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28 Days/Weeks Later

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28 Days/Weeks Later. Scenes that have inspired our trailer. By Charlie Stubbs. 28 Days later opening scene. This scene shows how lonely a post apocalyptic film can be, and how quiet and eerie the setting can be like.

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28 days weeks later

28 Days/Weeks Later

Scenes that have inspired our trailer.

By Charlie Stubbs

28 days later opening scene
28 Days later opening scene
  • This scene shows how lonely a post apocalyptic film can be, and how quiet and eerie the setting can be like.
  • It use a range of various shots including establishing shots, long shots, and mid shots.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es_-N5-oXXM
28 weeks later house escape scene
28 Weeks Later house escape scene
  • In this scene, a character named Don escapes from a cottage that was safeguarded from the infected, however it gets broken into by infected. Don then abandons his wife and the other survivors in order to stay alive himself. This shows what lengths people would go to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic film, even if it means leaving loved ones to die to live for yourself.
  • This scene also shows the suspense of most post- apocalyptic films, as there is always danger and fights to survive.
  • Its uses various shots such as mid shots, close ups, long shots, tracking shots, and aerial shots.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd9PWvrkbO0&feature=related
28 days later army stronghold
28 Days Later army stronghold
  • There is a part of the film where the protagonists find a military stronghold held in a mansion with surviving soldiers.At first it seems like a safe refuge for the protagonists but after a while they realise that there is danger, not just from the infected, but from the soldiers themselves.
  • This part of the film shows the danger that post-apocalyptic films portray from fellow human beings, even the ones who can be trusted, and shows that in this genre of film it is ‘every man for himself’.
28 days later tunnel scene
28 Days Later Tunnel Scene
  • In this the scene, the main characters take a risk by taking a shortcut through a dark tunnel. It is risky because dark places are where the infected go during the day, so as soon as the characters go in you can feel that something isn't right.
  • Whilst driving through the tunnel, the taxi that they are driving gets a flat tire. This is clearly a problem and they start doing it as quick as possible. Soon after, hundreds of rats are seen fleeing at their feet, symbolising that they are running from something. You can then see the shadows of the infected as they start to chase the characters.
  • This scene was probably one of the most suspenseful of the film. The gritty feel of the scene also gives the feel of a post apocalyptic film (the grittiness being the rats and the dark and dirty tunnel).
  • This scene also tells us that it isn't just long establishing shots that make a post apocalyptic film, it is also fast paced scenes with many mid shots, close ups, and long shots.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXAGJlKpkYE
  • I have noticed that people are dressed differently depending on the situation in post apocalyptic films.
  • In 28 days later, Jim is dressed in a hospital patient’s clothing, because he had just woken up from a coma after the apocalypse. Later on in the film we see that he changes in suitable clothing to survive the apocalypse, which is warm, durable, comfortable and dry clothes. We also see the other characters wearing this. This is the sort of clothing that me and my group are planning to incorporate into our film.
  • In 28 Weeks Later, the clothing seen is a little different. This is because the film starts off in a safe environment, so people are wearing more casual clothes that look nice as a pose to something that is more comfortable and warm. When there is danger, the survivors do not really have enough time to change clothes, which is why it’s a little different. This wouldn’t really be appropriate to incorporate into our film idea but it is smart that the film makers thought of this idea for 28 Days Later, and shows that small things such as clothing can vary in different post apocalyptic films.

28 Weeks: As you can see, Andy is wearing a football shirt, which is unusual of a post apocalyptic film.

28 Days

  • You’ll usually find that there are a range of many different props used across many various post apocalyptic films. This again is because it depends on the situation of the film and the different scenarios that props are needed for.
  • In 28 Days, there are a few domestic props used as weapons, such as kitchen knives. There are also military weapons and rifles used in the army stronghold scenes of the film. There are also other props used which would be useful to put into our film such as drugs (pain killers and syringes for example due to one of the main characters being an ex- pharmacist).
  • In 28 Weeks it is very different. There are much more weapons used due to the US army being present for the entire film, such weapons include: Sniper rifles, assault rifles and even a helicopter at one point.
  • What I have found out from this is that props vary depending on how long the apocalypse has gone on for. For my groups idea, we will probably focus on the props that 28 Days use, because resources would be more scarce and hard to salvage.
mise en scene
Mise En Scene

Classic areas and landmarks in London have been used to show that it is defiantly London, and shows that the directors must have gone to extreme lengths to get these parts of London empty. But in particular it adds to how realistic the film is.

As you can see, Jim is walking around looking confused. His mouth is open, maybe symbolising him shouting for help.

The sky is cloudy and the streets are wet (from rain presumably). Despite this not having much to do with the apocalypse, it still adds to the glum and lonely feeling of post apocalyptic films.

There are various scraps of litter scattering the streets, showing that people have grabbed what they can and just dumped the waste.

  • 28 days Later has a very iconic soundtrack.The song has quite an eerie feel throughout, but starts of very quiet and then gets heavy as the song progresses.
  • The music fits very well with the footage and is used at a few different points in the film.
  • The soundtrack is so well known that it has even been covered by various well known bands.