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  2. I. Teaching material • II. Analysis of students • III. Teaching methods and learning methods • IV. Teaching aids • V. Teaching procedure 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  3. TEACHING MATERIAL Significance: The topic covers a wide range and is closely related to our daily life, which means it is easier to catch the students’ attention. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  4. AIMS: 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  5. KEY POINTS AND DIFFICULT POINTS key points Shopping vocabulary 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛 Key patterns Difficult points Effective communication in English

  6. ANALYSIS OF STUDENTS • Freshmen • Business major • Not confident • Shy to express 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  7. TEACHING METHODS • 1. Division and integration Divide the part into three modules—before shopping, doing shopping and after shopping. Expatiate on each module one by one and add in new words and sentences where appropriate. Integrate the exercises into the text explanation process. Key phrases will be repeated again and again to make sure they leave a deep impression on the students. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  8. TEACHING METHODS • 2. Visual-audio teaching methods Video clip 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛 PPT slides Problem situation Affirmative feedback

  9. TEACHING METHODS • 3. Tasked-based teaching methods Ask the students to preview in advance to warm up to the text, so that they will come with a clear purpose. After some time of learning, they will be asked to finish a task with the help of what they have learnt so far. In this way, they will feel accomplished once an obstacle is cleared. • 4. Games Design some small games to test how well the students can perform to revive the class ambience. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  10. LEARNING METHODS • 1. Preview • 2. Learning through games • 3. Team work • 4. More practice 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  11. TEACHING AIDS • Multimedia helps a lot to demonstrate the text in a vivid and photographic way, so that the students will be more interested and participate more willingly in class activities. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  12. TEACHING PROCEDURE 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  13. DO WE NEED ANYTHING FROM THE SUPERMARKET? Meat pork ,mutton, beef (steak), chicken, duck, fish, shrimp How much of it do you want? … pound(s), kilogram(s) 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  14. DO WE NEED ANYTHING FROM THE SUPERMARKET? Vegetables broccoli lettuce eggplant celery spinach cabbage pound, kg, head 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  15. DO WE NEED ANYTHING FROM THE SUPERMARKET? Fruit apple, orange, pear, grape, banana, peach Kiwi fruit, watermelon, strawberry How much do we need? Pound, bunch, box 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  16. DO WE NEED ANYTHING FROM THE SUPERMARKET? Drink Coke, Sprite, fruit juice, milk, yoghurt How much do we need? bottle, can, jar, litre 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  17. DO WE NEED ANYTHING FROM THE SUPERMARKET? Staple food: rice, bread, noodle Dessert: ice cream, pudding, cookies, cake 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  18. QUIZ How well do you remember? 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  19. TASK ONE What to buy for the coming birthday party meat, vegetables, fruits, drink, staple food, dessert Tip: it helps to make a shopping list before you go shopping. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  20. DOING SHOPPING A: Excuse me. Can you help me? B: Certainly. A: I’m looking for a dress. B: Dresses are in Aisle 3. A: Thank you. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  21. DOING SHOPPING A: Do you have this dress in another color? B: Yes, we have this shirt in white. (What color do you like?) A: It’s too big. Is there a smaller size? B: What size do you take? A: Size 8. B: I think it will fit/suit you. A: May I try it on? B: Sure.The dressing room is over there. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  22. DOING SHOPING A: This one fits better. I will take it. How much is it? Is it on sale? B: Yes, it’s ten percent off.That comes to 300. A: It’s a bit expensive. I don’t have enough cash. Can I pay by credit card? B: Yes, please enter your pin. Here is your receipt. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  23. TASK TWO Shop for a T-shirt Size Color Price 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  24. AFTER SHOPPING A: Can I return this dress? B: What’s the matter with it? A: It’s too large. B: Do you want to exchange it? A: No. I would like a refund, please. B: OK. Do you have your receipt? A: Yes. I take it with me. Thank you. 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  25. TASK THREE Return the dress you bought. Find out a reason for refund. Too small? tight? large? long? or quality problem? 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛

  26. Homework Make a shopping list 苏旅财青年教师基本功比赛