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The races native to Heaven are collectively known as archons. These beings exemplify the twin principles of law and goodness essential to any true society.

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The races native to Heaven are collectively known as archons. These beings exemplify the twin principles of law and goodness essential to any true society.

There are eight known species, each of which has a place in archon culture. Some are more powerful than others or have different abilities, but all are part of a single civilization. They stand as an eternal witness to the glory of a rightly-ordered world.

All archons are friendly, noble, and helpful. They are supportive of the good and lawful, and stand fast against the forces of evil.

Archons rarely go to war and believe that unconsidered action often does more harm than good. When they do they are a very formidable and well-organized force. Each individual knows and accepts his place and works towards the downfall of the common enemy instead of his own advantage. Archons most often fight devils, but sometimes intervene against other fiends or evil mortals.

Archons speak Celestial, Infernal, and Draconic and posses the gift of tongues unless otherwise noted.

All archons can teleport and can assume a menacing aura if they so desire. Archons also project a magic circle against evil around themselves.


CR: 21


Cannot be summoned


Star archons are the greatest of the archons. They are skilled strategists and tacticians, and may serve as commanders of archon armies, arbitrator of disputes, or champions of great causes. They take the long view, and are often unconcerned about short-term events.

In combat, star archons typically release sunbeams at their foes and teleport to stay out of reach. However, they are also formidable when fighting hand-to-hand.

In war, star archons often command their forces from above instead of fighting themselves.

Star archons can cast spells as 19th-level clerics.

Star Archon






A compendium of the Church of Heironeous the Invincible, for His glory

Containing the appearance and behavior of the archons, with instructions for summoning their aid in service to His cause.




Wheel archon are also known as Ophanim.

Wheel archons can take humanoid form and are normally encountered as such. Seeing their true form can cause blindness or death. They usually appears as a glowing female with golden skin and blue eyes.

In humanoid form, they can heal and raise the dead.

Wheel archons have a strong distaste for battle, but are extremely dangerous when provoked. In humanoid form, their gaze can stun non-lawful-good humanoids. In their true form, they can shoot lightning. In both forms, they can always speak dictums and holy words.

CR: 17


Cannot be summoned

CR: ½


Summon Monster III



Ring archons serve as spies and observers, providing information for greater archons. They are frequently assigned to watch some creature, location, or event in the world.

Ring archons avoid combat whenever possible. They are more likely to report an evil dead than prevent it.

Ring archons have darkvision and true seeing to a range of 120 ft and can detect the alignments of creatures by looking at them.

Ring archons cannot speak but can communicate telepathically in Celestial.

Wheel Archon

Ring Archon

Trumpet Archon


The plane of Heaven is lawful-good aligned. Only those pure of heart feel comfortable there.

Heaven very mountainous. The cliffs rising ever higher reflect the quest of the pure and holy for ever greater righteousness. The beauty of the land stands as an eternal monument to the values Heironeous commands us to pursue. The harshness of the terrain represents the difficulty of the perfect way in an imperfect world.

Most of the natives of Heaven -- both animals and archons – can fly. Those that cannot can climb very well.

Trumpet archons serve as celestial messengers and heralds. In times of war, they serve as lesser commanders.

Trumpet archons prefer to battle with spells, which they cast as 14th-level clerics. They can also fight hand-to-hand effectively.

A trumpet archon can blow its trumpet to paralyze foes or turn it into a +4 greatsword. A stolen trumpet loses its powers.



Cannot be summoned


CR: 14


CR: 9


Summon Monster VIII

CR: 4


Summon Monster V



Larger, armored bear archon:

CR: 8


Summon Monster VII

Hound archons seek to defend the innocent and helpless against evil. They are fast and determined.

Hound archons form the common soldiers of the armies of Heaven. They are competent an eager combatants. Hound archons can fight with their teeth and fists or with their greatswords.

Hound archons can assume the forms of canines, including dire wolves.

Bear archons possess the senses and strength of a bear, but they do not share its unpredictable temperament. They can also speak vocally with bears.

Bear archons normally wear only collars and arm bracers. In battle, they wear spiked full plate armour.

Bear archons are alreays ready for combat. They fight like bears and are almost impossible to surprise.

Bear archons can cast spells as 8th-level clerics.

Bear Archon

Hound Archon

Owl Archon

Lantern Archon

Owl archons serve as scouts and strike forces in celestial armies , where their stealth and speed is most useful.

Owl Archons live in rocky crags, where they construct nests resembling those of terrestrial owls.

Owl archons prefer negotiation to battle, but are formidable if provoked. They can shoot rays from their eyes that turn creatures to stone.

Owl archons are protective of animals and can communicate with them. They can also reincarnate the dead in animal form.

Lantern archons glow about as brightly as a torch. Only their destruction can extinguish the glow.

Lantern archons can hover and fly with great precision.

The body of a lantern archon is a gaseous globe, so it is too weak to give material aid. It fights by releasing rays of light to 30 ft and cannot easily be hurt, even by creatures that can reach it.

Can cast aid, detect evil, and continual flame at will.



Summon Monster IX


CR: 11

Summon Monster IV


CR: 2