrote it?
    • Don Quixote – by Miguel Cervantes
world religions
World Religions
  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
trade routes
Trade Routes
  • What route did traders use to get from Asia to the Mediterranean?
    • Silk Road
  • Traders used Maritime routes across:
    • The Indian Ocean
  • What desert did traders cross in North Africa?
    • Sahara
  • What sea was used for Northern European trade?
    • Black Sea
technological and scientific advancements
Technological and Scientific Advancements
  • China
    • Paper, compass, silk, porcelain
  • India and the Middle East
    • Textiles, numeral system
  • Through the Arab World there was a transfer of:
    • Medicine, astronomy, mathematics
reformation whii 3 what were some of the conflicts that challenged the church in rome
Reformation WHII.3What were some of the conflicts that challenged the Church in Rome?
  • Usury (high rate of interest)
  • German and English nobles disliked Italian domination of the church
  • The Church was too rich and powerful
  • Church corruption – sale of indulgences
who s who in the reformation
Who’s who in the Reformation?
  • Dismissed the Authority of the Pope
  • Divorced
  • Created and led the Church of England (Anglican Church)
  • Took lands and wealth from the Roman Catholic church
who s who in the reformation1
Who’s who in the Reformation?
  • Salvation by FAITH ALONE
  • Bible is ULTIMATE authority (not Pope)
  • All humans equal before God
  • 95 Theses
who s who in the reformation2
Who’s who in the Reformation?
  • Faith revealed by living a righteous life
  • Work Ethic
  • Expansion of Protestant Movement - Geneva
reformation where
Reformation WHERE???
  • Princes converted to Protestantism (wanted to keep land and wealth)
  • The Hapsburg family (Holy Roman Empire) support Catholic Church
  • Conflict between Protestants and Catholics = 30 Years War
reformation where1
Reformation WHERE???
  • Under Elizabeth I, Anglican Church becomes national church
  • Reformation contributes to capitalism (think coming industrial revolution)
  • When Anglican Church travels to US it becomes the Episcopal Church
reformation where2
Reformation WHERE???
  • Catholic Huguenots granted freedom of worship by EDICT OF NANTES
  • Cardinal Richelieu changed focus of 30 Years War from religious to political
  • Almost 100 years later, the Edict is repealed – Protestantism is illegal
what was the catholic response to the reformation
What was the Catholic response to the Reformation?
  • The Church mounted a series of reforms and reasserted its authority
  • Society of Jesus (Jesuits) founded to spread doctrine through schools
  • Doctrine enforced through Inquisition
what impact did the printing press have on europe the reformation
What impact did the Printing Press have on Europe & the Reformation?
  • Growth of literacy
  • More people could read the Bible – it was printed in French, German and English
  • Lead to the spread of NOT just the Reformation but ideas of the Renaissance
  • WHO is responsible for the printing press?
what impact did the reformation have on europe
What impact did the Reformation have on Europe?
  • Growth of literacy
  • Growth of individualism
  • Growth of religious tolerance
  • WHAT word means political or social philosophy that is NOT religious?
  • secular