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Talent 21 Project 2012

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Talent 21 Project 2012

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Talent 21 Project 2012

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  1. Talent 21 Project 2012 Destiny Roberts Mrs. Magee, Volker Social Studies Period. 5

  2. Introduction this is my project for talent 21 and I had to right about 10 different subjects, so there is more information on the next slides

  3. Early Humans Early hominids, home sapiens, or early moderns humans, they first lived In Africa maybe. Most believed that homo sapiens, appeared in tropical Africa. Homo sapiens and homo erectus stand side by side until they died out. Also the men hunted wild animals that are now extinct. They killed giant sloths, saber toothed cats, and elephant like mammoths.

  4. EGYPT • ancient Egyptians relied on the Nile river to help them survive. Some trade routes followed the Nile river, the coasts of the Mediterranean sea and the red sea. Other routes crossed over waters to Cyprus, Crete and later Rhome. Over land routes was used as well. Also they took papyrus and made paper and boats.

  5. Early farmers The earliest farming tools were used as sticks to dig up roots, and to make holes to plant seeds. People in southwestern Asia developed the Plow around 6000 B.C, this tool could cut, lift, and turn over soil. Farmers sharpened one end of a large forked branch and used the sharpened end to dig, rows in the soil. Farmers could then place seeds or young plants in these rows.

  6. Mesopotamia The Mesopotamia, especially the Sumerians, are remembered for their many innovations, or new agricultural techniques, such as irrigation, leading to economic surpluses. Also they used only simple technology for farming. Early tools, such as sickles and hoes, were made of clay and copper. Another is the Sumerians wrote advice for farmers. In Mesopotamia archaeologists have found Almanacs written on clay tablets.

  7. Greece One of the earliest cavitation's in Greece developed on the island of Crete. Crete is a long, narrow island with rugged mountains and flat plains. Also it lies about 60 miles southeast of Greece’s mainland. Also by 1100s B.C ancient Greece had entered into a uncertain time that some historians call DARK AGE.

  8. Rhome Romans told legends to explain Rome’s beginnings. One told how a Latin kings cruel brother took the throne by force. When the rightful kings daughter gave birth to two twin boys, Romulus and Remus. The new king feared the boys would grow up to take back the throne. The legend says the twins were descendants of Aeneas, a hero of Trojan war.

  9. After glacier age Overpopulation is generally undesirable condition where an organism’s numbers exceed the carrying capacity of its habit. Also the term often refers to the relationship between the human population and its habits.

  10. Conclusion This is all the information that I learned in this project. Also the things that I learned was review for everything that we learned all ready. I hope you enjoyed my presentation.

  11. From: Destiny Roberts