the rut bearish butterfly n.
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The RUT Bearish Butterfly

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The RUT Bearish Butterfly. SMB Training OPTIONS TRAINING PROGRAM A Somewhat Average Month. Disclaimer.

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The RUT Bearish Butterfly

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the rut bearish butterfly
The RUT Bearish Butterfly

SMB Training


A Somewhat Average Month

  • 1.       SMB TRAINING is NOT a Broker Dealer.  SMB TRAINING engages in trader education and training.  SMB TRAINING offers a number of products and services, both electronically (over the internet through and in person.  Through, SMB TRAINING offers the “Virtual Trading Floor”, a community through which independent traders (subscribers), as well as T3 Trading Group, LLC traders, observe a virtual trading floor environment (as described below) for educational purposes.  SMB TRAINING also offers web-based, interactive training courses on demand.
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position size
Position Size
  • RUT Butterfly position size - 10 contracts scaling to 30.
  • All profit, loss, Delta and Theta numbers within these guidelines are based off of the above position size.
  • If you are trading a different position size, you will need to adjust these numbers accordingly.
  • Delta/Theta ratios are the same regardless of position size.
risk management and profit targets
Risk Management and Profit Targets
  • Planned Capital - $50,000
  • Minimum Capital Required in Account - $100,000
  • Profit Target - $15,000
  • Reduced Profit Target 21 DTE - $5,000
  • Max Loss - $15,000
  • All decisions are made at 3:30 PM EDT. The daily range is ignored. UNLESS the trade is over profit target or under 9 DTE and we choose to stay in the position.
trade exits
Trade Exits
  • Exit 1 – ($15,000) profit target hit
  • Exit 2 – ($5,000) 33% profit target is hit 21 DTE of closer
  • Exit 3 – Friday before expiration
  • Exit 4 – Maximum loss number ($15,000) is exceeded at 3:30 PM EDT.
  • Exit 5 – Any time the preponderance of evidence shows that the position is more likely to lose money than to make money if we stay in the trade AND it cannot be corrected.
  • If we choose to stay in the position after exit points are hit, the position will be monitored and adjusted as needed.
trade set up
Trade Set Up
  • Date: March 24, 2008
  • RUT Price: 699.80
  • Entry Strikes: 680
  • Purchase 10 – 630/680/730 Put Butterflies
  • Control Point: 680
  • Add Points: 720/740
  • Roll Points: 750/760/770/780/800
  • First Downside Adjustment: 640
Since we did not reach the add point of 720, we will roll the 680 butterflies to 700 instead of adding to the position
taking the trade into expiration
Taking The Trade Into Expiration
  • It has been a relatively easy month.
  • According to the core guidelines, the trade needs to be exited today.
  • More experienced traders who are willing to risk losing a significant amount of money can stay in the trade and even bring it into expiration in order to do so.
  • However we have decided to take the trade into expiration.
guidelines for trading past your profit target and into expiration
Guidelines For Trading Past Your Profit TargetandInto Expiration
  • Must be willing to lose money in order to make more.
  • Must ALWAYS know your exit point.
  • Must be able to monitor the market and adjust as needed.
  • Must be able to incrementally adjust your position.
trading close to expiration can be rewarding but it is risky
Trading close to expiration can be rewarding but it is risky
  • The closer you are to expiration the more vulnerable the trade is to a large price movement, even if you are up a significant amount of money.
  • Gain and lose significant amounts of money with relatively small price movements.
  • Because of the additional risk, we need to take precautions and trade differently.
  • Must constantly and objectively weigh the risk of staying in the position.
  • Takes more skill than simply “following guidelines”.
must be willing to lose money in order to make more money
Must be willing to lose money in order to make more money
  • Once you hit your profit target or are at the Friday before expiration, in order to stay in the trade, you must be willing to risk at least 20% of your planned capital, in this case about $10,000, if not, it is time to GET OUT!
  • ANYTIME you are no longer willing to risk losing a reasonable amount of money. It is time to GET OUT!
always know your exit points
ALWAYSknow your exit points
  • I’ve seen too many times where people have exceeded their profit targets and then proceeded to take much more than a maximum loss on a trade.
  • To avoid this, you MUST KNOW at all times the price points you will exit and the dollar amount of profit or loss you will exit at.
  • You MUST HAVE THE DISCIPLINE to stick to those numbers!
must be available to monitor the market and adjust as needed
Must be available to monitor the market and adjust as needed
  • I typically check trades once per day as I have no desire to sit there and watch the stock market all day. However, when I CHOOSE to trade closer than10 DTE I know I need to monitor the market to control my risk.
incrementally adjust your position
Incrementally Adjust Your Position
  • You must be able to make small enough adjustments to control risk without over adjusting the position and opening up yourself to getting chopped out of the trade.
  • If you find yourself getting chopped up, EXIT THE TRADE and move on to the next month.
focus on the results you expect not on the mechanics for doing the job
"Focus on the results you expect, not on the mechanics for doing the job."
  • It is imperative that you stick to your risk management rules, your results, but it is equally important that you do NOT get caught up in the mechanics of the trade.
  • Your “job” in the trade is to make as much as you can WHILE STAYING WITHIN YOUR RISK MANAGEMENT RULES.
  • Do whatever is necessary to keep the probability of winning in your favor and when you cannot, EXIT THE TRADE
new delta guidelines
New Delta Guidelines
  • These guidelines are for the bearish butterfly trade on RUT, starting with 10 contracts, scaling to 30. The numbers must be modified if trading a different position size.
  • These guidelines are only to be used when trading near expiration or when the profit target is exceeded AND you choose to stay in the position.
  • These guidelines can be loosely followed if the profit target has not been achieved or if it has been achieved and the trade is over 7 DTE but should be strictly followed if the trade has hit profit target AND it is 7 DTE or closer. Of course the closer you are to your target and expiration, the more closely you should follow these guidelines.
intraday delta guidelines
Intraday Delta Guidelines
  • Intraday 10 AM EST – 3:30 PM EST maximum position Delta is +/- 500.
  • When Delta is exceeded, remove, add or reposition butterflies to correct delta to between 300 and 450. The Delta must remain the same sign. IE. – 550 Delta would be corrected to – 350 Delta NOT + 350 Delta.
  • Maximum size is 30 contracts.
10 00 am and 3 30 pm delta guidelines
10:00 AM and 3:30 PM Delta Guidelines
  • AT 3:30 PM EST maximum position Delta is +/- 250.
  • Delta prior to 10:00 AM and after the 3:30 PM adjustment is made, will be ignored.
  • If Delta is greater than +/- ~250, Adjust Delta to between 200 and ~250. The Delta must remain the same sign. IE. –550 Delta would be corrected to

