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1.2 Sports Marketing. Unit 1. Lesson 1.2 Sports Marketing. Goals Define sports marketing. Explain the value of sports marketing to the economy. Opening Act. Sports are big business at many universities throughout the country. Basketball has become a big money maker for many colleges.

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Lesson 1 2 sports marketing
Lesson 1.2Sports Marketing


  • Define sports marketing.

  • Explain the value of sports marketing to the economy.

Chapter 1

Opening act
Opening Act

  • Sports are big business at many universities throughout the country. Basketball has become a big money maker for many colleges.

  • For the 04-05 school year, the University of Arizona men’s basketball program generated revenue of $16.6 million and a profit of $12.5 million.

  • They have had sell-out games for almost 20 years. Courtside seats can bring in as much as $30,000 per pair.

Opening act cont
Opening Act Cont….

  • By playing in the NCAA tournament the school secured money for their school from CBS, which televised the tournaments and distributed more than $400 million to the NCAA conferences

  • Big business can mean big salaries for college coaches. Tom Crean earned $1.65 million in 2005 at Marquette University. He has coached the Golden Eagles to 3 NCAA tournament appearances and a final four appearance.


  • 1. Should successful college coaches earn more than $1 million a year?

  • 2. Describe a typical college basketball fan.

Why sports marketing

  • demographics

    • common characteristics of a group

      • age, marital status, income, education

  • sports marketing

    • using sports to market products

Chapter 1

New sports new opportunities
New Sports, New Opportunities

  • continual innovation provides new opportunities

    • extreme sports

      • Wrestling

      • XFL - 1.2 Sports Marketing\XFL Ad.flv

    • arena football

      • Grand Rapids - 1.2 Sports Marketing\AFL Grand Rapids.flv

      • League Promo - 1.2 Sports Marketing\AFL Promo Video.flv

    • Arena football is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. (founded 1987)

      • Tickets sell for an affordable price ($17.50)

      • Players meet fans and sign autographs after every game

      • Clock does not stop and high scoring

Chapter 1


  • What has made arena football successful?

Gross impression
Gross Impression

  • gross impression

    • the number of times per advertisement, game, or show that a product or service is associated with an athlete, team or entertainer

      • Every time your brain sees a product or company logo on the back of a shoe, in a movie scene, or on a license-plate holder on a car your brain records that image.

      • Many college and pro teams have company or product logos on their uniforms.

Chapter 1


  • Fans want products and services that identify them with winning teams and athletes.

  • Marketing efforts may need to be tweaked based on changes in winning trends.

    • If a major athletic company has a successful marketing campaign, competitors are likely to increase their marketing efforts.

    • Competition must be monitored so that a company’s marketing can remain unique

Chapter 1

Answer marketing?

  • Gross impression keeps the product upfront in the minds of sports fans.

  • Successful merchandise sales depend upon having a product available when it is in high demand.

The value of sports marketing

  • Sports marketing is a multi-billion-dollar global industry that has a definite impact on the economy.

Chapter 1

Emotional value
Emotional Value marketing?

  • Emotional connections to teams motivate fans to buy tickets to games.

    • For example how many people in here are loyal to the Lions (even though they are terrible)?

  • Marketers try to appeal to the emotions of fans

Chapter 1

So many channels
So Many Channels marketing?

  • High profile sporting events generate strong promotional revenues for broadcasters.

    • The Super bowl, BCS, and March Madness attract the attention of large sports minded audiences.

      • Which in turn, attract high-paying promoters

Chapter 1

1 2 sports marketing

Chapter 1

Answer economy and/or national economy.

  • Sporting events result in fans spending money on a wide array of related products and services that benefit the economy.

    • Food

    • Parking

    • Hotels