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Unit 14
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Unit 14

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  1. Unit 14 Festivals Unit 14

  2. Spring Festival

  3. April Fool’s Day Earth Day Day of the Dead Martin Luther King, Jr Day

  4. Earth Day 1. Why do people celebrate Earth Day? To celebration…, to remind…, to learn… 2. What could we do to celebrate Earth Day? Plant trees, save water, tell people… 3. Is there a similar festival in China? Tree Planting Day.

  5. Martin Luther King, Jr Day 1. Which country celebrate Martin Luther Day? America 2. What is the the theme of the 2002 holiday?What does it mean? Remember! Celebrate! Act! A Day On, Not A Day Off. 3. Is there a festival in China to honor a great person? Tree Planting Day, Dragon Boat Festival.

  6. Day of the Dead 1. What is the purpose of Day of the Dead? To honor both the living and the dead. 2. Do we Chinese have festivals to celebrate the memory of the dead? Qingming Festival. 3. Why do so many festivals honor our ancestors? To remember the history…

  7. April Fool’s Day 1. What kind of things many happen on April Fool’s Day? Funny, interesting things. 2. How can people make you an “April fool”? Play tricks on you and then take you in. 3.Have you ever heard of an April Fool’s tricks? Once, I …

  8. Imagination creation

  9. Name of the festival:The Spring Festival Date:the first day of the lunar calendar Meaning:family reunion Principle:getting rid of the bad luck of the old year and welcome the new year How is the festival celebrated?People get together, pay visits to … What is the symbol of the festival?Family feast, fireworks and firecrackers, couplets…

  10. Brand New Festival!!!! Cool!

  11. Tips to include in an invitation • What?Are you inviting someone to a party, a picnic, a dinner or something else? • When? What is the date of the event? At what hour does the event start and end? • Who? Who is going to be at the event? • Why? Why are you hosting the event? Is it a birthday, a holiday or some other special occasions? • Where? Where is the event? Include the name of the place and the address.

  12. invitation

  13. Invitation to Food Festival party Miss Wang: We are honored to invite you to our food festival party, which is specially created for people from all over the world to share food from different countries. The party will be held at the students’union from 6pm to 12pm this Saturday night. Please bring a dish with you to share with others. Looking forward to seeing you. Sincerely Lillian

  14. Homework