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This Presentation Has Been Pre-Recorded
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  1. This Presentation Has Been Pre-Recorded • To listen to the webinar presentation, click “webinar” link on • If you have any questions on the information provided, please contact

  2. Webinar For TheState of Indiana Road Salt BidWinter Season 2010 - 2011 Jessica Robertson, Director of Strategic Sourcing Kurt Novotny, Vendor Manager Nicole Kenney, Strategic Sourcing Analyst

  3. AGENDA • Key Benefits • Background Information • • Frequently Asked Questions • Bid Timeline • Resources

  4. KEY BENEFITS • Leverage state-wide purchasing power • Lower costs to keep roads safe in inclement weather • Reduced administrative costs for local units of government

  5. BACKGROUND • 2009/2010 Winter Season: First State-Wide Road Salt Bid • Treated and Untreated Road Salt Products • 80% – 120% Quantity Commitment Range (tonnage) • Participating locals saved $8.7 M • 2009 pricing

  6. ONEINDIANA.NET • Go to and log in with your username and password from top right hand corner of the page • Problems with login

  7. ONEINDIANA.NET • Then, click green RESPOND button next to Road Salt 2010/2011 • From the main page, click BID REQUESTS • Then Click RESPOND

  8. ONEINDIANA.NET • You will see the following at the top of your screen • Name • Description • Type: Commitment • Close Date: April 9, 2010 • View FAQ • Scroll down to enter your NAME and PHONE • Enter in any COMMENTS you wish to tell us about your response

  9. ONEINDIANA.NET • Below the comments box, click the ARROW to expand and see the line items • TREATED SALT • UNTREATED SALT • Click the PENCIL to add information to the item you wish to purchase

  10. ONEINDIANA.NET • Enter in the following information: • Last Price Paid: $65.00 • Last Supplier Used: Cargill • County: Hamilton • INDOT: Greenfield Click Attachment if you don’t know your INDOT district • PurchasingName: Julie Smith • PurchasingPhone: 317-588-7465 • PurchasingEmail: • BillingAddress: 111 Main Street, Fishers, IN 46037 • DeliveryName: Tim Johnson • DeliveryPhone: 317-598-6988 • DeliveryEmail: • Then click NEXT to enter your tonnage and delivery information

  11. ONEINDIANA.NET • Click the ATTACHMENTS for more information on what to enter in the delivery fields or for the general road salt specifications • Enter information in all boxes, then click ADD DELIVERY NEED • If you have multiple delivery locations, enter tons needed for each location separately. • Once you have entered in all delivery locations with tonnage needed, click FINISH

  12. ONEINDIANA.NET • This is a good example of delivery notes that could be submitted. • Delivery Method: dumped, conveyed, or both. If your entity needs the initial delivery conveyed and all other deliveries dumped, then you would enter BOTH in this field. • Once you have populated the fields, click ADD DELIVERY NEED

  13. ONEINDIANA.NET • After you click FINISH when entering a line item, it will take you back to the main page. Scroll to the bottom to review your responses you have entered; click the pencil to go back to make changes • Click “Save” if you need to save and come back in to finish later • You must click SUBMIT on or before April 9th to be included in the bid this year • Click SUBMIT to commit your tonnage to the state’s bid • You will receive a confirmation EMAIL almost immediately after you click SUBMIT • Email if you do NOT get this confirmation after clicking submit

  14. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS • I entered in my line items, clicked ADD DELIVERY NEED, clicked FINISH, and it took me back to the first page. Did you get my response? • No, you still need to click the SUBMIT button at the bottom right corner on the main page. • Before you click SUBMIT, scroll to the bottom of that page, click the arrow to expand the line items. • It should now say “responded” in the line items that you entered in information. You can also click the PENCIL again to make more changes. • You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox almost immediately after you click SUBMIT.

  15. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS • I clicked SUBMIT, got my response confirmation email, and then the State emailed me that I had entered information incorrectly • You most likely entered your response in the comments box on the main page and did not complete the line item information needed. • You MUST go back into your response, correct the information needed, and click SUMBITagain before APRIL 9TH • Reply to the email you received from once it has been completed

  16. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS • What is the price of the road salt? • Tonnage from all locals participating is collected from March 22nd – April 9th. Then, we will release the bid by the end of April for the vendors to bid on the State of Indiana’s (including participating locals) road salt business. • Once we receive the bids, the price per ton will be determined and entities are required to purchase 80% of the tons committed. Entities may purchase up to 120% of the tons committed.


  18. RESOURCES • IDOA Road Salt Website: • IDOA Road Salt Email: • Contact us via phone Kurt Novotny 317-234-6906 Nicole Kenney 317-234-5584 Jessica Robertson 317-234-5906