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Cloud|XaaS Acceleration Partner Pilot Internal Onboarding PowerPoint Presentation
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Cloud|XaaS Acceleration Partner Pilot Internal Onboarding

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Cloud|XaaS Acceleration Partner Pilot Internal Onboarding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cloud|XaaS Acceleration Partner Pilot Internal Onboarding. Channels Operations Team Christine Salazar November 05, 2013 Version 6.0. Agenda. Cloud|XaaS Goals & Objectives Team Structure Pilot Overview Partner Onboarding Capabilities by Release Partner Process Flows Q&A.

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Presentation Transcript
cloud xaas acceleration partner pilot internal onboarding

Cloud|XaaS AccelerationPartner PilotInternal Onboarding

Channels Operations Team

Christine Salazar

November 05, 2013

Version 6.0

  • Cloud|XaaS Goals & Objectives
  • Team Structure
  • Pilot Overview
  • Partner Onboarding
  • Capabilities by Release
  • Partner Process Flows
  • Q&A
saas enablement via cisco erp goals
SaaS Enablement via Cisco ERP Goals
  • Leverage Cisco Commerce Workspace
    • Configure: Supports all SaaS offers
    • Quote: Produce SaaS subscription quotes
    • Price: Dynamic pricing of subscription SKUs, attribute based (quantity, term, pre-payment)
    • Order: Create SaaS subscription contracts in CCW through integration to Subscription Billing Platform (SBP)
  • Subscription Billing Platform (SBP) and Cisco’s ERP (Invoice to Cash) Systems
    • Provisioning with integration to Cisco Prime
    • Subscription Management
    • Billing & Metering: Periodic payment (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Finalize & Enable Policies to support SaaS
  • Success for Pilot Partners :
  • Align to Policies
  • Use CCW for config, quote & order WebEx SaaS
  • Manage subscriptions and billing
  • Provide E2E Customer Support
  • Customer Subscription Lifecycle Management
saas simplification

Customer facing front end applications for ordering

    • Used Today : 6
    • With SaaS Enablement : 1
    • Order Time, Steps
    • Today: 12 steps
    • With SaaS Enablement: 3-4
SaaS Simplification
  • Today with GPL (static) ~ 1,800+ SKUs
    • Add on storage ~ 60
    • Add on Audio ~ 65
  • 99.8% Reduction with SaaS (dynamic) ~ 3 SKUs
  • Add on storage ~ 1
  • Add on Audio ~ 11


Team Structure

cloud xaas acceleration program structure
Cloud|XaaS Acceleration Program Structure

Executive Sponsor

Brian Jeffries

Steering Committee

Andy Starr CBOXSeshTirumala IT

Glenn Bray , Arthur Johnson CCATG Jim Delia CPE Shared Services

Parisa Naseralavi Finance Amy Kwan Finance Shared Services

Chris Tzortzis Sales Richard McLeod ChannelsGTM Strategies

Andy Starr CBO | GTM Capabilities Prasanna Deshmukh IT

Program PMO

Koti Padmanabhuni(SP&A Lead); Judy Chow (Execution Lead); Ramsina Babaoghli (PM); Dee McCrorey (CM)

Strategy Planning & Architecture


Track Leads

Business View Koti P.

Pooja K., Jeff B.

Ops. Architecture Paul J.

IT Architecture Ananth S.

Policy Koti P. Richard H.

SaaS Op. Model Wenjin M.

Offer Leads Matt Duke

Track Q1Leads

Quote To Order (CCW) Jerry H/Djuki M

Subscription Mgmt Rashmi K.

Finance, I2C Emily T.

Sales OpsJessie W.

Channel Ops Christine S.

IT Execution Arun T., Ram J.

Ops Readiness Eva B.

channels track alignment scope
Channels’ Track Alignment & Scope

Subscription Management and Provisioning

Track Lead:

Rashmi Kiran

Idea to Order (Q2O)

Track Lead:

Jerry Huang


Channels Enablement

Track Lead:

Christine Salazar

End-2-End Partner Experience

Identify partner requirements and get roadmap commitment.

Align to the tracks BRDsand System development.

Collaborate with SME to ensure required materials are developed within schedule.

Change Management for Partners.

