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vocabulary The Odyssey Part I

vocabulary The Odyssey Part I.

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vocabulary The Odyssey Part I

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  1. vocabularyThe Odyssey Part I

  2. 1. plunder 2. formidable 3. guile 4. muster 5. rogue 6. dismember 7. appalled 8. ponderous 9. din 10. profusion Vocab Words

  3. Adj.causing fear, dread, awe, or admiration as a result of size, strength, power, or some other impressive quality-- Synonyms:impressive, unnerving Antonyms:harmless, unthreatening formidable

  4. n. slyness; craftiness; skillful deception__Synonyms: trickery, craftiness, shenaniganAntonyms:truthfulness, sincerity guile

  5. v.to take (property) by force, especially in warfare—Synonyms:violate, ransack, lootAntonym:give plunder

  6. V.horrified; shocked; terrified.__Synonyms:alarmed, astounded, scared Antonym:comforted appalled

  7. N. - an act of assembling (as for military inspection) V. - convene, assemble, to call forth__Synonyms:N- gathering, assembly V- assemble, invite, congregateAntonyms:N - division, V - separate muster

  8. n. a loud and confused mixture of noises__Synonyms:clash, uproar, commotionAntonyms:calmness, quiet, peace din

  9. v. to cut off or separate the limbs; to break up or tear into pieces__Synonyms: amputate, cripple, mutilateAntonyms:repair, connect dismember

  10. n. plentiful amount; abundance__Synonyms:prosperity, extravagance, plentyAntonyms:scarcity, poverty, moderation profusion

  11. adj. having great weight or bulk; heavy__Synonyms:bulky, hefty, burdensome Antonym:light ponderous

  12. n. a dishonest person __Synonyms:rascal, scoundrel, criminal Antonym:angel rogue

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