results from 2014 nhsru ktep environmental scan n.
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Results from 2014 NHSRU-KTEP Environmental Scan PowerPoint Presentation
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Results from 2014 NHSRU-KTEP Environmental Scan

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Results from 2014 NHSRU-KTEP Environmental Scan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Results from 2014 NHSRU-KTEP Environmental Scan
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  1. Results from 2014NHSRU-KTEP Environmental Scan Prepared for Policy to Practice – Investing in Your Workforce September 15, 2014 Prepared by the Nursing Health Services Research Unit Knowledge Translation and Exchange Program University of Toronto site

  2. Our Methodology • Literature review of grey and published literature • Online survey with nurse leaders (over 1000 from NHSRU list serves membership • Semi-structured interviews of key informants (nurse leaders and health care decision-makers

  3. Our Current State – Valuing the Evidence Generated by NHSRU-KTEP “If it is evidence-based it’s going to be done by a trusted research unit and I think NHSRU is certainly one of those units. NHSRU knows nursing, one of my concerns is that we’ll do a lot of research that involves a lot of people who don’t know nursing and I think it’s important to have a nursing research unit. Working with NHSRU is just a real pleasure and thank you for your inclusiveness. … The New Graduate Guarantee Initiative reports, I use it all the time. Late Career, same. I use that information in our decision making in our organization and in my practice.”

  4. Key Priorities Moving Forward • Optimizing the nursing workforce. • Designing care that engages patients, meets their needs, and results in quality outcomes.

  5. Key Priorities Optimizing the nursing workforce by • Ensuring safe, evidence informed nursing staffing levels. • Enhancing scope of practice for nurses across all health care sectors. • Having work environments that engage all categories of nursing in professional development and leadership opportunities.

  6. Key Priorities Designing care that engages patients, meets their needs, and results in quality outcomes by • Linking nursing roles, scope and workload, models of care, and staffing levels to patient and health utilization/cost outcomes . • Having integrated, inter-professional models of care -shift from acute to primary health care in the home and community to manage chronic disease and promote population health and well-being. • Using quality indicators/performance measures to guide practice and policy with a focus on patient engagement and satisfaction.

  7. Recommendations for Research • Design interventions (e.g. models of care, workforce) and methods to examine and explore achieving the triple aim of value (better health); effectiveness (better care) with efficiency (↓ cost per capita). • Include front-line nurses in addition to the current focus on advanced practice roles for nursing. • Focus on the contribution of nursing to performance indicators and quality outcomes. • Determine appropriate staffing levels linked to patient outcomes in all sectors. • Explore new healthcare funding formula and impact on registered nursing workforce numbers.

  8. Recommendations for Knowledge Translation • Be strategic and focused. • Have more active engagement of the NHSRU-KTEP. • Host face-to-face forums. • Provide brief, tailored and timely research summaries for nurse leaders and front-line nurses. • Leverage technology and stakeholders’ mechanisms and networks for dissemination and translation of research findings.

  9. Our Response to the 2014 Environmental Scan • Developing a work plan to address priority areas and recommendations and a stakeholder engagement strategy. • Hosting Prepared for Policy to Practice –Investing in Your Workforce today! • Posting Knowledge Summaries on current projects on website. • Launching new NHSRU KTEP website that will have more on-line real-time presence today! • Hosting Webinar Series: Leveraging Data to Make Better Decisions - Part 2.