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Part II of The Odyssey

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Part II of The Odyssey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Part II of The Odyssey. Back in Ithaca Point of View: 3 rd Person Literary Element throughout Part II: Dramatic Irony. Father and Son. How does Odysseus get back to his kingdom (Ithaca)? With the help of the Phaeacians and Athena. Father And Son.

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part ii of the odyssey

Part II of The Odyssey

Back in Ithaca

Point of View:

3rd Person

Literary Element throughout Part II:

Dramatic Irony

father and son
Father and Son

How does Odysseus get back to his kingdom (Ithaca)?

With the help of the Phaeacians and Athena

father and son1
Father And Son

Athena appears to Odysseus and informs him of what is happening in Ithaca.

Rumor: Odysseus is dead.

118 Suitors are trying to court his wife Penelope and kill his son Telemachus because who ever marries Penelope will take over the Odysseus’ throne.

How does Penelope feel about this?

She does not believe that Odysseus is dead and is unhappy that all these men are taking over her house.

father and son2
Father And Son

Athena’s Plan:

Athena disguises Odysseus as a old beggar and to reveal his true identity to his son so they can come up with a plan of attack to get back at the suitors.

-What Gods are on Odysseus’ side? Zeus and Athena

-How does Polyphemus’ prayer to Poseidon play a role in Part II? Odysseus homeland is in chaos

father and son3
Father and Son

Why does Telemachus first think the beggar is a God? Sometimes the Gods trick mortals to make sure they are being hospitable

Telemachus tells his father about the chaos that is occurring in their home.

Odysseus comes up with a plan to defeat the suitors with the aid of Zeus and Athena.

father and son4
Father and Son

The plan-

Telemachus is to go home and befriend the suitors. Odysseus will arrive as a beggar. No matter how mean or disrespectful the men are to Odysseus Telemachus must show no emotion.

When Odysseus gives the signal, Telemachus is to round up the suitors’ armor- he is also to put aside weapons for Odysseus and himselffor when they attack their enemies

father and son5
Father and Son

3. Do not tell anyone including Penelope that Odysseus is back!

Why would Odysseus want his return to be a secret?

He does not want the suitors to be aware of his return and he wants to surprise Penelope

the suitors
The Suitors

Odysseus returns to his home disguised as a beggar.

Antinous the most arrogant of all the suitors, disrespects the “beggar” and throws a chair at him.

What literary elements are most obvious in this story?

1Dramatic Irony- no one but Telemachus knows Odysseus has returned

2 Foreshadowing- The beggar hints to the suitors that there will be consequences for their behavior in Ithaca

the suitors1
The Suitors

The Suitors get angry with Antinous for his behavior; what do they fear the Beggar may be?

How does Telemachus’ character begin to change?

“Telemachus… sat still without a tear…shook his head from side to side containing murderous thoughts.”

Telemachus begins to start thinking like a warrior


Why does Penelope want to speak with the “beggar”?

She wants to see if the beggar has heard anything about her husband

How is Penelope just as wityas Odysseus? How does she trick the suitors and get away without picking a suitor to marry? Weaving a shroud (blanket) for Leartes, but unraveling it at night. She says she will choose a suitor when the shroud is complete

What does the beggar tell Penelope about Odysseus?

That he will be home soon and he is still alive

the challenge
The Challenge

The Suitors demand that Penelope choose a suitor

Penelope comes up with a way to choose a suitor by making each suitor perform a challenge that no man other than Odysseus can complete.

What is the Challenge? They must string Odysseus’ great bow and shoot and arrow through 12 ax-handled sockets

Who is able to complete the challenge? The beggar is the only man able to complete the challenge

odysseus revenge
Odysseus’ Revenge

How does Odysseus get back at the Suitors?

After Telemachus rounds up the armor, he and Odysseus start fighting the suitors

What do the suitors offer to do to redeem themselves and make up for their behaior? Repay Odysseus for all the food and drink they consumed and offer additional gifts

How does Odysseus respond? Doesn’t accept their offer and insists on getting revenge for their disrespectful behavior

Who is helping Odysseus and Telemachus? Athena and Zeus

penelope tests odysseus
Penelope Tests Odysseus

Why does Penelope test her husband? She is skeptical since she hasn’t seen him in so long and she has been fooled by so many men in the past years

How does Penelope finally realize that Odysseus is her husband? She tests him with their marriage bed claiming that she moved this bed that Odysseus carved from a tree. She knew it was Odysseus when he got angry and told her that the bed is unable to be moved.

How long was Odysseus away from his wife for? 20 years