1 of 50 city upset about what has been run on this channel n.
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1 of 50 City upset about what has been run on this channel. PowerPoint Presentation
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1 of 50 City upset about what has been run on this channel.

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1 of 50 City upset about what has been run on this channel. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1 of 50 City upset about what has been run on this channel. You can dish it out, but can’t take it….This is the only thing that comes to mind. You have used the city council meetings to ridicule me, and the reporting by the newspaper furthers your intended agenda.

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You have used the city council meetings to ridicule me, and the reporting by the newspaper furthers your intended agenda.
So far your method has not taken us very far, but that too is your intended plan, if it was not, you would have stopped, but you have not.

I have invested millions in the past 11 years, and if anyone believes that my interest in Blackwell is not genuine, you are sadly mistaken.


The truth is simple but hard.The fact is some people have made a mess of things, and you want to punish me for telling the truth about it. “to those who deserve to know”.


The Trustees of the BIA were deeded the land in (1974). They tried to sell the minerals to other refineries, but that plan mostly failed. The BIA indenture was not approved by the State until (1979). Who really owned this site for those five years? That is the question.


They dug a 5 ½ acre 25 foot deep hole and did their best to compact some of the clay on the bottom and sides. Problem was the clay dug from the pit was not the best, and at 25 feet there was nothing but water and sand. I hope I am wrong, but does anyone have pictures or testimony about this site, we want them.


The Trustees placed 84,000 cubic yards of highly contaminated residue in this hole.


This was a State Approved Site, however, regulation are not like they are today, in fact this site has been forgotten, and no monitoring records have been found.


To get the concept of how big this is. (84,000 cubic yards.)Imagine a foot ball field, now build a 9 story building on it 85 Feet straight up.

This site is on the corner of Blackwell and 20th, two of its sides are part of the creek system that flows thru town.

The creek systems from the site, also flows into the creeks North of the Hospital on Ferguson. The contaminated water under the ground is leaching into the sewer system. The citizens should not be paying any of these cost to fix it, or the fines by ODEQ, but it seems we are.


The ODEQ did not have a record of this land fill site. The OWRB whom approved the site in 1975, has no records. In other words no monitoring of this site has been done, that we can find.

the big question who is responsible the trustees who build it you the taxpayer or phelps dodge
The big question. Who is responsible. The Trustees who build it, you the taxpayer, or Phelps Dodge.

1974 “trustees” of BIA take smelter property.75 76 dump site filled Dec.1976 BIA sold to BIDA1979 BIA trust indenture 1980 BIDA sold back to BIA1981 Ordinance to not use property for development1981 EPA shows up


DEQ said since the City took responsibility no other party will be held accountable. You must help us change this. Of course Phelps Dodge and the railroad are on the list too.


If they did screw up so badly that we are responsible, why did they fight against the EPA Superfund. EPA would of paid the entire costs, however EPA and the CERCLA act makes owners responsible for the costs.

are they trying to protect us or cover something up that could cost 55 5 million to clean up
Are they trying to protect us, or cover something up, that could cost 55.5 million to clean up...

Could that dump site be leaking? Does the City know. If it is not leaking we have no problem, but if it is, is someone holding this over our head.


This makes no since.#1 If the BIA was reimbursed for the work, they would be an employee and not held responsible. #2 The work cost was estimated at $296,120.00 We taxpayers surly didn’t pay that.


I’m sure the City did haul and use it on Streets and alleys, but did we know the level of contamination, yes we did for certain. I have the book right in front of me saying so. So we citizens might be responsible for a tiny piece.


We know 600 tons of cadmium were collected in 1967, before that in 57’ and 58’ cadnium was dumped direct into a well. We also know the cadmium pond that was built, leaked and ran over repeatedly.


So,.. we know at least 200 tons of cadmium are in the ground water. I would guess there could be many times over that. 200 tons is worth today 1.2 million dollars.Cadmium is worth $3.00 a pound. The zinc concentration are 5 times higher @ $.50 a pound, but also worth millions.


They now have developed ways to extract the heavy metals from the ground water by use of chemical treatment. After the Zinc Smelter, “Smelted” its ore, the waste products were left refined and separated from there other metals. This makes for easy extraction.


With what is in storage 84,000 cubic yards, and in the groundwater. This could be = to the cleanup costs. 60,000 cubic yards contain 10% zinc, 0.18% copper, plus cadmium, silver, selenium, and mercury.


The attorneys suing Phelps Dodge are asking for the profits, to be used to help us and test us to keep us safe. Phelps Dodge wants it to pay the cleanup.

The TIF district can even declare your property as blighted and take your property for what the tax assessor has it appraised for.

All I know is what I have seen and studied, 300 homes have been torn down. International property codes have been adopted, instructional controls were tried.


wait a minute, who tried to make the taxpayers responsible. Who joined against its citizens to say the site is clean and with Phelps Dodge. That’s right our City, BMA, BIA Its in our best interest they said?


Cordell even said they were looking into what I was running on this channel. Why are they looking at me, instead of looking into the facts.


The hours spent on this is crazy, but we have a good grasp on all issues and know the direction we are headed. You must understand I am risking everything.


About 2 years ago!

The DEQ, City, BMA, BIA, and Phelps Dodge said the site was clean. Our City, BIA, and Chamber agreed to take money and risked our safety and property.

they now admit the clean up will cost a minimum of 54 000 000 00 that s 54 million
They now admit the Clean-up will cost a MINIMUM of $54,000,000.00 that’s 54 Million

$5 to 10 million will go to lost property values. At a Minimum…TO US, all of us. The mined minerals,,, we’ll we want them for a treatment/monitoring center.


When Julie Died on Oct 2nd I almost quit this fight, she became an organ donor after she lost her kidneys, she wanted to help someone else, but they cut her open and removed them, only to find, they could not be used, her organs contained cadmium.So it killed again.

i invite all candidates to spent one day looking at the information and problems we have studied
I invite all candidates to spent one day looking at the information, and problems we have studied.
We need someone to run, are you that person. Come see us!Registration starts January 12th 13th and 14th.end