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Library Hours

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Library Hours
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Library Hours

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  1. Library Hours Question 1 When is the library open for student use? • 7:00 am to 3:30 pm each school day (with some exceptions) • During normal school hours • When Miss Cucchetti is in the library • 7:00 am to 3:00 pm M, T, Th and F

  2. Library Hours Answer Answer: A - 7:00 am to 3:30 pm each school day (with some exceptions) Regular closures: Wednesdays after school Other closures announced as needed.

  3. Book Check Out Rules Question 2 How long is the check out period for books (not including Magazines and Reference books)?

  4. Book Check Out Rules Answer: Two weeks (10 school days) Reference books – 2 days Textbooks – 2 days Magazines – enjoy in the library

  5. Book Check Out Rules Question 3: What are the fines for overdue books? • $25 • $1 per day • $.10 per day per book • $.10 per day

  6. Book Check Out Rules Answer: C. $.10 per day per book After 30 school days, book changes to lost status and a $25 fine is assessed to account. If book is returned, the $25 fee is waived, but the overdue fee remains. **Overdue books from previous years and schools still remain on your account until paid for or returned!!!**

  7. Library Usage Rules Question 4 True or False: Water is OK in the library, but other beverages are not.

  8. Library Usage Rules Question 4 Answer FALSE!!! Water and all other liquids ruin books and computers. Food and all other icky stuff ruin books and computers. No food or drink is allowed in the library* *Bringing the librarian chocolate might change the answer to number 3…

  9. Library Usage Rules Question 5 Which of the following are acceptable uses of the library computers? • Classwork • Listening to music • Searching for pictures – not school related • Research • Playing games (school approved included) • Emailing

  10. Library Usage Rules Answer: A. Classwork D. Research E. Emailing – for class purposes only Misuse of the computers may lead to restriction of computer privileges.

  11. Book Locations Question 6 Where would a book with the call number 796.33 SAV be located? • Fiction • Nonfiction • Reference • Biography

  12. Book Locations Answer: B. Nonfiction fic – Fiction 000 – 999 – Nonfiction ref – Reference sc – Story collection b - Biography 741.5 – Graphic novels 468 – Libros en Español

  13. Book Locations Question 7 Where would you look for the novel Northern Lights by Jennifer Donnely? (hint: it’s a fiction novel)

  14. Book Locations Answer: ficdon (in the fiction section, under the letters Don) All books are shelved by author’s last name except Nonfiction. That’s by Dewey classification (aka number system) then Author’s last name

  15. Book Locations Question 8 What should you do with a book that you’ve taken off the shelf and don’t want to check it out? • Put it on a shelf…any shelf. • Turn it in to the book return slot on the front counter. • Try to figure out where it belongs. Getting close is good enough.

  16. Book Locations Answer: B. Turn it in to the book return slot on the front counter. **Please try to keep the shelves as tidy as possible so everyone can enjoy the library!!!!!

  17. Special Stickers Question 9 Which students are allowed to check out books with the following sticker?

  18. Special Stickers Answer: Anyone 6th and 7th grade students must be aware of parental approval. If your parents wouldn’t approve, you shouldn’t read it.

  19. Inter-library Loan Question 10 Which of the following libraries are not able to share books with GMMS? • Central High School • Clifton Elementary • Bookcliff Middle • Mesa County Public Library

  20. Inter-library Loan Answer: A. Central High School D. Mesa County Public Library Students may request books (on the computer) from any middle school or elementary school. High school requests must be approved by the librarian Public Library requests must be completed outside of school

  21. Library Staff BONUS QUESTION!!! Which of the following books is not on Miss Cucchetti’s top ten favorite book list? • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak • The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks • Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins • A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

  22. Library Staff Answer: B. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks (mushy gushy romance novels? Ugh. Give me a break)