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The Odyssey Part Two Vocabulary PowerPoint Presentation
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The Odyssey Part Two Vocabulary

The Odyssey Part Two Vocabulary

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The Odyssey Part Two Vocabulary

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  1. Miss Michel – English I The Odyssey Part Two Vocabulary

  2. During life we face different adversities.

  3. Adversities (plural noun) • Adversities (noun) – great misfortunes; hardships • “I am at home, for I am he. I bore adversities, but in the twentieth year I am ashore on my own land.”

  4. What adversities do the people of Haiti now face? After the earthquake, the Haitians must face even more adversity.

  5. Name an adversity faced by Odysseus (besides bad hair…)

  6. For whom does Odysseus have disdain?

  7. The I-85 Rivalry: They have disdain. The Atlanta Falcons The Carolina Panthers

  8. Disdainful (adjective) • Disdainful (adj.) – scornful; contemptuous • “And one disdainful suitor added this: ‘May his fortune grow an inch for every inch he bends it!”

  9. Who’s disdainful?

  10. What’s the difference?

  11. Adorn (verb) • Adorn (v.) – add beauty to; decorate • The hour has come to cook their lordship’s mutton—supper by daylight. Other amusements later, with song and harping that adorn a feast.”

  12. What is good to adorn and bad to adorn?

  13. What’s the feeling at a party?? REVELRY!

  14. Revelry (noun) • Revelry (n.) – merriment; festivity • “Did he dream of death? How could he? In that revelry amid his throng of friends who would imagine a single foe—though a strong foe indeed—could dare to bring death’s pain on him and darkness on his eyes?”

  15. When do we usually get restitution?

  16. What’s our role in restitution?

  17. Restitution (noun) • Restitution (n.) – compensation; payment • “Spare your own people. As for ourselves, we’ll make restitution of wine and meat consumed, and add, each one, a tithe of twenty oxen with gifts of bronze and cold to warm your heart. Meanwhile we cannot blame you for your anger.”

  18. What’s the only restitution Odysseus wants?

  19. What do we call this expression? He’s glowering!

  20. Glowered (past tense verb) • Glowered (v.) – glared; stared angrily • “Odysseus gloweredunder his black brows and said: ‘Not for the whole treasure of your fathers, all you enjoy, lands flocks, or any gold put up by others, would I hold my hand. There will be killing till the score is paid.”

  21. Who glowers better?? John McCain Barack Obama

  22. With what do we like to be lavished?

  23. Lavished (past tense verb) • Lavished (v.) – gave generously • “She made him taller, and massive, too, with crisping hair in curls like petals of wild hyacinth but all red-golden. Think of gold infused on silver by a craftsman, whose fine art Hephaestus taught him, or Athena: just so she lavished beauty over Odysseus’ head and shoulders.

  24. Who usually gets lavished?

  25. How do they feel? Aloof?

  26. Aloof (adjective) • Aloof (adj.) – at a distance unfriendly • “Strange woman, the immortals of Olympus made you hard, harder than any. Who else in the world would keep aloof as you do from your husband if he returned to her from years of trouble, cast on his own land in the twentieth year?”

  27. Pliant (adjective) • Pliant (adj.) – flexible • “I lopped off the silvery leaves and branches, hewed and shaped the stump from the roots up into a bedpost, drilled it, let it serve as a model for the rest, I planed them all, inlaid them all with silver, gold, and ivory, and stretched a bed between—a pliant web of oxhide thongs dyed crimson.”

  28. Is she pliant?

  29. How does it feel to be tremulous? TREMULOUS!

  30. Tremulous (adjective) • Tremulous (adj.) – trembling; shaking • “Their secret! as she heard it told, her knees grew tremulous and weak, her heart failed her. With eyes brimming tears she ran to him, throwing her arms around his neck, and kissed him.”

  31. Why is Penelope tremulous?

  32. “FLOCABULARY” The man loved his lady. For her he felt ardor Until she smiled and showed she had tartar. (Daniel Campbell & David Khalil) The sneaky ninja used all his stealth To sneak into houses and steal people’s wealth. (Brandon Miller) A Buddha is very wise and also very sage Look in his eye and there’s no sight of rage. (Amber Pate)

  33. The model was excellent, quite formidable And when he smiled his dimples made him more adorable! (Taylor Fisher) She made me mad with hate and rancor So I threw her into the ocean tied to an anchor. (Nick Lopez) Madame Jones was very sage. Her wisdom only got better with age. (Ashley Smith-Gilbert)

  34. To Create “Flocabulary”: • In a creative way, give the definition of the word. • Put the “Word to Own” at the end of the first line. • Give a context that matches the word. • End the second line with a rhyming word. By Wes Lee: • The magician had a lot, • a large profusion • But his audience knew • It was just an illusion

  35. Identify the following parts: The PSP was so awe-inspiring. It was formidable, but I knew that it wasn’t affordable. (William Woods) The rabbit destroyed all the carrots he’d ravage, but he was still so hungry he ate a wholecabbage. (Raymond Adorno)