presents a proposal on c omputerization of paediatric hospitals n.
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PRESENTS a proposal on C omputerization of PAEDIATRIC Hospitals PowerPoint Presentation
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PRESENTS a proposal on C omputerization of PAEDIATRIC Hospitals

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PRESENTS a proposal on C omputerization of PAEDIATRIC Hospitals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PRESENTS a proposal on C omputerization of PAEDIATRIC Hospitals. BIRLAMEDISOFT PVT LTD . Birlamedisoft Company Profile. Organization: An ISO 9001:2008 certified and a Dedicated Healthcare Software Development Company since 2001 .

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PRESENTS a proposal on C omputerization of PAEDIATRIC Hospitals

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    1. PRESENTS a proposal on Computerization of PAEDIATRIC Hospitals BIRLAMEDISOFT PVT LTD

    2. Birlamedisoft Company Profile • Organization:An ISO 9001:2008 certified and a Dedicated Healthcare Software Development Company since 2001. • Promoters: Founded by Dr. Upma Birla, MS (Obst & Gynae) & Mr. Shrinivas Birla.

    3. Cont… • BM Team: Very potential and A strong team of Medical and Software Professionals with more than 450 man-years experience in development of Healthcare softwares

    4. Cont… • Clients:More than 10500+ satisfied clients spread across India and abroad • Experience: More than 10 years of Rigorous Healthcare Software development, Testing, Constant Market research, and Inputs from Healthcare professionals and experts

    5. Cont… • Vision:To make Software that is usable, comprehensible and affordable to the most ordinary healthcare professional, running a small practice anywhere in the World. • Mission:To make Birlamedisoft a ubiquitous Healthcare software brand that is synonymous with the best in quality and the most useful of Healthcare software programs




    9. Birlamedisoft Hospital Management Software Versions WEB BASED HIS SOFTWARE • (Fully web based Software) SOME OF THE INTRANET BASED HIS SOFTWARE • Xenon V10 Client Server HIS • Xenon Express HIS (Only Billing) • Xenon V3.2 HIS for small Hospitals

    10. Birlamedisoft HIS Features • Short Messaging and Instant emailing service implemented • Bar Code reader, Digital Signature, Biometric and RFID compatible Software • Smart Card Implementation • HIPAA, HL7, DICOM, ICD10 Compliant

    11. Birlamedisoft HIS Features • Highly secured, User friendly, Reliable and Seamlessly Integrated Web Based Hospital Management ERP Software • Automation of the process of collecting and retrieving patient information

    12. Birlamedisoft HIS Features • Integration of Patient identification • [By unique MRN (Medical Record Number)], Data consistency, and Transparency • 128-bit web encryption - the highest level of security available

    13. Birlamedisoft HIS Features • Compatibility with DICOM (Digital Imaging And Communications in Medicine) server images • Multi Tariff options for accounting purpose • Handheld PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Interface for Doctors

    14. Quanta V2.0 HIS The Complete Web-based Hospital Information Management System Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd. (AN ISO 9001:2008 COMPANY) 111/411, Gulmohar CentrePoint Pune-Nagar Road, Pune 411 014, INDIA Cell : +91 9823290336 / 9403136401,02,03 Landlines : +91-20-20261169,71,72Fax: +91-20-27036459

    15. Quanta V2.0 HIS The Complete Web-based Hospital Information Management System • User Friendly design • Centralized Database system • Complete database Driven • Easy to be customized • Modular Structure • Graphical user interface • Highly secured, user wise authentication of modules • Easy to install, Easy to maintain • Voice tutors of complete software operations • Graphical Presentation of MIS • Single window view to locate patient Billing, Collection, Discharge Detail, Patient Medical Records

    16. Quanta V2.0 HIS The Complete Web-based Hospital Information Management System SALIENT FEATURES • Effective Search Facility to Search any type of Information related to Patient. • Graphical Presentation of the Data for Top Management for Analysis. • Comprehensive Performance Reports. • Built in Work Flow Management for all Functional areas.  • Multiple Store Accounting. • Interface facility with the Smart Card Technology. • History, Clinical Notes, OT details etc. • Package Supports Adaptability & Scalability of Software making it more robust. • General and Standardized Health Packages for the OPD & IPD Patients generated. • Authentication & Verification of entries through Audit Trail Facility. • Easy Query Handling for instant decision of Bed Allocation for Patients, and request for the Bed Transfers.

