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fostering innovation development hong kong experience n.
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Fostering Innovation Development – Hong Kong Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Fostering Innovation Development – Hong Kong Experience

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Fostering Innovation Development – Hong Kong Experience
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Fostering Innovation Development – Hong Kong Experience

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  1. Fostering Innovation Development– Hong Kong Experience E. Anthony Tan Chief Executive Officer Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

  2. 2012 Index of Economic Freedom Global Ranking • An annual guide published by The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation, Washington's No. 1 think tank. • Hong Kong’s economy: the Freest in the world (with overall score: 89.9) (Source: (Source:

  3. The New Economic Order The rise of theBRICS nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa • BRICS: • population 2.94 billion(~1/3 world) • GDP US$13.6 trillion (~21% of World US$63.04 trillion) • Reserves US$4.4 trillion (~35% of WW) GDP (US$ Billion) Source: IMF Data & Statistics Sept. 2011 Source: IMF Data & Statistics Sept. 2011 & CIA World Fact Book 2010

  4. China - Key Economic Regions Shenyang Beijing Tianjin Nanjing Shanghai Chengdu Wuhan Hangzhou Chongqing Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong (Source:

  5. The Greater Pearl River Delta (PRD) 9 +2 (Hong Kong & Macao) Over 42% of Hong Kong companies have R&D presence in PRD Area: 42,824 km2 Population: 470 million (~94% of EU population) (Source:

  6. Success Factors for Innovation Development Capital- Global Financial Centre Hong Kong is an international financial center with a high degree of transparency and prudent regulatory enforcement. Stock Exchange Market Capitalization (2011) In 2011, total equity funds raised byHKEx was US$ 62.9billion, with 101 newly listed companies on the Main Board and GEM raising US$33.3 billion - ranking first globally for the third year in terms of funds raised by initial public offers (IPOs). Market - China As of 2012, China has the world's second-largest nominal GDP, totaling approximately 47.2 trillion yuan (US$7.48 trillion), with rising living standards. Talent -From Around the World 2008 recorded over 36,000 talents from overseas/Mainland to HK. HKU/CUHK/HKUST: 3 leading research U rank top 40 of World University Ranking 2011 (QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited). 4 HK Engineering Schools are top 100 of global ranking.

  7. HK Technology Ecosystem TALENT MARKET Multinational Companies University Research Early Technology Adaptors Mainstream Market Local well established companies R & D Centres: e.g ASTRI New Technology Start-up Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Incubation CAPITAL Angel / VC Gov’t Funding Infrastructure Support Gov’t Incentives e.g. LED Light Bulb, EV Window of Opportunities

  8. HK/PRD Ranked No.1 inR&D Expenditure & Personnel (2009) Source: China Statistical Yearbook 2010 China Statistical Yearbook on Science and Technology 2010 Hong Kong Innovation Activities Statistics 2009

  9. Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation InnoCentre Hong Kong Science Park Industrial Estates

  10. Phase 3 (Constructing) Phase 1 Phase 2 Information Communication Technology Phrase 1 Phrase 2 Biotechnology Phrase 3 Green Technology Hong Kong Science Park (3-phase Development) Phase 3 Gross floor area: 105,000 sqm Development Cost: US$0.6bn Bldg occupation: End 2013- End 2015

  11. Phase 3 Objectives To plan and develop phase 3 into a sustainable development that incorporated thelatest green technologies and green building design To accomplish its vision being arole model in promoting and implementing green sustain-able constructionand development in Hong Kong Targeting net zero carbonwith due consideration of cost-effectiveness and road-mapping To evolve Phase 3 into the catalystto develop Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta Region asthe hub for clean-tech A New Horizon The Green Decade

  12. China’s Ambition in Green Technology The 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2016) further emphasises energy and environment development Improve Building Energy Saving All new buildings are mandated to achieve 65%energy savings compared to the existing building stock More Mandatory Green Targets The 12th FYP maintained the existing four mandatory greentech targets while adding 6new mandates, e.g. percentage of non-fossil fuel from primary energy consumption Energy and Environmental Taxes New environmental tax plan which is likely to be levied on CO2 emissions and discharges of polluted water, has been submitted to the State Council for review Policies for Innovation Stepped Up Strategic Emerging Industrieswhich include new energy vehicles, energy efficiency and new energy (solar, wind and biomass)are identified to help advance economic development. (Source: The China Greentech Report 2011)

  13. Hong Kong Science Park Enabling Growth and Innovation Phase 1+2 (Current) Phase 1+2+3 (Projected) >500 Companies >12,000 people 382 Companies (32% from overseas) >9,000 people Annual Turnover ~US$16billion (2011/12)

  14. Russia Innovation Development -a bright future Hong Kong 2012 2001 HKSP now home to: 382 companies >9,000 employees Inception of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

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