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Government Leaders

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Government Leaders
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Government Leaders

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  1. Government Leaders By Coleen Caday and Georgia Gentzen

  2. Part 1a- Leaders of the Government Julia Gillard

  3. Part 1a- Leaders of the Government Edmund Barton Edmund Barton was the first prime minister of Australia. He was born at Glebe, New South Wales on the 18th January, 1849. If he was alive till today, he would of been 157 years of age, but sadly died at the age of 70 on 7th January 1920.He went to two schools, Sydney Grammar School & Sydney University. Edmund Barton made a law and is responsible for that everyone but white English speaking people from migrating to Australia. This law became a policy called “The White Australia Policy.” He was a very racist man who prevented the Asians, blacks and southern Europeans from migrating here. Even though he was a racist man, it was had only one good effect on it, which was that it, stoped the people looting to kidnap native to work as a slave labour on sugar cane farms. Edmund Barton was the leader of the Liberal Protectionist Party. His government made customs tariffs which is a law to put taxes onto imported goods to try to protect Australian businesses from cheap imports. Edmund Barton had many policies. One of the polices were that the only people living in Australia were white. That policy was called “They White Australian Policy.” He didn’t want any blacks, Asians and even some southern Europeans coming into Australia.