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SILC-NET Presents…. SILC 101 A Refresher for SILC Congress Developed and Presented by: Bob Michaels January 7, 2012 Houston, Texas. 1. Objectives. Explain the legal requirements for composition of and appointments to the SILC Describe the duties and responsibilities of the SILC

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Presentation Transcript

SILC-NET Presents…

SILC 101

A Refresher for SILC Congress

Developed and Presented by:

Bob Michaels

January 7, 2012

Houston, Texas


  • Explain the legal requirements for composition of and appointments to the SILC
  • Describe the duties and responsibilities of the SILC
  • Describe how the SILC works with centers, state agencies, and other providers of independent living services
  • Identify various sources of funds that support the SILC and independent living in each state
composition and appointment
Appointed by the governor or appropriate entity within the state

Solicit recommendations from organizations:

1. representing a broad range of individuals with disabilities

2. interested in individuals with disabilities

Composition and Appointment
silc qualifications
Statewide representation

Represent a broad range of individuals with disabilities

Knowledgeable about CILs and IL services

Majority of whom are:

1. Individuals with disabilities

2. Not employed by any state agency or


SILC Qualifications
il principles
IL Principles
  • Consumer Control (PWD are in charge)
  • Cross Disability (Separate is not equal)
  • Equal Access (Right to share in dream)
  • Community Based (PWD are fully integrated into society)
  • Peer Relationships (PWD are best teachers)
silc composition
At least one director of a CIL, and

As ex officio, nonvoting members:

a) a representative of the designated state unit

b) representatives from other state agencies

that provide services for individuals with


3. At least one representative of the American Indian VR program, if one exists

SILC Composition
additional silc members
Additional SILC Members
  • Other representatives from CILs
  • Parents and guardians
  • Advocates of and for individuals with disabilities
  • Representatives from private business
  • Representatives from organizations that provide services for individuals with disabilities
  • Other appropriate individuals
terms of appointment
Each member shall serve for a term of three (3) years, except:

a member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring prior to the expiration of the term

2. No member may serve more than two (2) consecutive full terms

Terms of Appointment
resource plans
(There shall be) a plan for the provision of such resources, including such staff and personnel, as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the council.Resource Plans
supervision and evaluation
Each council shall, consistent with state law, supervise and evaluate such staff and other personnel as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the council under this section.Supervision and Evaluation
silc duties
SILC Duties
  • Jointly develop and submit the state plan
  • 2. Monitor, review and evaluate the
  • implementation of the state plan
  • 3. Coordinate activities with the SRC
  • 4. Ensure that all regularly scheduled
  • meetings are open to the public
  • 5. Submit to the Commissioner periodic
  • reports as may be reasonably requested
silc goal growing the il network


IL Programs



Private Agencies

SILC Goal: Growing the IL Network
components of the state plan for independent living spil
Components of the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL)
  • Goals and objectives
  • Outreach
  • Network of CILs
  • Uses of Part B
  • SILC Budget
  • Evaluation
possible sources of silc funds
Possible Sources of SILC Funds
  • Title VII, Part B: Services for IL
  • Title VII, Part C: Center for IL
  • Title I: Innovation & Expansion
  • Social Security Reimbursement Funds
  • State General Revenue Funds
  • Other
uses of part b funds
Uses of Part B Funds
  • to provide the resources relating to the SILC
  • to provide IL services
  • to demonstrate ways to expand and improve IL
  • to support the operation of CILs
  • to increase capacity
  • to conduct studies and make recommendations
  • to train regarding IL philosophy; and
  • to provide outreach
sec 713 authorized uses of funds title vii part b

(5) to conduct studies and analyses, gather information, develop model policies and procedures, and present information, approaches, strategies, findings, conclusions, and recommendations to Federal, State, and local policymakers in order to enhance independent living services for individuals with disabilities

innovation and expansion the state plan shall
Innovation and ExpansionThe State plan shall‑‑

. . . assures that the State will use a portion of the funds to support‑‑

(I) the State Rehabilitation Council, and

(II) the Statewide Independent Living Council,

consistent with the (resource) plan

social security act reimbursement f unds
Social Security Act Reimbursement Funds

Must only be used for

  • Title I
  • Part B of Title VI
  • Title VII
for more information
For more information

Contact Bob Michaels:

65 E. Kelly Lane

Tempe, AZ 85284-4066

(480) 961-0553 [V]

(480) 961-8686 [fax]

Relay Service: 711

silc net attribution
SILC-NET Attribution

Support for this presentation was provided by the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration under grant number H132B070003-11. No official endorsement of the Department of Education should be inferred. This PowerPoint was developed by Bob Michaels and used for this SILC-NET presentation with permission. Permission to use or duplicate any portion of this PowerPoint should be obtained from the SILC-NET and Bob Michaels.