    17. Quanta V2.0 HIS The Complete Web-based Hospital Information Management System MODULES • Equipment Maintenance System (EMS) • Healthcare Packages • Patient Billing • Insurance and Contracts Management • Management Information System (MIS) • Hospital Administration (Master Setup and Maintenance) • Roster Management (Duty Rosters) • HRMS (Human Resource) • Payroll • Financial Accounting (A/C Receivable and Payable, • Budget, Cost centre) • Help Desk • Patient Module • Communication module • PACS & Tele Radiology (In-house Development) • User management & Authority System • Emergency/ Casualty • Ambulatory Services • Under Development • Library management • Facility Management • Waste management • Energy Audit • Central Sterilized Supply Department (CSSD) • Patient Registration • Appointment Scheduling • Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) • IPD Clinical • Wards & Bed Management Module • Patient Relations (Complains and feedback module) • Doctors Workbench • Nursing Workbench • Operation Theater Management Module • Electronic Medical Record & Clinic Specialties • Laboratory Information System (LIS) • Radiology Information System (RIS) • Microbiology Dept • Histopathology & Cytology Dept • Pharmacy Management • Inventory & fixed asset Management • Procurement DEPT • Blood Bank Management • Dietary (F&B) • Housekeeping/Laundry


    19. How the Quanta HIS Software will function in diagrammatic view


    21. INDIAN CLIENTS • Cosmo Hospital, Mohali, Punjab • Gangasheel Hospital, Bareilly, UP • Sunflag Hospital, Faridabad, HR • Shri Shani Shingnapur Hospital, Shani Shingnapur, MS • City Hospital, Jabalpur, MP • Narmada Trauma Centre, Bhopal, MP • Greencity Hospital, G. Noida, UP • SaradhaGroup Hospital, Kolkata, WB • Guru Nanak Dev Super-specialty Hospital, Tarn Tarn Taran, PB

    22. INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS • Fairview Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia • Rajah Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria • Kapenguria District Hospital, Kitale, Kenya

    23. BUSINESS PARTNERS • Trivitron Diagnostics, Chennai • Merck, Mumbai • AGD Biomedicals, Mumbai • Nicholas Piramal, Mumbai • Analytical Automation, Mumbai • Maestros Mediline Pvt Ltd, Mumbai • HCL, Noida • Transasia Biomedicals, Mumbai

    24. Let’s Explore DENTAL OPD IN DETAIL


    26. QUANTA-HIS FOR PAEDIATRIC: • we have different modules which we will be discussed before moving to PAEDIATRIC MODULE:-

    27. Let’s know about the basic module that is:- • HMS-HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • About Quanta-HIMS: • Quanta-HMS is Web Based Software addresses all major functional areas of Advance Hospitals. It has Unlimited User Access. • Quanta-HMS Provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, improved response to patient care, cost control, and improved profitability. • Tools Used: Quanta-HMS Uses Three Tier System. Front End is and Back End is SQL server. Middle Tier is C #. This is browser based software. • In this section let’s explore about • Master, Registration, OPD, Billing, Insurance Detail of HMS, which will help to know better about the software .

    28. LOGIN PAGE OF QUANTA-HMS: Through this form the user gets authenticated for the use of the software. Here the user has to enter the Username and the Password.

    29. After successfully log-in to the software, we will find the Quanta Dashboard, which contains different modules of Quanta HMS system. We will explore HMS module in details.