Invoice to Cash

& Record to Report

Track Lead:

Emily Tran

Sales Enablement

Track Lead:

Jerry McMillan

Jessie Wang

IT Execution

Track Lead: Arun Taneja / Ram Jayaram

Change Management

Track Lead: Dee Mccrorey

Ops Readiness

Track Lead: Eva Bernardo

channel ops and channel gtm roles responsibilities
Channel Ops and Channel GTMRoles & Responsibilities

Cisco Sponsorship & Stakeholder Engagements



Pilot Overview

partner benefits
Partner Benefits
  • Participating in Pilot presents opportunities for:
    • Inclusion in a Cisco global strategic, innovative offering
    • Ability to share direction of future capabilities/releases
    • Ahead of the learning curve for general launch
    • Partnership and visibility in innovation, sharing the success
pilot partner attributes
Pilot Partner Attributes
  • Invited 1-Tier partner
  • Direct Credit Line with Cisco (no flooring financing)
  • Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialized (ACAS)(OR Advanced Unified Communications (AUC) Specialized until expired)
  • Cisco SaaS ATP Certified
  • Reseller must have a Cisco SIA Order process requires acknowledgement of new WebEx Meeting “Service Descriptions”
pilot parameters
Pilot Parameters
  • Net new WebEx Meetings 1.2 orders (microsites only, no shared sites)
  • Must quote and place SaaS orders via CCW
  • Must absorb changes to the invoice process (from WebEx to Cisco)
  • Must have subscription-based or metered billing capabilities
    • Partner to own the entire end-customer lifecycle
    • Partner must maintain current WebEx business using As Is Processes, while adding SaaS pilot model for new ‘WebEx 11 Meetings’ business
pilot constraints
Pilot Constraints
  • Partner invitation and onboarding to be managed manually
      • Use of automated systems for onboarding partners (eg: Legal Agreements, ATP, some programs enrollments, marketing programs such as MDF and PMC) are not yet available
  • Partners cannot migrate existing WebEx contracts
  • Some incentive programs (VIP, SIP) may not be immediately available
  • Hybrid Quotes - combining SaaS SKUs with other SKUs – available via manual process on a case by case basis.
  • Automated TSP (audio) integration is not yet available
      • Support via manual provisioning


Partner Onboarding

activities for partner orderability
Activities for Partner Orderability

Place Orders

  • Create new SaaS deals and orders via CCW
  • Provide Feedback& Surveys

Owner: Channel Ops

Owner: BU Product Mgmt

Owner: Partner &Cisco Channels

Owners: WWPO & Channel Ops

Owners: PDMs & Channel Ops and Partner

cisco roles
Cisco Roles
  • Dedicated Assigned Cisco Account Team (Partner Facing)
      • Partner Development Manager (PDM)
      • Partner Service Manager (PSM) for post-sales support
      • Cisco|WebEx ATP Sales Enablement Program Manager for pre-sales implementation (to help partners with ATP enrollment to implementation)
  • Channel GTM & Operations team (Supporting Account Team and Partner)
        • Jeff Bruce, Channels GTM Strategy
        • Christine Salazar, Channels Operations (Pilot Program Manager)
        • Linda Shannon, Channels Operations (Pilot Program Change Manager)
high touch onboarding model
High-Touch Onboarding Model
  • High-touch training model for partner success
    • Cisco ATP role-based training to ensure partner’s staff is well prepared to operate within the ATP program
    • Customized product training from the WebEx BU consisting of two segments: Provisioning and Sales
    • System and process training to support new end to end SaaS capabilities & processes
  • High-touch first order
    • Cisco tiger team to assist partner with first orders (CCW log-in, using new CCW features, provisioning form, offer branding)
    • Cisco tiger team to support with new invoicing process/features
partner s role
Partner's Role
  • Accept Invitation and review requirements to join SaaS ATP program
  • Identify Partner ‘Tiger’ Team (POC/SMEs per focus area)
  • Establish direct credit line with Cisco (BID) if partner is a flooring partner.
  • Submit Tax Exemption Certificates (per state for US partners). Per Cisco tax team:
    • The partner’s complete legal name must appear on the documents, and they must be addressed to Cisco WebEx, LLC
    • Include all the registration numbers for each state which they are registered and claiming exemption. We will validate the registration number with the states
    • Provide the reason for sales tax exemption. Documents must be signed and dated.
  • Obtain the Necessary Training
    • Cisco SaaS ATP role-based training, training can be accessed through the SaaS ATP program page, or by visiting the Partner Education Connection
    • WebEx 11 Product training; this training will be scheduled by the PDM and held in person or via WebEx
    • SaaS Capabilities Training (CCW & other processes); this training will be scheduled by PDM and the Channels Ops Change Manager will deliver in person or via WebEx
  • Participate in surveys and provide feedback, as requested
partner orderability schedule
Partner Orderability Schedule
  • Overall Ops Readiness, Dependent on Point Releases
  • Sales Reporting Dependency
  • Credit Check Management
  • Revenue
  • Other Dependencies for Channels
  • Legal – Service Descriptions (update CCW pop-up)
  • BU Product Ordering Guide (early Oct.)

