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Colonization and Early Expansion PowerPoint Presentation
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Colonization and Early Expansion

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Colonization and Early Expansion
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Colonization and Early Expansion

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  1. Colonization and Early Expansion 5th Grade Quarter 2

  2. Explore Colonial Jamestown • Get ready to travel to the year 1607 for a visit to the Jamestown colony! With help from their American Indian neighbors, the settlers battled harsh conditions to start their colony, and America came to life. 973.2 LAN RL 4.4 AR1.0

  3. The Double Life of Pocahontas • In a story that is as gripping as it is historical, Jean Fritz reveals the true life of Pocahontas. Though at first permitted to move freely between the Indian and the white worlds, Pocahontas was eventually torn between her new life and the culture that shaped her. 957.5 FRI

  4. The Thirteen Colonies • This book introduces the European immigrants who came to North America as explorers and settlers, their interactions with native people, and the wars that ultimately led to their independence. 973.2 NOB RL 6.0 AR 1.0

  5. Blood on the river:Jamestown 1607 • Twelve-year-old Samuel Collier, from the streets of London, becomes the page of Captain John Smith, aboard the Susan Constant, bound for the New World. Samuel realizes that the New World is nothing like he imagined. Jamestown, Virginia is both Beautiful and forbidding. After learning the Algonquian Indian language and observing Captain Smith’s diplomacy, Samuel sees he can be whomever he wants to be in this new land. F CAR RL 5.3 AR 7.0

  6. Season of Promise • In 1610, ten-year-old Elizabeth continues a journal of her experiences living in Jamestown, as her brother Caleb rejoins the family, a new, strict governor comes to the colony, and her father considers remarriage. F HER RL 3.6 AR 2.0

  7. A Journey to the New World • Twelve-year-old Remember Patience Whipple ("Mem" for short) has just arrived in the New World with her parents after a grueling 65-day journey on the MAYFLOWER. F LAS RL 6.0 AR 4.0

  8. John Smith Escapes Again This book describes daring escapes by seventeenth-century English explorer John Smith, from such dangers as pirates, slave drivers, angry mobs, and attacks by Native Americans, which Smith relates in his own books 921 SMI RL 6.3 AR 1.0

  9. Thanksgiving on Thursday when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to 1621 on the first Thanksgiving Day. The Pilgrims ask them to help get things ready. But whether it's cooking or clamming, Jack and Annie don't know how to do anything the Pilgrim way. Will they ruin the holiday forever? Or will the feast go on? F OSB RL 3.3 AR1.0

  10. RoanokeThe Lost Colony • Become a detective as you read this true story, study the clues, and try to figure out the fate of the lost colony of Roanoke. 975.6 YOL RL 5.6 AR 0.5

  11. Pilgrims in America • This book describes the struggles of the Pilgrims in America during their first years, their relationship with Native Americans, and how they overcame their hardships. 974.4 OWE RL 6.3 AR 1.0