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The Butterfly Circus

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The Butterfly Circus
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The Butterfly Circus

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  1. The Butterfly Circus Lesson Design: Kathy Lehning, LHS, and Annette Brown, GVHS

  2. Essential Question How does our definition of ourselves influence our success?

  3. Quick Write Introduction A quick write is think time… therefore: Write nonstop (Our 1st idea is often not our best; let’s get to the good stuff!) Don’t worry about errors (Who has time to think about punctuation and spelling when writing non-stop?) If you get stuck… ask yourself: What is an example of this that I have observed? (in my life, in a book, in a movie…) Why do I think my claim is true? …and then keep writing

  4. Quick Write Explain how the way we feel about ourselves affects how others feel* about and treat us. Use observations and examples from your life to justify your claims. Finally, explain how the perceptions others are related to our own success? (3 min.) *feel=respect, honor, like, etc. Write nonstop without concern for punctuation or spelling errors. Remember that this writing is a thinking tool.

  5. Pair-Share Protocol 1. Locate your partner. Number yourselves #1 and #2--#1s speak first. 2. Demonstrate respect by listening actively and beingcourteous(four L’s plus “thanks”): *Look: face partner, make eye contact *Lean: lean forward and nod as appropriate. *Listen: demonstrate listening by repeating (some of), summarizingor commenting on what your partner said before you speak. *Low Voice: use a partner voice—loud enough for your partner but not others, to hear. *Thanks: Thank your partner for sharing his/her ideas. Be prepared to share either your own or your partner’s idea.

  6. Pair Share Speaker Objective: Share your observations and/orexperiences regarding how our feelings toward ourselves affect how others feel about us. Listener Objective: Compare partner’s ideas to your own andask clarifying questions. Reverse roles.Be prepared for a brief discussion.

  7. Viewing Objective As you watch Butterfly Circus, watch for: • details that indicate how the protagonist feels about himself • how his changing self-image contributes to his success • how others perceive him throughout

  8. The Butterfly Circus Click here Stop points for discussion (w/times) provided on next slide.

  9. Identify evidence from the film to support/justify your ideas. Viewing Questions

  10. Discussion Line Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t— you’re right.~Henry Ford (Ford Motors) How does the film Butterfly Circusillustrate Ford’s words?

  11. Essential Question How does our definition of ourselves influence our success?

  12. Steps toward Success Butterfly Circus demonstrates that a positive definition of ourselves is empowering. Your task now is examine how you define yourself. • Can you (should you) improve your personal definition? • Decide on one small change you can make to your personal definition, one way your words will demonstrate personal kindness. • Make a commitment to that small change. • Finally, predict how this change might improve your success.