A room with a view
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A Room with a View. The ‘ Lying ’ Chapters Chap 16 - 19. Overview of chapters. Chap 16: Lucy sends off George, lies that she loves Cecil Chap 17: Lucy sends off Cecil, lies that she doesn ’ t love anyone else

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A room with a view

A Room with a View

The ‘Lying’ Chapters

Chap 16 - 19

Overview of chapters
Overview of chapters

  • Chap 16: Lucy sends off George, lies that she loves Cecil

  • Chap 17: Lucy sends off Cecil, lies that she doesn’t love anyone else

  • Chap 18: Lucy wants to escape to Greece, pretends to all that she doesn’t have any emotional attachments

  • Chap 19: Lucy lies to Mr Emerson that she doesn’t love George

Forster s methods
Forster’s methods

Rhythm and Patterns:

  • Chapter titles + paired/grouped chapters

  • Motifs

  • Contrasts

Chapter titles
Chapter titles

  • Used to group chapters, establish mirroring or contrasting effects

  • 4+12: Fourth Chapter / Twelfth Chapter

  • 14 + 15: How L faced the External Situation Bravely / The Disaster Within

  • 16-19: The ‘Lying’ chapters

Chapter titles1
Chapter titles

  • 4+12: Fourth Chapter / Twelfth chapter

    • Key turning point chapters

    • Yet seemingly insignificant  ironic effect

    • Reflecting reality: major moments in life also coming similarly unannounced

  • 14 + 15: How L faced the External Situation Bravely / The DisasterWithin

    • External vs internal, bravery v disaster

      • Highlighting tension between external façade + inner life, emotions

    • Critiques English convention of suppressing emotion (cf Mr Beebe’s advice to niece in Chap 10 on the ‘proper way to behave’ Like Lucy’s quiet reaction when confronted with news of Emersons taking Miss Alans’ place pg 105)


  • 16 – 19: the ‘Lying’ chapters

  • Contrasts with novel’s emphasis on need for truth + clarity of perception

    • Muddle + comic confusion of Chapters 16-19

    • Reflecting Lucy’s gradual process of realisation of truth and clarity

    • What kind of truth?

    • Lucy’s first aim was to defeat herself

    • the contest between.. the real and the pretended (Ch 15, p150)

    • her brain clouded over.. the views grew dim.. falsehood wrought out of darkness..hides a man not only from others but from his own soul

    • being true to oneself + to others, clarity of perception (of self and others)

  • Note motifs interwoven

    • Darkness, dimness vs views


  • Contrast Lucy’s desire to be truthful after the kiss Chap 7 pg 67 I want to be truthful.. It is so hard to be absolutely truthful

  • Lucy’s realisation of being true to oneself completed in final chapter 20: pg 194 If we act the truth, the people who love us are sure to come back to us in the long run

Chapter titles 16 19
Chapter titles 16-19

  • Presented as a series of lies

  • Cumulative effect:

    • Lying to George / Lying to Cecil

    • Lying to Mr Beebe, Mrs Honeychurch, Freddy and the Servants

      • individual  listing whole group

  • Why is ‘Lying to Mr Emerson’ presented last?

    • Presented as Climax – resolution of the muddle

    • Represents most clearly truth + clarity from the start of the novel

    • Ch 1 p8 Mr Beebe: He has the merit –if it is one – of saying exactly what he means… it is so difficult ..to understand people who speak the truth

    • Ch 19 p189 as he spoke the darkness was withdrawn, veil after veil, and she saw to the bottom of her soul

    • Ch 19 p191 There is Truth. Truth counts, Truth does count


  • Nature

    • Autumn vs summer

      • She was aware of autumn. Summer was ending (Ch 16 p156)

    • darkness vs light

      • The earth was hastening to re-enter darkness, and the shadows of those trees to creep over Windy Corner p156

      • (Lucy) The night received her, as it had received Miss Bartlett 30 years before (p163); She put out the lamp – Ch 17 p162

      • (George) – all the world is glorious water and sun p155

  • Muddle – throughout Chap 16-19

    • Lucy Ch 19 p 189: Give George my love – only only. Tell him “Muddle”


  • Sight / seeing, vision/views

    • The scales fell from Lucy’s eyes p157

    • (Lucy) There are days when one sees clearly. I see clearly. I must speak. That’s all p159

  • Fittingly it is Mr Emerson who finally shows Lucy the truth

    • Ch 19 P191 he had made her see the whole of everything at once

Concrete imagery
Concrete Imagery

  • Eg Miss Alans going to Athens, Greece:

    • Athens is a plunge, and the doctor has ordered her special digestive bread. It is only getting first into a steamer and then into a train.

  • Eg Cecil’s thoughts on the Honeychurches and Windy Corner

    • Eggs, boilers, hydrangeas, maids – of such were their lives compact. Ch13p131

      • Features Listing of images + Irony also

    • He could almost visualise the motor-vans.. arriving.. and depositing this chair, those varnished book-cases, that writing table Ch 8, p84

  • Concrete imagery1
    Concrete Imagery

    • Significance?

    • Lack of imagination, inability to see beyond the visible world

      • Tension between the 2 worlds suggested repeatedly

      • Eg…the visible world faded away, and memories and emotions alone seemed real ch 13 p130

    • Contrast: abstract and often intangible / surreal imagery to signify the world of emotions

    • Eg Lucy hears the roaring of the waters in her ears when Mr Emerson confronts her with her love of George Ch 19 p188