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Prospecting 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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Prospecting 101

Prospecting 101

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Prospecting 101

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  1. Prospecting 101

  2. How To Prospect “Prospecting is the engine that FUELS this business!” --Michael Clouse
  3. Basic Formula of Prospecting What does this formula Mean? 2 Contacts a Day X 4 days a week =8 Contacts a Week X 4 weeks per month =32 Contacts a Month X 12 months a year =384 new contacts per year! 2c x 4d = 8cw x 4wm = 32cm x 12m =384 ncpy
  4. Why don’t we do this? Fear It’s been ingrained in our minds “Don’t Speak unless you are…….” “Children should be seen and not………” “Don’t talk to…………..”
  5. How we can over come this…… We must Talk FIRST People need to know you, like you and trust you
  6. 2 New Contacts a Day!
  7. #1 Understand the Rules It’s not about begging, convincing, coercing or forcing someone to buy the products! It’s not about “making a sale!
  8. It is about THEM! Focus on the Individual– you are actually selling yourself! People need to Know YOU, Like You and Trust You!
  9. 6 Points from Dale Carnegie Become genuinelyinterested in the other person Remember the persons name is the sweetest sound Be a good listener, encourage others to talk about themselves Talk in terms of the other persons interests Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely From the classic: How to Win Friends and Influence People
  10. #2 Breaking the Ice How to Start a Conversation
  11. Get out and do what you Love!
  12. Think about where leaders might be? Or what they might be doing… Play Detective…… Tennis Club Chamber of Commerce Basketball Volunteer Toastmasters
  13. Opportunities Everywhere! Vital Skills to Learn….. Listening Awareness Sincerity “doTERRA makes it easy to “break the ice” – you just have to take advantage of the opportunities!”
  14. Ice Breaker Questions Ideas….. Ask for directions Ask for a recommendation Ask some sort of question that requires a response other than Yes or No Offer an essential oil sample
  15. What would YOU do?
  16. What would YOU do? Your at the airport, you notice the woman sitting next to you keeps rubbing her head like she is in pain. What would you do?
  17. What would YOU do? You are in a hurry, and you call your neighbor to borrow something. You ask him how he is doing and he says “…..I’m….Okay.” What would YOU do?
  18. What would YOU do? You are playing tennis with some buddies. One of them falls and hurts her wrist, what would you do?
  19. What would YOU do? You are with your kids/grandkids at the local corn maze. The little boy in front of you gets stung several times by a wasp and is screaming, what would you do?
  20. #3 Ask Your Power Question “What do YOU do for a Living?”
  21. What Will YOU Say? Take a minute, think about what you would say if someone asks you what YOU do?
  22. Don’t let the conversation stay on you, keep it going back to them!“I teach others how to take care of their health with essential oils, so….tell me more about…..”
  23. #4 Ending the Conversation Smile Use their name “Hey Mary, do you have a card?” Ask them for a Business Card I will call you in a few days to see how things are going with the ______________” (whatever you gave them samples for)
  24. #5 Call Them Back 48 Hour time frame Remind them of your conversation
  25. What to do on the Call….. Tell them you would like to send them samples If you are following up on samples--- ask how things have been going, ask if it is working or if you need to send something else Questions? Invite them to an event, a webinar a conference call…..
  26. Tell Your Story Facts Tell, Stories Sell
  27. #6 Presentation Let the TOOLS do the talking—and the work Tear Pad DVD Brochure Webinar Event Get the Information into their Hands!
  28. #7 Make it a Part of Your Life… Keep repeating the process until it becomes Natural!
  29. “The opposite of Success is NOT failure; it’s mediocrity. Failure is actually a part of the process to success. And to reach true success in our profession (or any profession worth doing), you must be willing to pay that price—the price of building skills and character.” Randy Gage “Making the First Circle Work”
  30. Don’t be Afraid to OPEN your Mouth! You can Achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to!
  31. Prospecting 101