Complete Training Content

SendPartner Capabilities Training Invitations

Partner Capabilities Training Sessions

Channel Track

RR Criteria











10/28– 11/01










NPI Complete

Q1 Rel

Oct Rel

PR1 (9/15)

PR2 (9/22)

Program Readiness

User Acceptance Testing

Q2 Rel(Change Sub & WX Taxation)

  • Change Management Deliverables
    • Partner SaaS Playbook
    • Partner SaaS Training Material
    • Partner Private SaaS Community
    • MEA Deals Manual Process in Q1FY14 Scope
  • Partner Requirements
    • Tax Exemption Certificates
    • Training Completion

Final NPI Validation



Capabilities by Release

channels track framework
Channels Track: Framework

No system Changes

No system Changes

Change Management

q1fy14 quarterly release scope enabling saas foundational system capabilities

Q1Q2 Invited Partners, U.S.

Q1FY14 Quarterly Release - ScopeEnabling SaaS Foundational System Capabilities

Q1FY14 Quarterly Release (September 08)

  • CCW Config, Quote & Price of dynamic subscription SKUs
  • CCW Ordering integration with Subscription Billing Platform to create SaaS subscription contracts
  • Provisioning: integration of Cisco Prime and SBP to perform cloud provisioning
  • Billing & metering: usage-based monthly invoices
    • Q1FY14Point Release (September 22)

Q1FY14 Monthly Release (October 06)

For a complete list of Q1 scope items, please view the Q1FY14Execute Commit

q2fy14 scope building on prior release
Q2FY14 - ScopeBuilding on Prior Release
  • Change Subscription Capabilities:
    • Change term and payment attributes – length of term, prepay
    • Change item count (upsell) - # ports, # hosts, etc.
    • Replace Offer
    • Change item count (downsell) - # ports, # hosts, etc
    • Add new items to the Quote / Order – add Messenger, Storage, Audio
    • Cancel an Order before Provisioning
    • NPI SKU set-up (e.g. config rules)
  • WebEx Taxation changes in US
    • Need to collect Tax Exemption Certificates with ‘Cisco WebEx , LLC’
q3fy14 scope new and enhanced capabilities extended global reach
Q3FY14 - ScopeNew and Enhanced Capabilities, Extended Global Reach
  • Offer Specific
    • WebEx Meetings 1.4 (Enterprise customer focused)
  • Build out E2E Foundational Capabilities
    • Price SKUs differently (MDM)
  • Extend Global Reach
    • Add Canada and UK
  • Scale Existing Capabilities
    • Invoicing Requirements (descoped from Q1)
  • For a complete list of scope items, reference theQ3FY14 Execute Commit

Q3FY14 Invited Partners





Partner Focus Pilot Process Flows

onboard legal access
Onboard, Legal, Access

Call Outs

  • Flooring partners will require a Cisco direct credit line, 30-day net, for SaaS orders. Using the ‘SaaS BID’ required for Ordering for correct finance terms
  • If partner is only a WebEx partner, they need to sign the Cisco ICPA
  • If partner only has a SIA, they need to sign the SaaS addendum
market develop
Market & Develop

Call Outs

  • OIP discount can be attached for ‘hunted deals’ when using “Create Deal” in CCW
  • MDF not available
commerce subscription management
Commerce, Subscription Management

Call Outs

  • Hidden SKUs for SaaS
  • Dynamic Attributes for Pricing
  • No manual renewals, need to place new order
  • Provisioning Form

[Insert flow diagram]

Step 3.2: Refer to Q2O flows for details

provisioning billing
Provisioning & Billing

Call Outs

  • Manual process to add partner domain as site admin (work around)
  • Tax exemption certificate to avoid tax as resale agent
  • PO reference line – unique identify for partner reference
  • FTP changes, usage details by end customer on .xls file via FTP (CR in process, to support current as-is)

[Insert flow diagram]

subscription lifecycle management
Subscription Lifecycle Management

Call Outs

  • Invoice summary (currently on bottom of existing invoice) not available. Partner is responsible to reconcile Invoice and Credit Memo for summary.
  • Invoice will remove negative lines and create new Credit Memo
  • FTP process, Invoice/CM data, summary and reconciliation files changes (CR in progress)

[Insert flow diagram]