-250 Delta NOT + 250 Delta.

exit guidelines
Exit Guidelines
  • Whenever you hit your predetermined numbers OR you are not willing to lose additional money.
  • Whenever you are satisfied with your profit.
  • Whenever a 15 point overnight more will put you past your maximum loss number and you cannot reasonably correct the position.
  • Whenever Gamma is so high that you cannot withstand “regular” price movements without constantly adjusting the position. IE. Whenever the position becomes unmanageable.
  • Whenever you feel the odds of making more money are no longer in your favor.
april 29 2008 situation
April 29, 2008Situation
  • Up $6340, which is past the reduced profit target per guidelines.
  • How much am I willing to risk at to stay in? 10K
  • Can I adjust the trade to meet my new Delta guidelines and take an overnight move of at least15 points and not exceed my loss numbers?
  • What is my exit point? When trade is down $3700

We are now watching the market periodically throughout the day and using expiration guidelines May 1, 2008 – Maximum Delta of 500 is Exceeded

May 6, 2008 – 3:30 PM Maximum Delta of 500 is ExceededWe are 10 DTE and must monitor position more regularly
may 12 2008 12 00 pm maximum delta of 500 is exceeded 15 000 profit target is exceeded
May 12, 2008 – 12:00 PMMaximum Delta of 500 is Exceeded$15,000 Profit Target is Exceeded
RUT Opened the following day at 744.50 and traded down to 737 buy 10:00 Settlement should have been around 740