    30. HOME-PAGE OF HMS: It contains it’s sub modules which we will be discussed in the next slides

    31. MASTER: Masters allows you to make new Initial Master, Religion Master, Caste Master, Patient Main Category, Patient Category, Address Category, Address Book, Department Master, Designation, Operation, ,Vaccination setting Appointment, Ambulance Detail, Currency setting, Insurance ,Room master, Bed master, Reason for Discount, Complaint Master, Provisional Diagnosis Master, Bill Rate Entry, Diet setting, Diet unit, Bill change, Patient Bill type, Rate type master, Country Master, City Master and Financial Year. Also you can make System and Report Setting. Sub menu of Master Menu: • Patient Demographic master • Employee master • Account master(Billing) • EMR master • Room management • Diet management • Admin master

    32. 1.HMS-MASTER

    33. 1.HMS-MASTER 1.1 Patient Demographic Master:- It contains all sorts of information of patient at the time of registration like Patient main category, Initial, Religion, Caste, etc • 1.2 -Employee Master: It contains all information of employees ,basically they are the user of QUANTA software, its sub menu are Department master, Designation master, Address book. 1.3-Account master(Billing):-This master gives all information about Billing like Bill particular, Rate type master, Bill charges, Bill groups, Copy rate type, Patient bill type. 1.4 EMR Master: It contains EMR(Electronics Medical Records) information of Operation, complains , Diagnosis master and Vaccination setting ,etc. 1.5 Room Management: It contains all information for managing Rooms of Hospital like Room category, Room master, Bed master. 1.6 Diet Management:It has all information about Diet management schedule by Physician for Patients like Diet setting,Diet type,Meal type,etc 1.7 Admin Master:-It contains all information related admin like Report and System setting,Ambulance and Currency Master.



    36. 2.HMS-REGISTRATION • This module contains all information about new Patient Entry related to Registration and all module related to it, like Membership, Ambulance Details etc. Actually this is basic function of all module like Billing, OT, Insurance, Reports, etc. • This menu deals with registering the details of the patients • Here whenever a patient is registered a unique ID is given to patient that can be used in future also to retrieve its records. • Here the Patient ID is automatically generated. • After entering the name of the patient the details of that patient should be filled. • You can select the photo in *.bmp or *.jpg format of the patient.

    37. 2.HMS-REGISTRATION 2.1 ADD NEW PATIENT:- Here we can add new entry of Patient Registration,It contain Personal Information, Contact information and Medico Legal Patient Details. 2.2 EDIT PATIENT ENTRY: Here we can edit patient Registration entry Medico Legal details like: mem.payment,card,OPD reg.,casualty,insurance, and order and view investigation. 2.3 CANCEL PATIENT REGISTRATION: Here we can Delete an Patient entry which we need to cancel,we need patient registration number and select cancel button 2.4 PRE-PATIENT REGISTRATION MASTER: It contains information about patient who pre-registered themselves login page.where they get a temporary Registration number,after clicking here they get a new registration number,and they need to pay registration fees to complete registration process. 2.5 Membership Details:- It provides membership details like patient name,contact number and address. 2.6 AMBULANCE DETAIL: It provides ambulance details like Distance,Driver name,Type of ambulance,etc.


    39. HMS-OPD Here you can make OPD Registration of the patient. Also you can Edit the Registered OPD Patient. You can make Order Investigation and View the Investigation of the patient.

    40. OPD Registration: This menu deals with Registration of patient in OPD Department.

    41. OPD Registration: • Here you can make Patient Registration in OPD Department. • Here select the Department, Consultation Doctor, Patient’s Complaint and Provisional Diagnosis. • Click on the Save Button. Consultant Module:- After Registration he would get an OPD number,here in consultant module ,we have entered the same OPD number can various sub menu like Antenatal,Pap smear,vaccination,Diet chart,Dental,Ratia,Cornea clinic option are available for the patient registered in OPD Order Investigation: we can add /edit various Test/Profile Registration with its respective test rate View Investigation: we can view the Test which are authorized or tested by doctor Appointment-Here we perform activities related to Appointment like Set doctor schedule,Set Patient Appointment,Set/change Appointment status,Appointment report,etc

    42. INSURANCE In Patient Registration INSURANCE

    43. Fill and Save Patient Insurance Details

    44. Send Billing information to Insurance Company for the approval

    45. For patient claim

    46. CLINICAL EMR • Here we get a little bit information about HMS , Now let’s explore the Clinical EMR section. The modules below


    48. Inventory

    49. INVENTORY: It contains information like Master, Transaction and Reports which gives detail about item , Supplier, Manufacturer, Category and Location entry, Issue a voucher, Cancel a voucher, Item installation, Item refund and various reports.