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birds. Paige/Madison R/Hannah J/ Chelsey. Penguins can not be dived into smaller groups because there are so many different familys .

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Paige/Madison R/Hannah J/Chelsey

Penguins can not be dived into smaller groups because there are so many different familys.

2 Penguins can live on both water and land they are faster in water there for they can get away from preterders. On land they have a more chance of being ate.

  • Penguins can be gray white and black all In one color.
  • Penguins body parts are they have 2 legs mouth (beak) ,nose and feet.
  • They have fur and feathers on the outside of there body.
  • They are eggs when they are born then are penguins.

Penguins eat fish. Sometime in the year they have a big fish gathering . For the year they have fish.

A hawk is gray,black and brown.

A hawk eats fish and bugs.

A hawk is very strong.

  • A hawk lives on land all over the world.
  • A hawk is a egg when it is born then it is a bird.
  • All hawks have
  • Feathers, legs. And other stuff.
  • What do birds have in common .
  • All birds are warm blooded .
  • All birds have wings &feathers.
  • They have beaks and no teeth.
  • They have two legs which birds have clawed feet.
what color are owls

What color are owls?

owls are all kinds of colors

They are mostly brown

But, there are sorts of brown like ,gold brown, dark bro they brown, and they are also white


Owls live on land or tree

Because of there wings they can make a nest for their home

or when they leave there babies they can live there or on land

what part of the world do owls live in
What part of the world do owls live in?

Owls are only found in North America

Their breeding range includes South Alaska, South Canada , and in Central Mexico

  • Flamingos can not be divided into smaller groups.
  • Flamingos live on land.
  • Flamingos are pink red and white
  • The outer part of a flamingos body is feathers
  • A flamingo is a egg when it is born
  • Flamingos weigh five to six pounds.
  • Flamingos populations remain relatively stable despite loss of habitat due to human development.
  • Flamingos wings can be as long as 52 inches long
  • Flamingos eat algae ,mollusks,larva and brine shrimps and that is why most flamingos are pink.
  • Flamingos are usually 42 inches long from the tip of the head to the tip of the tail.
  • Flamingos can grow up to five feet tall .